Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm going to take the sewing machine back today... the lady in the shop has said it will have to go back to the workshop to be looked at. I am going to try and insist that they replace it.

Stew can't come with me either, which sucks cos they might listen to him better than me.

I hate that I have to go there again. I hope they can give me a loaner machine... I have so much sewing I want to do!


I MIGHT NEED IT, I don't want to get angry with the lady in the shop, this is not her fault at all. But someone has to come to the party and say "Yes, you have a lemon there"... and give me a new one. You don't spend $3, 600 on a machine that doesn't work properly do ya?

I will go now.... must get the kids to school, and go to the THE SEWING SHOP....

Well aren't I the lucky one! I hadn't left for the shop and the phone rang... it was THE SHOP... saying that the lady who I needed to see wasn't able to come in today as she was sick. So I have to wait till Monday now. I suppose that's alright, I can do some more sewing over the weekend... even though it plays up, it does work when it wants to!

I know it is weird, but when it is behaving it sews BEAUTIFULLY, it's just now and then it simply craps itself and I have to spend ages trying to get it to go again. That's when I want to smash it with a sledge hammer! TEMPER TEMPER! lol

So now, there is no excuse ... I will go do the bloody grocery shopping ... which I hate.
I had the BEST INTENTIONS of doing the grocery shopping.... I DID! I drove over to Sylvia Park ... for a change... and ummmm....
did a wee bit of shopping....
ABOVE AND BELOW: I bought two more of those amazing cast iron pots! They were STILL half price... I agonised (YES I did!) over whether I should get them or not... cos they are so expensive... then after like.... 15 minutes of wandering around the shop... keeping me eyes on the pots... I caved and bought them.
AND the mad thing is I don't even LIKE YELLOW, ORANGE or green! But they are just gorgeous! I am a bad girl.
And to make it even worse... I didn't do the grocery shopping! I will do it tonight. My legs and arms are killing me after my workout yesterday! It's true! true!
RE: my rights in relation to the sewing machine... I have looked up The Consumers Guarantee Act, and I can under that Act ask for a total replacement or a total refund. I have printed all the info' out from my computer and will be taking it with me on Monday.
End of Day: I've just spent the last 4 hours sitting on me bum hand sewing the binding onto the latest quilt.. the Convergence Quilt No# 2 .. that will be on Brylee's bed tomorrow! Ya Hooo... and nite nite.


  1. Good luck with the sewing machine issue. They should replace it! You can tell 'em I said that! ;-)

  2. Just stay calm and tell them that under the consumer Guarantees act, they have had sufficient opportunity to repair it and now you INSIST on it being replaced.

  3. It is supposed to be a good machine, so just tell them to give you a new persistent.
    I have a Pfaff 4.0 Expression, and it has never given me a problem, so stand firm!

  4. calmly insist that it is replaced with a brand new machine. Your right some used cars cost that much. don't they have a factory warranted?

  5. Um, Mrs. C here is getting suspicious of the shop with the "sick" thing... are they putting it off until some 90 day magic number after which you're messed or something?? OK... hope I am wrong...

  6. Yes, try and stay calm try and do some research between now and Monday so you know what your consumer rights are as that always can get some action when they know you know what your entitled to.

    For example here goods must be "Fit for the purpose" ie they must do what they claim to do, if this is part of your consumer law you may be able to use this,if the machine is constantly stuffing up it is not "fit for the purpose" being sewing.

  7. Chris

    I would be threatening them with Consumer Affairs (or NZ Equivalent) I can imagine how annoyed you are. You should sell your beautiful sewing, I can barely sew a button on. Plus shouldnt the warranty have some clause in it. Martine

  8. Good luck with the sewing machine. You're right-- Someone needs to take responsibility for it.

    Great cookware!!!! Love the colors.

    I'm just back from vacation so I'm off to catch up on your other posts.

  9. Katrina1:35 PM

    Hey Chris,
    I'm in a shopping mood today as well, still trying to decide whether to go and buy or try and resist! ;-)
    Anyway have a great day. Hope the sewing machine holds out for you until Monday.
    ACT, Australia

  10. Good Luck with your machine. I just love those pans -of course you couldn't resist!!

  11. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Chris, Stay calm when dealing with the people who sold you the machine, In Australia if you buy something and it does not do the job it is supposed to you can get a full refund.

    You need to stay calm because if you don't they will use it against you. Just do what the politicans do repeat the issues and faults with the machine over and over again, "parrot like", you don't need to have any other conversation, don't get emotional, you will wear them down.

    Also contact your office of fair trading.

    good luck

    Maggie magpie

  12. You go with that printout! Yeah!

  13. I can just imagine you at the sewing machine shop. You go girl. It's not acceptable when you spend that much money.

    Love your new purchases. The colours look great together.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and of course you didn't affend me. Go back and see the comment I put after yours.

  14. Good luck with getting your sewing machine replaced - great idea to mention the Consumer Guarantees Act ... and if that doesn't work, try the other two words .... "Fair Go".

  15. J'adore the green one! That's the colour I accessorise with in my kitchen... xxx

  16. Hi Chris, I don't want you to think I'm being a lurker, so I've signed in with my blog account and actually made an entry for the first time in months! It's good to catch up on your blog again. What amazing pieces of work you're producing on your sewing machine (even if it doesn't work all the time!).

  17. I always wanted a sewing machine, but I'd never use it. Weird.
    Good luck getting it sorted!
    More pots?

  18. Well good luck with the shop on Monday. The cast iron pots are great. The better the saucepan the easier it is to clean and IMHO the food tastes better.

    I do not know how you manage to juggle everything I would be a total basket case. You have to be really organized which is something I am not .

  19. Waiting until Monday doesn't sound like much fun. I would want a resolution right away. Of course waiting gives you more time to plan what you are going to say!

    Those pots look fabulous!

  20. They should replace it darn it...
    and love your pots and pans...


    Love you girlie...

  21. I love your new cast iron pots. I know what you mean about the colors, but hey they were half price!

    Smart thinking about printing off the info about your rights regarding the sewing machine. I say it's past time for them to replace it for you, and now you've got proof and they can't argue with that.

    Good luck!

  22. Good luck with the sewing machine!
    I am sure that they will replace it.


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