Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sadly, my boys are going back to Palmerston North today... Mike's ankle is not paining him so much now so he is able to look after himself again.
Steve has a job lined up back there too.... so he's keen to go. Hamilton turned out to be A NIGHTMARE for him. I don't blame him for wanting to go back to Palmy. NOT AT ALL.

I will miss them though, so much. I will also enjoy getting my house back to 'normal' again! *smiles*

And 'BLOODY HELL'... when I saw the haematologist yesterday he was happy to let me go in Hormone Replacement Thereapy for a while... and then he looked over my last blood test results and found that I had not been tested to see WHY I bleed so badly during/after surgery...!!! WTF? That was one of the main reasons for all the blood tests I had back in FEBRUARY! So, now I have to go back and have more bloody tests! ASAP. BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST!


Oh yeah, and today I'm going to the hairdresser... NICE. After THAT I will come home and tidy my house. YAAAAAA.
ABOVE: My smile for the day! Mike's packing up to leave this morning and I noticed this pretty pink blankie... I said to him... "Who's blanket is that?"
He replied " My girlfriend Joyce's! It smells like her".....
Awwwwwww, how bloody cute! He's been sleeping with her blankie....

Everyone is gone now, boys on their way home, kids at school, and now I'm off to get me hair done....
ABOVE: the hair. I had planned to go much much darker cos I was sick to death of the re-growth... but my hairdresser said "NO way...." she said I would hate being dark! So, she put more dark in but kept the lighter highlights. I like it.

I have been doing housework ever since I got home, I only have the vacuming, washing the floors and dinner to go! *sigh*

End of Day: Eeee gads I'm knackered! So tired I can hardly keep awake, so I'm off to bed early. nite nite.


  1. Good luck with the blood tests! You seem to be going through a lot lately! I hope that things get better soon.

  2. you will feel much better with hormones and the bleeding time thing is important it's good that they figure that out. it's all good and I'm sure you look cute!

  3. Hope drama is over for a bit and your boys settle in nicely. :]

  4. Good luck with all the blood tests! I've been through a bunch of those and they SUCK!

  5. I friggin hate those kinds of tests too. I hope it all goes well.

  6. I think that's pretty damn neat Mike hanging on to his g/f's blankie. Real cute

  7. Hey mate

    I have lost the link in my favourites to your Pepsi blog, am I still a reader, I can't find it and I see you've just culled a few people off, sorry but I have been absent and only just tried to get back to it??

    Hope all is well, you do seem to be having a shit of a year.

    Love the new look of the blog, the bacardi suits it all quite fine!

  8. Katrina2:26 PM

    Make sure you show us some pics of your hair Chris. I'm getting my hair done today as well. =)
    ACT, Australia

  9. I had my bloods done, all well chol 4.5, got to be happy with that.

    Fingers crossed for you for EVERYTHING.

  10. Sorry to see your boys leave, they seemed so nice. I'm sure they will be fine. (I still can't let go of mine!)

    Too bad about the blood tests. Good luck. I take a soy supplement, which helps a lot. Doesn't take it all away, but I do notice a big difference!

    What happend at court?

  11. Nice hair girl - looks really natural and like the length. Keep your chin up with your boy...hes a goodun.

  12. Love your hair that colour:-)

    What happened to Mike's other girlfriend?

  13. LOVE your hair looks fabulous!

  14. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I LOVE that hair! It's the best colour you've ever had it!!!!

  15. Love the new look mum makes you look younger (Smiles) and you look happy, sad to hear that the boys have gone bak to palmy but it is better for the both of them.

    Hope everything gets back to normal soon and we all feel better.

    Daughter #3

  16. Hi Chris

    I have been lurking for a while, I'm pretty sure that I haven't posted yet. Just wanted to let you know I think your hair looks great.

    Lesley :-)

  17. Anonymous3:28 AM

    absolutely LOVE the hair nice colour and cut snazzy

    love Felicity

  18. Cute hair! A nice trip to the salon does wonders for one's mood, huh? :)

  19. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Your hair is a great shade, I think it is the best colour you have had too. It really suits you.

  20. Hair looks good that colour....much more natural looking....and looks good straight...hugs Khris

  21. Love your too I hate the regrowth...well mostly gray anymore......please don't be mad at me for commenting on everything...I can't help myself....I have had like NO time lately for myself and I love catching up on you....

  22. ohhhhh and I meant to say loved the pink blankie stinkin' sweet!!!!

    I never got your invite my friend....

  23. Glad you're done with the blood tests for now… since I'm a day or so late on commenting. ;)

    I love your hair it's cute!

  24. Your hair looks great! I'm starting to feel like getting mine cut and colored, haven't had it "highlighted" since before I had Melissa 10 years ago!


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