Sunday, November 16, 2008


ABOVE: this is what we did late yesterday afternoon.... I have had this shade sail for years, never had the right place to use it... till now! I had to make it a bit smaller to fit here, but it's neat! Now we have shade when we have dinner at the BBQ table. LOVE IT!

Of course, since taking that photo I've changed my mind and made the shade sail go over the top of the beams! Gives more shade when needed most, in the middle of the day. Still looks good though.

Today: well hopefully it is going to be a blissful, do nothing, just enjoy the day ... type of day! I think Amanda and Andrew and the boys are coming today too... Joel has the Chicken Pox and I am going to have him this week as he can't go to Daycare. Brylee and Griffin have already had C.Pox, so that's OK.

Well ... I thought it was funny..... moving on...... ONWARD...

ABOVE: one very well covered wee man!!!

Having a nice visit with the family... cooking Roast Pork for dinner, can't wait!

You come to my house you can expect a job! I asked Andrew and Amanda to help me with the grouting, just as well too cos it was not that easy! It would have taken me much much longer to do on my own that's for sure.
Anyway...IT'S DONE!!!! FINALLY..... once it is dry I will post yet another photo of the darn mosaic table, then it can go outside and be admired!

End of Day: busy, but nice. Everyone fed, bathed and heading for bed..well the 3 little ones anyway! Me... well I might just stay up and watch the telly for a while! nite nite.


  1. Love the pic of the calamine lotion :)

  2. I thought it was funny I right clicked and pinched it and put it in my funnies folder!!!

  3. Bloody hell, I come inside from a busy and productive day feeling all virtuous and like I have worked harder than anybody, then I read your blog!!!!!!...where do you get the bloody energy?????

  4. The table looks beautiful! I'll bet you are soooooooooooo happy to have it finished!

    Great idea for the tarp. We put gardening netting over the top of our patio cover, but your's looks like you get much more shade! Enjoy!

    Yeah, like nola said, where do you get the bloody energy? I would like some!

  5. Nice sail! Poor kiddo! Can't wait to see your finished table, it looks great.

  6. Beautiful table! And you better stop posting such awesome projects - you'll be making a to do list for me with the wife.


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