Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, there you have it.. another one done and dusted! It's certainly brightened up that couch!

Yaaaa, it's MONDAY! Kids are back at school, the man is at work, and I can go to the gym!

Then I will pop into town to do some banking, get some padding for the next quilt... yadda, yadda, yadda!

I havn't felt much of a difference with the hot flushes YET... but I am hoping the medication kicks in soon! It will be so nice to not have them anymore! SLEEPING all night would be just FANTASTIC! It has been so long since that happened! Sleep is so important to how one feels I reckon, hell maybe I will stop being so darn crabby all the time! Wouldn't that be a miracle... lol.

I'm feeling very positive today for some reason... unlike a few days ago when I almost did a post on how depressed I was feeling.... *sigh*. I'm up and down like a yo-yo!

My doctor says we have to be IN CONTROL OF OUR WORLD, and not let the world be in control of us.... all very well if we could live in a bloody bubble! But unfortunately we don't, and some bastard is always waiting to pop the bubble ... Pfffffft! But, we can try to handle the 'pops' better eh? Well, I am trying to anyway.

I had just got home from gym this morning (10.30) when the phone rang. It was the school.... "Is Griffin sick today Mrs H?"....

Me: "NO, I sent him to school today!"

School : "Well he's not here Mrs H".... OMG...PANIC MODE!!!!

Me: "Are you sure? (Much panic in me voice), I know he went to school, I walked him there!"

School: "OK, I will just go to his classroom and check"

...waiting, dying a thousand deaths ever 2 seconds... panicking...

School: "Oh he is here Mrs H!... he must have been late"

Me: "NO, he was not late, I sent him with 30 minutes to spare!"

So, I go up there at lunchtime to find out from Griffin why he wasn't in his classroom at Roll Call. Seems he and Brylee decided to play with some dog just outside the school grounds! Brylee got to her class on time cos the little tart left him on his own playing with the dog! Grrrrrrrr.

I made Griffin sit in the car all lunchtime, no playing with his friends as his punishment. Brylee? Will be going to bed right after dinner.


butter wouldn't melt in their mouths eh? *sigh* the little shits.

End of Day: would you believe I managed to do a whole heap of sewing tonight... and did probably 60% of the 2nd Convergence Quilt's quilting! Wooo hooo.... and nite nite.


  1. Pretty! :)

    Glad you're feeling so good and positive! That's great! :)

    Night sweats were the worst for me...yuck! :(

  2. YAY for Monday - oh know what am I saying, i'm at work - it should be yay for Friday ... lol

    I agree regarding the sleep thing - with 2 kids under 4 and an almost full time job I know I function much better after a good nights sleep! Hope things settle down for you soon mate, quilt looks fabulous as usual :-)

  3. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors!

    Hang in there...I hated every human on the face of the earth for about two years! Now, I just tolerate everyone! Hugs & prayers that the meds do kick in soon!

  4. Glad you're doing well. You really do beautiful work; it must be therapeutic. :]

  5. hi chris...if you can get to the gym, you will handle everything life throws at you way better. for some reason it just helps with the old attitude the gym does.
    having said that...i am so not looking forward to going today. ugh.. no pain no gain i guess.

  6. love the quilt! kids go back to school here tomorrow (monday) i am glad!

  7. I have hot flashes- and I don't even get to be menopausal yet. The quilt is beautiful and you are quite a talented lady!
    Hope the pills kick in soon!!!!

  8. Bet the phone call from the school put you into panic mode! Kids!!!

    You are sounding heaps happier:-)

  9. Reading about Griffins little experience at school I couldn't help thinking we were just talking about this yesterday. What an awful feeling. It's the dread in the pit of your stomach. At least you got a quick response. I lost my child for over 2 hrs. I was nearly psychotic.

    Great to catch up yesterday. Look forward to seeing you again soon and going out to dinner.

  10. What a heart attack that was - thinking Griffin wasn't at school! Thank goodness he was only late and not skipping - NOT that he shouldn't be punished for that!

    Your quilts are so beautiful! You have a real talent for that kind of work.

  11. Sleep does make a big difference!

    That was a good punishment for the kids. I wouldn't of thought of that. It's scary when you drop them off, thinking they are safe and only to find out they never went onto school grounds till sometime after you left. That would freak me out.


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