Monday, August 03, 2009


Kids to school, then gym for me and the boys.

THEN...Home to do a massive post-weekend clean up. I don't particularly like Mondays right now... cos I have even more to do! The big boys make such a mess!

Hopefully Steve will clean ROXY today too.... I want to get my 'Diet Coke Rocks' graphic on her.. still havn't quite decided WHERE to put it!

Starting to feel very NERVOUS about tomorrow when Stew and the boys go to Hamilton for an important 'meeting'.... in fact my stomach is churning at the thought. Still, I am trying to accept that there is nothing I can do about it all, so I have to just try and cope the best I can... there is no point me getting sick over it...


TODAY I am going to be doing some 'housework' on PEPSI... and deleting readers who have just been lurking... I only want genuine friends to be reading it from now on. So, if you have shown support to me and my bloody issues you will still be there after tonight. If not..... bye bye. HARSH? Sorry but that's how I am feeling right now.
PEPSI is my private blog for anyone who doesn't know. It is not open to any more readers right now.

This morning was awesome! I went to the gym, I did my entire programme... it was hard... but I kept saying in me little head "JUST DO IT, JUST DO IT" ... and I did! The whole thing took 1 and a half hours.
Then I went and did the grocery shopping, came home... had lunch and did some housework.
In fact.... I'm still doing housework.... *sigh*

WHO was the FRIGGIN Idiot who suggested the boys do some housework? Yeee Gods, that would be the day!!! I'm amazed they can pick up their own feet, let alone anything they have dropped on the floor/bench/couch/table.... lol...! REMEMBER, they are BOYS eh?

A MIRACLE .... Steve cleaned ROXY for me! Still in shock.....

*****************PESPSI UPDATED*********************

ABOVE: Diet Coke Rocks going on ROXY... wooo hoooooo! HUGE THANKS TO Kim in Aussy for getting the graphics for me. (((hugs)))
End of Day: well I managed to read a few blogs this afternoon.. if I didn't get to yours.. sorry! There just isn't enough hours in the day at the moment... trying to juggle kids/boys/housework/gym/sewing/hubby AND blogging... sheesh! nite nite.


  1. chris...don't be too nervous about everything. i always believe the truth comes out....
    hang in and stay busy i guess. that might help.

  2. I so hope the 'meeting' goes well,

  3. You have to do what's best for you. If I can still read you I will be glad. If not, I am still sending good wishes from afar. It looks to me that you give a great deal to others and deserve all the best in return.

  4. Thinking of you. I'm sure it will be ok!

  5. Hi, meant to comment last night and say CONGRATS on winning poker! Ha, and those boys thought they had it over you.

  6. Have fun at the gym... are you enjoying it yet?

    Hope your stresses resolve themselves soon - perhaps after tomorrow I take it?

    Remember out with the old, in with the new readers perhaps?! ;)

  7. Hi Chris

    I don't know what the background is about the meeting tomorrow, but I hope the outcome is a positive one for you. Working in the area of mental health, I know how important it is to keep a check on our stress and minimise it wherever possible - but it can be damn hard when others are involved. I wish I could make the stress go away for you - from what I see of you here, you are a lovely lady who doesn't deserve the crap that obviously is lurking around you from some quarters. I hope it helps to know that you have your very own support group right here. Kia kaha - stay strong! *Hugs*

  8. Although I am not a reader of Pepsi, I am here to support you in anyway I can. I know you love Auckland, but it is a pity you are still not down this way so I could have gotten to know you better and in person.

  9. Tuesdays are my day for the masive clean up.......have the 2yr old on Mondays and he always gets the house looking like a bomb has hit......guess he's in training for when he grows up!!!! LOL
    I can only imagine how sresses you must be but try and stay positive as I firmly believe that the truth will win. You have such amazing support and love with you at this time to help you along :)
    Will be thinking of you with poitive vibes. :)

  10. Um, Who's Roxy? I hope you're not going to shave your Diet Coke Rocks Graphic on your DOG?!!

  11. so how does one read Pepsi? I don't see a link...

    as the saying goes, if you can't change it, it ain't worth worrying about. Leave the stressing to the boys.

    thinking of ya xx

  12. I have been meaning to ask you: what is PEPSI? xxx

  13. Hang in there Chris. Lots of people will be thinking of you.

    I know its a long shot but maybe the boys could clean up. I know, I know , silly but strange things do happen.

  14. I am sure everything will work out OK, you have to try & keep positive.

    Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend and despite the extra mess, it must be lovely to have the big boys home (Maybe they will move here permanantly), although hopefully into their own place :-)

  15. I thought one of your boys was in a cast - how is he going to the gym.... yeah I have prob missed a post somewhere along the way lol...... and good luck for tomorrow.

  16. Chris,

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow with the "meeting." Hope all goes well. Your friends are right, it's no good to stress about it, if you have no control over it.

    You have inspired me to clean my basement! I have two weeks before school starts and I go back to work. Once I start working, nothing gets done. Thanks for talking about it!


  17. Just try to stay cool and calm, I know easier said than done, Ill be thinking of you, and sending the best of Irish Luck your way. :)

  18. I hope all goes well with the meeting. I hope you have a good day, chin up, I am not fond of Mondays either :P

  19. I hope sum family are still llowed to read and comment

    Daughter #3

  20. I have such a hard time dragging myself out to the gym. :P Especially lately. I used to be so faithful. I've only gained 2 lbs this pregnancy so I shouldn't be too worried. I'm sure that is because of all the health issues I had. Anyway, I always feel so good after a workout even though I didn't feel like going in the first place.

  21. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Such a good boy...maybe you could get Steve to clean his own car too! Last time I saw it, it was a mess!
    Give Bry and Dude a hug from me. :-)

  22. Katrina5:49 PM

    Chris that sticker looks great on your car =) Hope all goes well.
    ACT, Australia

  23. So just another quiet day for you then ;-) Men and housework - it just doesn't mix! And i've found when they do do it they do such a bad job because they know we'll avoid asking them next time around.

    Well done on your 90 minute gym session too - you must have felt fabulous afterwards!

  24. The sticker looks awesome! :)

    Maybe you should talk Steve into starting his own blog with daily photos of himself! *wink wink*

    Hope you are well. xox Amanda

  25. Well you said it yourself, it's hard to pack everything in. With summer holidays here, I feel seriously squished. Love the graphics, now that's a pal.

  26. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hi Chris,

    Thinking of you.

    And I love the way you put the sticker on Roxy

    hugs xxx

    Magpie Maggie

  27. The new logo on Roxy looks great! I am glad that it finally got put on so everyone can see it!

  28. Keeping you in my thoughts. Try not to worry. ((hugs))

    Glad you had a good workout, and that ROXY has her nice new graphic. Lookin good!

  29. I am not sure if I am on your list or not...but please continue to count me as a friend....I ♥ the words on your cute car!!!!!!

  30. Looks great there too!

  31. I love the graphic on your car!


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