Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last night I got bored.. the kids were watching a Harry Potter movie, Stew was watching the Rugby (and swearing every now and then).. and I thought.. hmmmm... I might just go and cut out another soft toy. So I did... and at 12.30 am I realised that I really should be getting to bed! So..... She hasn't got any legs yet! But they are coming..... lol.

Today there is nothing pressing we have to do! Stew has done the lawns, I still need to do a load or two of washing, but really the day is ours.

Kelly and Co. are coming for lunch I think... that's about it!

ONWARD.... Girlfriend has legs. The washing is out on the line.. and it rained. Kelly, Gordon and Rena visited.. and have gone again.... I tried out a new patchwork pattern... it sucks... so I ain't doing it. Anyone know of a really neat, not too hard pattern that uses lots and lots of bright fat quarters?

We are going out for a drive. The house is a tip. I will worry about it tomorrow. Today is a family day, not for friggin housework. OH and I'm eating buns with icing on the top... shoot me now.

We drove to Pokeno, had an ice cream... and bought these:

Now all I need is more walls! Why, oh why do I keep buying wall hangings??? But they are pretty.... *sigh*.
End of Day: felt like crap this evening.. ate too much. When will I ever learn ? nite nite.


  1. They are soooooooo cute really shame I dont have a birthday coming up OHHHHHH but CHRISTMAS is getting closer!!!!!

  2. Those are toooooo cute!!! You are very creative Chris

  3. The little stuffed animals are really cute!

  4. She is certainly a cutie...I'm sure there a lot of jokes to be made about the girlfriend with no legs, but I'll hold off going there. Looking forward to seeing her in her full-bodied glory.

  5. Sounds like a perfect Sunday. enjoy.

    And don't take any nonsense if that machine continues to play up.

  6. O Chris, they are both so cute - you are so talented.

  7. Those pics you bought are very pretty - I like them very much. I love the little cuties you are making too, I'm sure your little grandchildren would love one!

  8. Hey Chris, they are so cute, do they take you long to make, gosh you are talented. Are you selling them?

  9. Actually it's pretty cool with no legs. You could make a duck like that with no legs.


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