Monday, August 17, 2009


That blasted sewing machine has behaved itself all weekend, and now I don't know if I should take it in or not!
I keep thinking though that if I don't and it plays up again I have just delayed the inevitable?

So... maybe I will. *sigh*.... it's so annoying cos I just KNOW it probably won't play up for the repairman... and I will look like a twit complaining about nothing... BUT it does play up sometimes!

So, I will drive all the way over to the shop, then go to the gym I suppose. Grrrrrr. I hate not being sure about something.

At least I will enjoy the gym.... and the swim with me new goggles. AND I won't put friggin mascara on...

Because.....This is not a good look !


Just back from the gym, where I had an awesome workout and swim.... and now I am going to take the machine to the shop I suppose.

I took the bloody thing in.. it will be away for about a week, maybe longer. No offer was made of a loaner machine... so no sewing for me till it comes back. *shrugging shoulders* I'm over it.

Did a bit of retail thereapy, got some exercise shorts and 3/4 pants. Had lunch at Botany Downs.... home now and almost time to go and get the kids. OH Yaaaa. The day has simply flown by already!

OH hell, I must be bored! I just did some friggin DUSTING....

Well... I didn't have much to say today did I?

End of Day: a nice normal day. Whooop deee dooo. and nite nite.


  1. It's like taking a kid to the doctor....their fever is always down and they quit throwing up or coughing or whatever and they make you feel simple-minded for bring the kid in....but if you don't take them, things only get worse.

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    You TOTALLY have to have it changed. Even if it behaves itself you will be waiting for the day it jams - and when it does your head will explode. Get a replacement.

  3. If, for some reason, you don't get the thing replaced or properly repaired, could you take a video of it misbehaving and show that to the people in the shop?

    Good on you for going to the gym. AND swimming. I am most impressed.

  4. Chris

    That sewing machine is doing your head in, of course when you take it in the damn thing will work properly and when you get home it will play up. Good for you going to the gym, it all helps. Martine

  5. I jumped over to check out your blog from
    (my daughter and grandaughters, Moose & Goose). I'm just learning to quilt and have enjoyed reading about your projects, a pleasant suprise for me. Thanks for the nice comment about my girlies.
    (also a diet coke lover)

  6. I'm really happy for you that the gym sessions are going so well! too bad about the sewing machine...

    Good on ya for the tomatoes! you must take some pics of the garden!

    cheers mate!

  7. I loved Chip and his Girlfriend! You are so clever. I hope you find something more interesting to do than the dusting while your sewing machine's in hospital!

  8. Absolutely love the little creatures you made the other day. I can't believe you made them, very professional. Adorable!

    Also, not sure if I ever said, you look great with your hair curly in that photo in the top right corner.

    Hope you're going well, your posts sound like I feel lately... :-)

  9. you never cease to crack me up... i love love love your attitude and way of expressing yourself it always brings a huge smile to my face :)
    love n hugs

  10. It is good that you took in the machine. Of course, if it was me - they would bring it back and say they couldn't find anything wrong with the darn thing!

  11. WHAT?? They didn't just give you a new one and be done with it? I'd be mad.

  12. It's good to buy an inexpensive one just for emergencies. I bought one of those handheld little guys just in case my machine conked out on me in the middle of a project. Good Luck. By the way, you never talk about your weight. I've only been following you for a short while, so I know you lost a lot, had some surgery, gained some back and work out. However, I don't now how things are today for you. Anyway, hope all is well.


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