Saturday, November 22, 2008


Top of the list today, buy a door knocker! I didn't get around to it yesterday, got sidetracked with other stuff.

ABOVE: saw this one on the net, but it's in some place overseas! Damn! Love it to death!!!
This one is 'nice'.... *sigh*.... but I really would like something DIFFERENT.... but the New Zealand market is so small I doubt I will find anything that is truly AMAZING.
And what else?....
- washing
- vacuming
- usual sort of housework stuff.... how boring!

I'm hoping we can also go for a ticky tour again.... I want to discover more about our new city! Well OK, I want to find more interesting shops! I just can't help myself!

Can't remember what the weather is supposed to do today, but hopefully I can get some more sun too...... my legs are FINALLY not white anymore! They were scary.... I am not used to being so darn white!
3 hours WASTED ... driving around the North Shore looking in malls for a shop we saw years ago that sold nautical stuff... pfffffft... couldn't find it, so I'm feeling bloody crabby now. No door knocker to be found... well OK, we found some in Mitre 10... but VERY AVERAGE and just not what I wanted.
The kids were good... up to a point, then I just wanted to throttle them! Frustrated as hell now.
Going to go sulk now.... edit...if YOU know where I can get my hands on a door knocker like the one in the top photo (not the boat wheel one) LET ME KNOW!!! ta
End of Day: well it hasn't gotten any better today! Not happy .... and going to bed! nite nite.


  1. Yep, that first doorknocker was sure something! Kinda scary and kinda cool both at the same time!

  2. I love both of the knockers! The first one makes me thing of "A Christmas Carol."

    You ain't seen white legs till you've been to the midwest! We have a ton of tanning salons, but I won't go near them!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I also like the first one and hope you can find one soon...

  4. trademe dear watson.
    There is a black one listed at the moment, (ugly as sin) but could maybe be painted to look similar.

    if you type 'door knocker' into the search space at the top it brings up a few.

  5. hey ya.
    these guys are not very far away from you and have have a good range of door knockers.

  6. these ones are even better

  7. Hey Chris,

    Try this link ... - check out page 2 - they have nautical ones there.

    Actually "google" brass door knockers - ticking the "nz" option and there are quite a few different ones available in NZ.

    Good luck!

  8. Plenty of door knockers in hams,

    Do you want me to send you some Mormans,,(LOL).. He He..................

    hope you fimd one soon c you nxt saturday...


  9. I feel uncomfortable talking about your knockers.

    I am a married man.

  10. I love the first one. Would look great on our house.

  11. I love the top one, too!!!!


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