Saturday, November 01, 2008


I hope you are happy, it took me ages to 'fake' a smile... it is NOT EASY taking a photo of yourself and trying to smile about? NOTHING...... right at that moment!

So, all you buggers out there who keep harping on about me not smiling, THERE YA GO... now bugger off and do ya own smiling. I'M DONE.

TODAY: Well hopefully it is fine, but the forecast says 'Not'... so we might go for another ticky tour, maybe around the coast to the Miranda Hot Springs for a swim? We will have to wait and see what the day turns up.

In the meantime, I shall continue with my resolve to stay outta the pantry and fridge! Stew is home so he can help me keep up the motivation. I was rather rapt with my weigh in yesterday at WW's... so didn't expect such a wee gain.... don't want to bugger it up now do I? ONWARD dudes.....

WOOOO HOOOO! My girlfriend Sandra is up here in Auckland on a Weight Watchers Leaders Meeting... and we are going to meet up after the meeting. NEAT! And I will get to see an old friend from Palmerston North who moved up here a few years ago and then became a WW Leader too... so this afternoon is going to be lovely.

This afternoon has been so neat! I went out to get Sandra from her meeting, and met up with a good 4-5 WW Leaders that I knew... then Sandra came back home with me and we had a good time yakking and catching up.

I must be breaking a record here, cos I'm smiling AGAIN!!! Enjoy it, cos it doesn't happen often.

Now for my dinner.... a strawberry shake it is.....

End of Day: I'm working on the table top, Stew's watching the rugby... all is good in our little corner of the world.

nite nite.


  1. Hiya, have a great weekend, we have rain :( yet again. Nice pic :)

  2. You're pretty, Chris! Even if the smile is fake LOL!!

  3. You know, kiddo, if you don't want to smile, then don't :-)

    Congrats on the WW results. Pretty good, since you just had the kids home and your party !!!

  4. good morning,

    what a motivation boost to think your going to have a whopper of a gain but then finding out its nice and small. Isn't this weight loss lark such a 'head thing', its true that a BIG part of it is mental.

    What we think we believe. Lock those thoughts of positiveness in place and they will ensure a nice loss for next week.

  5. Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. You look so preeeettty....

    I am on my 5th day of WW...
    I am only eating 20 points a day...

    lost a couple pounds...

    I have already eaten two stock pots of that garden veggie soup...

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    DD8 says you look very pretty when you smile :)
    It's raining here today as well. I wanted to go for a walk along the beach today (planned it last night so that's why it's raining!)

  8. It's really hard to smile when you take a picture of yourself!

  9. OMG I love your top

  10. I prefer to stick out my tongue when people take my photo.

  11. Hey there woman! Long time no comment!
    I hope you are enjoying life-real smile/fake smile-what f'in ever...are you happy?
    I hope so!
    Cheers mate!

  12. Mmmm, strawberry shake!

  13. You have a beautiful smile my friend!

  14. YOu have a very beautiful smile Chris! YOu should do it more often;)glad you got to spend time with a good friend.


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