Sunday, August 09, 2009


Last night I got the mantlepiece cloth done and dusted. I even quilted it! It looks nice too. Now the dust won't be so bloody obvious on the mantlepiece! LOL

Today my sauna goes.. I sold it on Trademe... I simply wasn't using it enough and I SO NEED the space in our garage! Also, now I am back at the gym I can use their sauna... so it's getting picked up this afternoon. Choice.

ALSO this afternoon I am expecting a visit from Lee-Anne and her hubby Colin... they have been up here in Auckland for the weekend and intend stopping in on their way home. I havn't seen her in ages so that's gunna be neat too.

Should I bake? NAH! ha ha ha

The people who bought the sauna turned up at 10.30...ooops I forgot that bit... and I clearly said it was a 2-person job and they would need a trailer.... One guy turned up with a van!

Stew and him are now trying their hardest to fit it all in his van... I am leaving them to it cos I can see SOMETHING is going to get broken! Why don't people LISTEN???

Well I take my hat off to our clever KIWI Blokes, they got it in!

It took them a while ... but the sauna is gone ... and Stew is now busy setting up his exercise area in the garage. We have lots more room down there now.. yaaaa.

Mid-afternoon and Lee-Anne and Colin stopped in on their way home, we had a lovely wee chat. They became Grandparents this weekend too! A Premature wee boy, (28 weeks), but all seems well with him and his Mum. I do believe we will be seeing more of them as Baby and Mum are up here in Aucklalnd's Starship Hospital for Children.

I'm sewing, Stew is cleaning ROXY... dinner is in the oven, all is good here!

End of Day: another good day... and I finished my first little Convergence Quilt this evening too! Yaaa, I'm finally finishing a few things. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris, When I saw the fabric I knew it would look lovely with your rainbow candles! Sounds like some things are back on track...take care!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that your dedication to the gym has inspired me to haul myself up out of the chair and go for a walk or to the basement for the treadmill or exercise bike most every day. Keep up the good work! (A wedding in Mexico in October is also a bit of an incentive for me).

  3. You are soooo creative there anything you can't do?!

  4. I love the candles......move the mirror down so it is directly behind will reflect the flames and look spectacular and also stop the wall going brown from the candle smoke.........................or not!!! he, he

  5. Looks cozy by your fireside there. :]

  6. Just love the mantlepiece cloth - so wish I could sew like you. Will go on line see if anyone sells them in the UK.....Chris B

  7. Just wanted to say I love your blog, I log in a couple of time a day, just to see how you doing.... but I know i don't comment enough and I should. Sounds like you have had a stress full time with your son, life can be so testing at times. take care Kelly :)

  8. i love the mantle! i have 2 and they look terrible - might have to look into something like this!

  9. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Hi Chris,

    You are sounding more settled, It is so good that you are creative and your sewing projects are such a great way to focus your thoughts away from all the problems that you have happening.

    Maggie (Magpie)

  10. Glad you gained some room and got rid of your sauna. I hate that about selling things, people NEVER listen, and I get all angrified. :)

    Your mantle looks great, (plus I love all the candles).

  11. Chris - love the mantle!! It looks lovely. I'd feel rather at home sitting in a room like that! x


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