Tuesday, August 04, 2009



Most of you know.. today Steve goes to court to plead 'Not Guilty' to charges brought against him by a vindictive, immoral person .... and because we have very little faith in 'the system' (which let it get this far)... we are not holding our breath for a dismissal today.
The battle begins.

In other 'normal' news:
It's patchwork class today. I hope I can concentrate!

And I have a hospital appointment this afternoon to be checked out by the Haematologist .... I am thinking of going on Hormone Replacement Therapy for a while.... the hot flushes are ruining my life! (among other things!). I can't sleep.... I get them all night long. Grrrrr. So maybe I can go on HRT for a while.... it will depend on what the doctor says at the hospital.

ABOVE: on a brighter note, the scarves I won from Karen Deborah arrived (and a wee book), as did the bag I won from Jean ! How neat, 2 parcels in one day. WOOO HOOO. Thank you ladies for my lovely winnings.

That's all for now.... next installment later on today no doubt!

Seems today's court appearance was only to set a date for his 'Plea' hearing! Pffffft. So, he has been Remanded at Large with NO BAIL... until early September.

So, he will go back to Palmerston North and start work again... and come up when necessary .. ... this could drag on for months!

When Stew and Steve get back from Hamilton we will go to lunch, then on with the afternoon! Stew will take the kids to swimming and I will go to the hospital.


End of Day: my hospital appointment was at 4.15pm.... and I finally saw the doctor at 5.15... and I got home at 6pm. Luckily I put dinner in the roasting dish and into the oven before I left eh? Tired now, it's been a long stressful day. nite nite.


  1. Well I shall keep my fingers crossed as far as the court is concerned. I think this is why we do crafts and blog.....works for me.

  2. Lee-Anne L.8:01 AM

    Happy thoughts for you today..our boys are our life...as for housework ..ha my boys ring me to come visit.. bring a roast and cleaners please mum..and of course cant live without diet coke..my car is called Terry wonder if he needs a sticker..

  3. Oh chris, i did not realise you had so much going on. Let's hope the system surprises you and the judge can see just who Steve is and that you get a dismissal. Thinking of you all today.

  4. OHHHHHHHH MY STARS....Life do suck doesn't it sometimes? I am so glad that you won and they arrived on the same day...it sounds like you needed it!!!! Keeping you in my prayers.... I agree with Maddy...these things are what keeps us from going crazy...

  5. Good luck with Court and Hospital.
    Thinking of you... ChrisB Lincoln

  6. Karen9:10 AM

    Delurking here.! Good luck to Steve. I don't have much faith in the system either. I hope it all goes the way you want it too.

  7. Good luck at court, and with the HRT.

  8. Hi Ya, Chris, I have had, like you, a DVT before, and I was told that HRT is not an option because of the DVT? Will be interested to hear what your haematologist says in regards to this. Cheers, Krissy (Singapore) p.s Good luck Steve.

  9. so glad they finally arrived. You MAKe them give you the HRT see if you can get the patches they work the best and if I din't have them I'd be in the looney bin!!
    sorry about the legal stuff will pray.

  10. Gosh I stop reading blogs for a week and then find out there is crazyyyyyy stuff happening. Going to PY to see whats going on.

    I can't even imagine how stressed you must be today, try and hold things together as much as you can though. I've been having a few 'panic moments' of late (nothing similar) but know how terrible that feeling of dread is so my thoughts are with you today

  11. Good luck to Steve on whatever may lie ahead!
    Hope you have fun in patchwork class!

  12. Can see it's going to drag on - not good for you all! Let's hope the ex is proven to be totally in the wrong with the accusations.

  13. Months... I'm sorry. I had hoped for better.

  14. No wonder you have been stressed. Unfortunately these things have a habit of dragging on and making everyones life stop for months/years. I hope for all your sakes the truth comes out sooner rather than later, and Steve is able to carry on.

    Have a nice day.

  15. I am thinking about you Chris!! It sucks going through stressful times, but it does make us stronger when we come through it. Hang in there friend!! :)

  16. Gosh Chris, sometimes it just feels like life just runs over us like a freight train.

    Hope your class lifted your spirits a little .So sorry about the legal stuff - that is the pits.

    I remember when I went on the hormone replacement for a year and it helped me survive. Those hot flashes are aweful!

  17. Yes, Court is a long drawn out process and very stressfull, mt thoughts and well wishes are with you all.

  18. Fingers crossed for you on both fronts. Hot flashes suck- HRT is the way to go.
    Hope your son gets a fair hearing- but no bond is a good sign!

  19. Good luck with the soap opera. Meanwhile, keep up the blogging. It's a damn good read. =)

  20. The wheels grind slowly, at least Steve can get back to work, I hope he is coping ok, and you too of course.

  21. I hope all goes well today. Fingers crossed!

  22. Anonymous7:43 PM

    sumtimes life sucks and then there are the bad days

    big huggs


  23. Good luck to Steve, and while it wasn't pleasant, it would have been nice for both of you to have him around for a bit.

    Hopefully he has good lawyers to sort it out for him and get it taken care of with the desired outcome. Fingers crossed for all of you.

    And how did the hospital visit go? Good luck with that!


  24. Anonymous11:44 PM

    keeping my fingers crossed that everything will resolved shortly and that Steve is okay.

    the stress is knowing that it is out of you hands

    Thinking of you

  25. How stressful! Soon after I met my partner he got arrested and chucked into remand for a week before they realised he had nothing to do with the criminals he had met through online gaming. He was picking them up from the airport as a 'mate' and they all got arrested together. Let that be a lesson to everyone! It took months get out of the system and clear his name. Legal wrangling is so frustrating, good luck to you all.
    PS your quilting all looks great - i liked the chook one you made your mum :-)

  26. i hadnt heard about Steve's troubles... i must have missed it.

    hope all goes well...


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