Wednesday, August 19, 2009


But I'm actually LOOKING forward to going to the gym this morning!
It is becoming a 'normal' part of my routine again... and this is friggin fabulous.

I also feel so much better for it already. Well OK, some of me muscles don't like me much.... but too bloody bad! I want to run up the stairs again without feeling knackered!

I may be 50, but damned if I'm gunna act it!

In fact I'm sure I don't act 50!

Not sure what else I will get up to today... but I hope to catch up on a few blogs.... watch out for me!
Home from gym and the phone rings.. it's the lady who is trying to find out what is wrong with my sewing machine... and she keeps asking me the most idiotic questions... like "Are you threading it right, what cotton do you use, is it getting too hot?"... and she wants me to travel across the city to her workshop and show her how I thread it! Ummmm, excuse me but I'm not a bloody fool! I do know how to thread a sewing machine! Grrrrr.... so anyway, she's going it keep it a bit longer and try and get it to misbehave ...
What else? Oh yeah, we have had problems with the Gas Cooktop since we moved here, so I finally rang the servicemen, and someone is going to come out tomorrow to look at it..... $95 callout fee, $20 for every 15 minutes while here, $1.60 per kilometre to get here... and $? for parts! Shit, I am now wondering if it would be cheaper to just buy a new Cooktop!
So that's me day so far, quite a few frustrations... and a good workout! Thank God something is good eh?
End of Day: nothing much happening tonight... dinner.. TV... bed. nite nite.


  1. Yay for you! Glad you are getting so into the gym thing again!

    If you do make those meat balls...let me know how you go!

  2. That feeling in our muscles that tells us we've used them is a good one, isn't it.

  3. Chris

    Good for you, my new gym opens in October and I am ready. I think if you go regularly enough it become a habit. For me,food alone is not enough to shift this damn weigh and so exercise has to be an important key. Martine

  4. Domestic appliances are the bane of my life [as are the 'always ready' helpers.]

    Fortunately mine is an American brand that I bought for $8.00 from the thrift store shortly after we arrived on these shores - very basic and functional.

  5. I totally feel your pain with the cooktop. My washing machine crapped out last week...the repair man came yesterday and told me that it was going to cost $844.95 to fix it. I told him he had to be shitting me! No way! Needless to say, I went out today and bought a brand new one....$836.24. Not in the plan and certainly not in the budget, but I've got to have a working washer.

  6. I love a good workout too...I enjoy my long walks with Joe...not gym nearby!

  7. GRRRRR. They should just give you a new machine and send this one back to the factory for a proper going over. How RUDE to ask you if you're threading it properly. And what sort of thread? DUH!

    Gym is good. :)

  8. It's great that you're enjoying the gym. I will also have to start going to the gym very soon. About the sewing machine - I so understand your frustration. The damn machines (in my case the washing machine) don't work for us, but when the repair man looks at it then they work just fine.
    Hope you get your sewing machine back very soon!

  9. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Hi Chris

    Just wanted to let you know that you have a blog award waiting for you at my

  10. Typical - take something to the shop and it doesn't act like it does at home. I hope the woman figures out what is going on!

  11. You look great for your age. Continue to push past the temporary pain to your everlasting victory!

  12. I don't belong to a gym, because I swim and dive all the time. But I need to do some situps! I want to do 50 situps every hour on the hour, but haven't doen it yet!

  13. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Did God send me here? The thing that got my attention was your tummy tuck. I had a 10 pound baby, extra skin plenty! Then one year later, had an ectopic pregnancy and surgery so what muscles were left after the baby were cut when I had the surgery. Even the gynecologist says I'll have to have the tummy tuck. Could you give me the details of this fantastic procedure? I turned 50 this year and feel wonderful, too! I was married for 27 years and didn't think one thing about all the stuff we were eating because I couldn't afford to buy for 3 people, including our daughter! So I've been divorced for 5 years and it wasn't until this year that I've lost 30 pounds by not eating after 5:00 but I'm stuck. I have to add some exercise or walking or something. I might should have put this in an email, because I'm long-winded, so forgive

  14. Anonymous11:43 AM

    so gtn ne orders yet for things for tim 2 make or build......

  15. We have no choice about growing older but we don't have to grow up.


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