Thursday, November 27, 2008

THURSDAY.... original eh?


Kids to school

Me to Aqua Jogging.... and it better be GOOD... or I am going to be pissed off.


Well OK, it's bound not to be all...... cos even when I try not to blog it just friggin well happens! It's a bloody addiction.
later.... ya poor buggers.

I went to the pool 45 minutes early and swam laps... slowly... then a few ladies arrived and the instructor and we did 45 mins of aqua jogging... it was really lovely to be in the water again... I could have stayed there all day! When I got out...OH MY GOD! I felt like a ten tonne elephant! My arm and legs felt like they were HUGE and heavy!

Anyway... got home, had a sauna, then a shower and now... I'm gunna go lie in the sun! Feeling very tired!

I'm hanging out the washing... and like my arms are saying "What the hell did you do to us this morning?"...they are sore! Like.... really sore. So, I did good!

I don't care how much they hurt cos it means I worked them.... and I feel great!

I feel like I am taking control of myself again... I can feel how it has 'upped' my mood just by DOING something! AND I didn't pig out at lunchtime either! AND I am not going to pig out at dinner either. Stew is buying some ice cream on his way home tonight... FOR THE KIDS. We have decided to just have a smoothie made with yogurt and fruit. GO US.

Picture me here, half NAKED.... blissful spot. The only way anyone can see me is with binoculars from a plane!

End of Day: Stew came home with 3 different types of yummy icecream for the kids... god it looks so ..... mouthwatering delectible! My mouth was watering for ages and ages.. and ... I HAD NONE. Rather proud of that. I kept saying to myself "I am in control"..... PHEW it worked! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Hey! Where'd you get that picture of me in a swimsuit?

  2. Hey, I want to join that class! I'd fit right in! Well... if there's any water left in the pool after we all get in.

  3. Try to keep your head ABOVE the water.


  4. HEY thats me in a swim suit!!! Cute photo I must say !

  5. Ummm - hope that's not how we look!

    Hope you enjoyed the class! Even if some instructors are a bit easier, you can pump those legs and arms as hard as you want and set your own pace.

  6. Good on you for not only going for a swim but also going to the aqua class. Hope you enjoyed it...

    I'm glad you didn't really stay away from blogging cause I and I'm sure everyone else would miss you...

    Enjoy your sun baking...

  7. Bet you feel good now that you've taken that first step.

    Dare we hope summer may have arrived?????

    It's absolutely gorgeous here.

  8. Bet you enjoyed the sun bathing this afternoon :) Hope you didn't get burnt....LOL Hope too that those muscles feel easier tomorrow :) Woo hoo well done :-)

  9. Congratulations on saying NO to ice cream and sticking by it.

    I'm so glad that your coming out from behind the cloud and starting to enjoy yourself again.

  10. My legs felt the same way after walking with Leslie the other day - I am STILL feeling it nearly 2 days later!

  11. Good girl for not having the ice-cream! I'm not sure if its a good thing though, Stew bringing home so much temptation :)

  12. hey, good on ya...

    Keep smiling...

  13. Hmmmm. Moving house. Moving CITY. Major op (with complications). Worrying about kids. Daughter getting married. Husband stressed about work. Scared about all those kilos jumping back on board (irrational but oh so understandable). And that's just what I've picked up in the past couple of months.

    I think you are entitled to a bit of a hissy breakdown. But GO YOU for getting up, dusting down and jumping back on the horse (or into the pool!!).

    You are an inspiration. :)

  14. You go girl!! The first step is the hardest. Just keep the feeling you had going to bed last night fresh in your mind. You should feel very proud of yourself!

    Love the bathing beauties pic!


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