Friday, August 28, 2009


Today I'm going shopping... for little safety pins! NO MORE BLOOD! If I stick myself with another damn pin I will SCREAM!.... ummmmm, I'm sure I've said this before! Trouble is the last lot of safety pins I bought were crap... total waste of money. Pfffft.
Pity I wasn't a diabetic needing to test me blood... cos I could have done a few last night I tell ya. *sniff*

I was working on the Indonesian Wall hanging ... just stitching it down to the batting.... I won't be doing much more than that to it as it's quite beautiful in it's own right. I have 'double' batted the woman's figure to highlight it a bit more... but that's it.

Now, what else is on me agenda today? A workout! And some housework. And sorting out what I will do at my TWO Patchwork classes next week. And at Pottery class too!

ABOVE: Griffin made his bed today (after a little prompting).. I'm giving him a B+ for his effort! EVERYTHING is ON the bed afterall! LOL

ABOVE: just to torment ya.... Roast Pork done in me new, hugely expensive roasting dish the other night. HATE ME NOW. *smiles*

Eeeee Gads! It took me all morning to find curved quilting safety pins.. I had to go to 3 different places before I found any...

And... ummm... I saw this material and couldn't RESISIT... it was produced to raise money for breast cancer .... and it's so pretty! (And see the pins! I did get some too.)

So, it's lunchtime and once again I'm starving... must find food...

End of Day: and I can feel myself winding up .. stress levels rising.... cos next Tuesday is another horrible day for us. I get a sick feeling in my tummy everytime I think about it... so I don't think about it! I eat instead. I am SUCH an emotional eater. And on that note.. nite nite. I suck.


  1. YOWIE!! I'd be concerned about infection, too, at that rate.

  2. I lurve horribley expensive cooking pots!!!! That pork looks devine :oO)

  3. That's one big poke! Your pottery looks great. Your roast is making me nice and hungry!

  4. Hating you in a big way! That pork does look inviting...

    I love the quilt on Griffin's bed, too. And at least he made it. Dobby wouldn't know how I don't think... although my mother said when she stays there she makes it without being told... go figure...

  5. Lucky for you I'm so far away or I might just drop by around dinnertime.

  6. ~smile~- I just had to smile because I have done that SOOOO many times and after a while it really gets sore!!!!!!!

    LOVE your new fabric - that Lorilee is so cute! Hope you have fun working with it and now that you have new pins - maybe no more blood for a while! lol
    hugs, linda

  7. Ouch! I'm always poking myself! Keep some pretty bandaids close by.

    Your creative talents never cease to amaze me! I love the wall hangings. The pots you made are beautiful! And, you cook like a pro!

    I am not worthy....!

  8. I love the pink material!

  9. Doesn't it hurt when you stab yourself with those pins? Hope you didn't drip blood on the project.
    I love the Loralie fabrics and embroidery designs and breast cancer is a great cause to support.

  10. so do you think you could potter me a bear lol

  11. Chin up chick. hopefully all will go well for you all, Have a good weekend and try not to stress too much, Cheers

  12. christy_ann10:15 PM

    Loving your pots! Is the no end to your talents!??

  13. Ouch! Good thing you found the proper pins. The new fabric is so cute. MMM the pork roast looks delish, weather is getting cooler will be popping one of those in the oven in a couple of weeks. Hope you manage to calm yourself down and relax this weekend. Take care.

  14. First of all - you DON'T suck! You are human. Give yourself a break.

    Second - that fabric is wonderful - the shapes of the women are so great.

    Finally - I am glad you got some good pins now. Maybe you can quit "donating blood" while working on your quilts now!

  15. OOh that pork looks divine, know what I am having for dinner tomorrow!! x

  16. Sorry to hear that your stress levels are mounting in anticipation of a difficult day.

    On a brighter note, I used to do a lot of quilting before I returned to full time teaching (sigh). I hope to one day sort myself out enough to take it up again. But I have to report that curved safety pins are absolutely the best.

    And yes, I'm jealous of your pot(s). The ones you made (how clever are you?!) and the ones you cook your roasts in! I have one, smaller, cast iron pot and I can hardly hoist it out of the oven, but it sure does cook beautifully. That pot must be one heavy sucker!

  17. Bummer about the cut! That pork roast looks awesome. I need to cook more as in summer I don't do much.
    Just saying hi! I need to catch up on what you have been doing. The pottery looks fun.


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