Friday, October 31, 2008


ABOVE: The GHD's... I didn't get to use them yesterday as I was totally engrossed in doing the mosaic table.... they even came with a "How to Use" CD and product booklet. NICE.
So that's first on the "To Do" list after I get the kids to school today... do me hair!

My back is killing me from all the bending forward while doing the table, so am going to have a break from it today...if I can force myself to stay away from it that is!

We are expecting a crap weekend weather wise, so I can work on it to my heart's content then eh?


Feeling really down, got on the scales (friggin hate those things) and I have GAINED 1.5 kilos this week! WTF??? So now I feel like diving head first into the pantry/fridge and eating whatever I can find.

PISSED OFF.... I tried really hard this week ... did everything RIGHT for a change. Pfffffft. Trying hard NOT to eat cos I'm angry.

................................ GRUMPY............................

AND I havn't done my hair yet... I'm waiting for it to dry 'naturally'... it's only been 3 hours so far... still wet in the back.... waiting... waiting....

OH. MY. GOD!!! The hair straighteners are bloody amazing! Awesome, fast, do the job so well... why did I ever muck around with cheap ones before?

So, I tried taking a 'nicer' photo... this is number 6,758:

It is soooo hard to take your own bloody photo, and not end up loooking like a startled deer in a car's headlights! ... and try to smile too! Don't feel like smiling. Shit it's a bloody awful photo! Pfffft... who cares?

LYNDA: yes they are SO much better than any others I've tried! I got them from Shampoo and Things in Sylvia Park ($350) and worth ever cent.

On a happier note: I decided "Oh stuff it, I'm going to Weight Watchers"... and I did! AND... according to their scales (I LIKE THEIRS!) I only gained .200 grms. I'm so glad I went and didn't take my frustration out on the fridge! Tis a better day already....

End of day: lots of up's and down's... but it's been good overall! NSV: I faced the bloody scales and then went to Weight Watchers! AMAZING, but true! nite nite.


  1. The table is looking lovely. Hope the weather improves and you get a better weekend then expected. All the best.

  2. Love the table! Wish you were back here - I would love to do something like that, but a bit of direction would be good!

    Hope you get somewhere with the school with Griffin - does sound like they are now on to it! I wondered a while back about dyslexia.

    Have a neat weekend:-)

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hi Chris.. :-( no more cards, looks like the influx is over for this year. Love the table. Talk soon, Michele

  4. I had a dream about your table... how weird is that LOL... but in the dream i was at your house so thats all cool! SOMEDAY I so want to come to New Zeland...
    the table is oh so much cooler in person LOL. and coming along fantastically!

  5. OOOh a GHD!!!!! Now take fine sections and do it slowly so you don't need to go over the same section of hair more than twice!!!hehe...

    Glad you got my card, sorry it was late...blame Aust Post!!

    Can you sit down and do the table?

    Once again you have inspired me, but I'll have to wait a bit...

  6. Cool table. Hang in there Chris and stay out of the pantry!

  7. Arrrgh. Sounds v. v. frustrating. Loving the table BTW. I did mosaics for a while and really enjoyed it.... maybe I should get back into it... hmmm.

    Have a great weekend. xxx

  8. That table looks great, gosh you're so talented at this stuff. Can't wait to see your hair straight, is it dry yet? LOL.

  9. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Your hair looks gorgeous straight. I need to make mine curly or put some body in it.. one day...

    Be nice to see a photo of you smiling girl.

  10. GHD's ROCK! i bought on 18 months ago after bblogger buddy advice and im so glad i did, they are so quick and easy huh. Love your table, your so bloody artistic... im jealous LOL!!!

  11. Where did you get them and how much? Jo really needs some. So they really are much better?

  12. hey chick , thanks for stopping by and i knew you would, but...had to blogg it out you helps.. and i think both of the photos you posted are your natural hair..ppl pay big money for frizz luv...but love the strait look too. your eyes are riviting... beautiful girl. cheers and thanks..appreciate your support...k

  13. What a HUUUUGE victory ... seeing a sad number on the scales and going to WEIGHTWATCHERS and NOT jumping head first into the pantry. What an awesome inspiration you are, Chris. And I love the straight hair look and the table. Talented, gorgeous AND disciplined. Sheesh!!

  14. Bloody hell woman..end of day already!!! Well done on only gaining 200g...
    I was wondering yesterday when I saw the work on the table you had done how long your back would hold out...
    Lots of $$ for straightening hair!!!
    I have an el cheapo.. and I am afraid it is all I can afford...
    Lucky I only straighten my wings and fringe... hehe

  15. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Seems that my kids pay more attention to the blogs I read than I thought because DD8 said to me just now, how come that lady never smiles in her pictures? LOL

    Your hair looks gorgeous straightened!

  16. If you feel like hitting the fridge go work on ya bloody table!!! Oh, and for the record...I think you are gorgeous!! Straight or curly hair:P

  17. Love the hair, those GHDs are the best. I have the cheaper rip off, the 'NHD', it is still brilliant, but maybe not as good as the original. When you say they, does it come with two?

    Gorgeous photo, your eyes look beautiful. They really 'pop' (stand out) as the yanks would say.

  18. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Good for you going to weigh in. that 200g and more will be gone by next time. Have a nice weekend.

  19. i think thats a great picture..

    and i agree... i cannot take a bloody photo of myself to save my life...

  20. Wow is that like US$? Probably not. Jessica is on her 3rd straightener.

  21. I'm jealous of your tan. hrrmmmmph.


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