Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I reckon this one will be finished by the end of today! I'm on a roll people.... shit if I'm not careful I won't have anything to do soon.... LOL.

It's patchwork class today.... and the lady who showed us all how to do the Convergence Quilts is coming back to see how we are getting on. I will be able to show her the two I've done. AWESOME.

I've not much else to yabber on about right now... so ...
ONWARD.... *smiles*

Patchwork Class was good today, I got all the quilting done on the above quilt... now I just have to do the binding on the edge and it's done.
BLASE': Promises, promises!
Now.. back to the housework...

Swimming was this afternoon... wonderful! The place is like a bloody sauna and I always leave there with a pounding headache.. which I now have. With Spades.
Dinner tonight will be : fish and chips.. ya hear that Mr H? Get em on the way home would ya? LOL (ring me first)...

JULES: there is no way I would sell quilts on Tradme! If you added up the cost of the material alone it would make them too expensive for Trademe.... most people go on there for a bargin. No, I will just make them for me family and friends... till they are sick of them!

End of Day: another day down... did a bit of sewing tonight, but couldn't finish the above quilt due to lack of the right binding material. Drat. nite nite.


  1. You are amazing! I wish I could do something creative ....bah!

  2. I love convergence quilts...Is that a Ricky Timms pattern?

  3. When you've finished, I'll take you out to the Cracker Barrel.

  4. You are so brilliant at those quilts!!! You should start selling them on trademe to people like me. LOL

  5. Your quilt is beautiful, you are so talented!

  6. Your such a talented person and on such a role with your quilting...

  7. your quilts are beautiful and there is no way you would get what they are worth on trade me... the quilt my aunt did for me took her 11 months and the lady doing the quilting has had it since april... they are priceless to me but the work and materials involved are unthinkable.

  8. You are cranking out the quilts! I like the newest one, with all the sea life on it. (almost said seafood!)

  9. Another one! You are a quilting machine! Way to go, Chris!

  10. I made a number of crazy quilts a few years ago. I got really into it and spent hours and dollars working on them. I gave a few away [throw size] as gifts for birthdays and housewarming, but to try to sell the larger ones, I'd have to ask for 300+ american dollars to maybe cover the time, let alone the expense. Some things are best done for the love and not for the profit.

  11. gorgeous you are brilliant.

  12. Chris, your quilts are so beautiful - you do such a nice job on them.

    Stupid sewing place! I'd be so frustrated!!!

    Hope they just replace it for you.

  13. That quilt is AWESOME!!!! You CAN'T sell it. I'm sure a family member would cherish it :-)


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