Monday, August 24, 2009


Kids back at school, Stew back at work.. and I'm left home with a new mop and bucket just dying to be used!

Yep, it's Monday... the day I do the 'serious' after-weekend housework.

AND today I'm going to do my gym workout at home... so what with all the housework and the workout... I expect to be knackered by lunchtime! lol

That's all I have to say right now... LATERS....

ABOVE: our new home weight bench and exercise area. Looking good!
It's 11.30 am and I am finally ready to wash the floors! Saying "I'm just gunna wash the floors" means:
- Clean both bathrooms
- Clean the laundry (oh and do 3 loads of washing)
- Wash the windowsills and skirting boards
- Clean the Stove top
- Tidy the front door area
- Tidy the garage
- Vacum the entire house
AND THEN wash the bloody floors! So, I'm JUST gunna do the floors now, OK? lol
All done! Time to go get the kids from school... and then relax.
I'm tired.. and I ate too much at lunchtime, which is making me mad with myself. I have NO self control some days. Then I regret it and feel ill. Grrrrr. I know why I overeat... it's when I'm stressed out, or crabby, or bored. I'm doomed. Today I was all three... Steve is stressing me out, which makes me crabby... and being home alone all day is boring. I am a people person... and I spend too much time on my own.
There are over a million people in Auckland... and I'm lonely! Go figure.
OK, rant and whinge over..... going to sit down and relax for a while, before I have to make dinner.
End of Day: everything aches! I'm ready for bed and it's only 8.30pm! Not like me at all, 11 pm is the normal 'bedtime' for me! nite nite.


  1. I bet those floors will be so clean you can eat off of 'em!

    Show that mop and bucket who's boss!

  2. Wow, what a great exercise area....makes my treadmill and exercise bike in the basement look puny. Of course that new mop and bucket are pretty good exercise equipment also.

  3. My god you must have been gutted to lose that diamond out of your ring. what a relief you found it.

    I think your cleaning regime makes a pretty good exercise work out as it is.

    Springs in the air - great feeling thats for sure.

  4. Thanks for the tip Chris. I'll check it out next time I'm over at Waikato

  5. Housework in someone elses house has been fun but not looking forward to doing my own.......your routine sounds a bit like mine LOL
    That movie has a totally different ending to the book. The opposite car accident!!! Hope I haven't spoilt it for anyone LOL
    Have a great week. Looking at the weather it seems we are heading back to yukky stuff......mind you it is changing here too so wont matter which country we are in!!! :)

  6. The gym looks great, with all that exercise and housework just think of the calories burned.

  7. Don't be hard on yourself pet. I scoffed chocolate all weekend, although I did heaps of work to wear it off. If you did everything on your "floors" list you will have earned enough extra to cover what you ate. Just have a salad for dinner and you will be fine.

    Remember though, NEVER beat yourself up over it. The worst thing you can do is lay the guilt trip on. Once it's done it's done so move forward.

    and we love ya, no matter what ya size!


  8. hi chris..after moving to taipei, i too felt lonely. i joined a gym and found some other women around with kids in school that didn't work, and wala!!! instant friends. it took a while but soon we would pop out for a coffee, then lunch and there you have it. please reconsider going every am. the gym at home is beautiful, but again, lonely. join a class every am. you will feel great and begin a new habit after 2 weeks.
    robin x

  9. You always think I'm sooo organized and I'm not! I just work my butt off to keep things OKAY and sanitary. YOU, my friend, always keep things neat. I had a bad week last week and so I let some things go. I hope this week is a better week. What a stressful week it was. :(

    By the way. COOL workout room.

  10. The home gym looks great.

    Re the loneliness ... maybe its time to find an extra hobby, or get back into some part-time work (paid or voluntary) - your voluntary work in Palmerston North in the charity shop was obviously appreciated by the charity, and you seemed to enjoy it - is this something you would consider doing locally? You are a very talented lady Chris and I'm sure there would be plenty of people who would love and benefit from your help and friendship along the way - i.e. mutual gains :))

  11. Chris your workout room is amazing! Mind you, I wouldn't think you need to use it much with that cleaning regime. You put me to shame. I'm happy just to get everyone fed and the dishes done. PS I can't believe you found that diamond! Thank heavens!

  12. The home gym looks better than most gyms...take advantage of that. When you're crabby or bored work them weights with the goal of getting your dream body. You can do it!

  13. I need a lawnmower so I can clean my outside floor!

  14. The weight area looks like you and Stew are ready for some serious work outs! Good for you!

  15. Love the gym it looks great. Sorry you are feeling lonely, you hgave so many friends online who think you are great, I know it's not quite the same as meeting up with people from day to day but I am sure everyone thinks of you aas a good friend, we love reading your posts and seeing how you are all doing. Here's a virtual hug from meXCathy

  16. WOW! I would love to have that gym in my home. Doesn't mean I'd use it, but I would LOVE to have it :-)

  17. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Wow your home gym area looks fantastic!

  18. Anonymous10:20 PM

    LOL I just got your message on my blog about the positives! Made my day - thanks lol

  19. Oh I wish I could have a home gym like that - awesome!

  20. That's what I need -- an exercise room. I use to have an area, but the baby took my space.

  21. If I "threw a pot" it would look a whole lot different :-)


  22. All this and not even a photo to match the title???


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