Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm sorry to say I'm still in a crabby mood.... had a tiff with Stew yesterday, it's still not resolved.

Should never go to bed cross with one's man.... but I did.

I ate lots of shortbread yesterday afternoon... just shoved it in me gob... didn't help.

later... and I hope I feel better and am NICE to read!

Conflict resolution: well I'm still lying in bed.... Stew has been up for ages watching rugby... and I don't want to get up and have to try and resolve our differences.

WE have has so few real arguments during our 20+ years marriage that we really don't know how to handle them when we do!

Yesterday's problem was over something quite trivial, but Stew and I handled it badly... I stormed out of the house and stayed away for hours, he just ignored me when I got back, so I did the same thing! So silly really!

Yet... here I am still in bed..... but I suppose about to get up and try to sort it out. I hate being off side with him.

*sigh*... all is kinda well again..... we have talked and cleared the air... unfortunately our small daughter is in...

now..... will serve her right for lying to both of us... and telling a different story to both of us, hence the ensuing conflict between us. BLOODY KIDS....

STUFFING one's face never helps, we all know this!

Stew is cooking dinner... I am watching.... and quite happy about that!

End of Day: started out REALLY awful, going to end up rather well! I finally got the sealant on the mosaic table... 24 hrs from now it can finally go onto the morning patio and STAY THERE...outta my family room at last! That's it for today, nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Hmmm... I wrote about me being crabby today. You might like it.

    I love when your heart comes through your posts. I was sorry to read about those little girls. We have a case going on here in the states right now that is getting a lot of press. I just don't understand...

    Spoons! I don't know what happens to all of our either! My children aren't even little anymore and I can't keep spoons! I just bought some last year for Thanksgiving. We have service for 20 and now I only have about 6 teaspoons. It is making me MAD! And do you think I can find just teaspoons that match... NO NO NO!!!

    Well, I hope your mood improves and you get it all worked out with Stew. We all have those days!

  2. I can't believe shortbread did not fix the mood. It makes me happy!
    Hope it gets better 4 ya!

  3. Hope your day gets better :-)

  4. The whole crabby thing must be going around. I haven't been feeling too "light and fluffy" myself lately! That is why I decided to sleep today until I woke up "naturally." I amost did that too. Of course, I had to get up at 7:30 to take meds and then had to nudge Hubby to make HIM get up to feed the kitties.

    I do feel a bit better though.

    That first door knocker is amazing! I have never seen one like that anywhere before.

    Good luck in your hunt!

  5. Hope you guys get it worked out painlessly. ;-) You could always make him sleep on the couch. LOL

  6. I'm sure you will sort out your tiff. Sorry to heaar about the crabby mood:-(

  7. Chin up mate, hope it resolves ITSELF. Ps. he should be in a good mood, the kiwis (league) are the world champs and the AB's beat Wales, now all he needs is the Blackcaps to survive....

  8. It must be something in the air cause Brad and I also had a fight last night and whilst I thought it had been resolved. Its not, you could cut the air with a knife at home right now.

    I'm glad you and Stew have sorted it out and hope you have a great day.

    I really like this one. Its not as great as the one you picked out but its nice! Hope the link works.

  10. It sucks for sure when you fight with your hubby. When my Chris and I get into it, I always wind up eithe rslamming something or getting so frustrated I cry, but I don't recollect going to bed without having resolved it... that woudl be very difficult i believe.
    Hope things get better

  11. We always think food w/ help..
    but it is only a short term fix...
    but in the end ... we feel crappier than ever....

    then we eat more b/c we feel like crap... and it's a vicious cycle.

  12. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Our DD15 used to play Bill and I against each other all the time causing problems. I used to say to him that she was doing it to get him on her side.

    She still tries it but it doesn't work anymore because we know what she's up to.

  13. kids, you can bet while you are arguing over them with your partner, or 'sticking up' for them over something they have been involved in , or getting cross with people they have fallen out with, they little mongrels are out the having a good time, or out with the person you are defending them against , having a fat time...while you are in a whole load of shit....always happens. Don't stand for lies though, and do demand an apology to you the same time!.hope all gets better K

  14. Well i hope all will b resolved soon?!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  15. I always think it shows the depth of a relationship. Not the number of arguments, but how you feel when you have them. That horrible sick feeling, that doesn't go away until all's well again - it shows there's a true love and devotion there. Hope you go to bed happy tonight.

  16. On the good side - I hear makeup sex is the best kind.

    Just sayin.


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