Saturday, November 29, 2008


Firstly... this is an advert I got off the TV... it is new and I think it's priceless!

I hope you overseas buggers can understand what the boys are saying? It's so funny. Maybe not to Australians, but that's how it goes. lol


Expecting Daughter No 3 ... she's babysitting for us so we can go to Stew's Work Christmas lunch.... hope she gets here in time!

This will be one of those rare times we actually get to go out without the kids! I am so looking forward to it!

And I hope the food is not entirely evil. I want to have a nice lunch and not feel guilty about it!

TELECOM suck! I havn't had internet for hours and hours and when I asked Telecom I was told it was a National Outage... but lots of people still had it... just not me! Grrrrrr.... finally got some help from Lee Anne who got me back on line! THANK YOU sweetie!

Right, now that I am back to normal... better go get the day started properly!

4.30pm.... LOOOOONG hot day! Beautiful day, hot as hell but wonderful. Lunch was amazing! So much meat... it just kept on being served at the table... hot skewers of chicken, beef, lamb and pork, mussels, veges.... oh gawd I am stuffed! BUT in saying that, I do believe I did not pig out! I was pleasantly full and then stopped.

Stew and I stopped in to visit his Dad on the way to lunch and on the way home after lunch... both times he was asleep so we didn't wake him... he's recovering from severe bronchitis that nearly killed him... could still. He is 91 and very very poorly. Sad seeing him linger.

Kelly bought our granddaughter Rena with her today... baby just cried and screamed at us. WE need to see more of her! Grandbabies are supposed to smile and coo.... not get all upset!

NO PHOTOS! I forgot to take the camera into town with me ... shame cos it was beautiful on the quay.... lots of boats ....I love boats!

End of Day: Stew is dishing up ICE CREAM to the kids for dinner! I am drooling... but am determined NOT to have any. I am in control.... I am in control..... etc etc.... lol. nite nite.


  1. morning to ya sweetie, 4am and i cant sleep, so posted pics of my lounge room on my blog. have a squizz...going to see if i can sleep til the kids get up,,,am bug K

  2. That is great.

    I have always said that that is my Favorite accent of all the world's many toungues...

  3. Have a great day, Chris. Don't worry if it is it anyway!! It's farking Christmas!! lol

  4. Hugs!! Ya puttin' up a retaining wall, are ya maite?? LOL

  5. Oh I do LOVE that add! Am searching for it on youtube to send to family and friends in Aussie!
    Enjoy your lunch out!

  6. Omg i love that ad, it makes me laugh every time. Have a good day Chris xxx

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Even if it's evil, just have a little bit and enjoy it...

    The ad was funny, especially considering Mitre 10 was started in AUSTRALIA! DOn't worry we all think you're bludgers too! :P

  8. Those kids are pretty cute. I had to listen to it twice to get what they were being state side ya know. I'm a wee bit slow.

  9. Hey Ya ol Tart.. gawd... I have a few days away and you have a meltdown on me... You are strong and you know you can do it... kick that little eating demon off your friggin shoulder and get to it!!! There are things you can eat when you are starving that are empty calories.. you know all that.. you just need to get to thinking like that again...ask everyone to post thier fav hunger tips...might help if you have a list on the fridge when you feel like picking...
    Hugs to you... I know you will do it... we all know how good it feels to look hawt at a wedding...

  10. You seem so much happier Chris! Hope you have a fab lunch.

  11. Love the ad!
    and im an Aussie!
    Enjoy your day!

  12. The ad is cute, but I will have to listen a few times...I'm one of the slower statesiders.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I get through the holidays by trying to keep the portions down, but not too much denying. I have to watch the suger, tho, because that starts my bingeing. I always keep popcorn around for that.

    Hope the lunch was fun!

  13. lol that add was really funny!
    I come from NZ and yet i now have a hard time understanding the accent. How bizzare is that! lol

  14. LOL @ the ad - what a classic!

  15. Ice Cream for dinner?!?

    Can I move in?


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