Friday, November 07, 2008


I just got this CUTE AS Bracelet in the mail from some lovely bugger in Florida, USA!!!!! So, I have NO IDEA who sent it... except the name was S. M*****llo ... Who are ya? I'd like to say 'Thank You' personally! *Edit* Why Thank You Catherine!

I thought it was another Birthday Card to begin with... and was tickled pink to see such a cute wee gift. Felt special I did! *Big Smiles*... made my day.

So it's friday, end of week and all that... and I'm actually looking forward to the weekend. We hope to go to another beach or two in a different direction this time. AND I am hopping down to Hamilton tomorrow for Amanda's Hen Night (eldest Daughter).... so that will be neat.

As for today, well I will take it as it comes, doing that a lot lately. Starting to feel a bit 'isolated'..... but I don't want to get a job and be tied down ... can't win really. Must do something soon though or I will go nuts (NO, I'm not already!)..... ONWARD.....
OK... saw this on another girl's blog and just could not resist pinching it!

It really is just too cute for words!

I went to Weight Watchers, I gained .800grms. I don't think I'll say any more about that!

LEE-ANNE: hopping would burn up more calories!

NOEXCUSES: If you knew me at all you'd know my working with kids would NOT be healthy for the kids.... I don't particularly like kids anymore! Been a mother of 8 for far too long !!! That's not to say sometimes they are cute.... nice even.... but I would go nuts having to be around them all day! Actually, I LOVE babies.... they don't give you too much trouble!

Here's hoping for a relaxing afternoon.... kids are home, all is good! Dinner is sorted: left-overs! Neat, no preparation involved!

End of Day: glad it's over, I'm tired and ready for bed! Got a busy day tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. totally awesome bracelet!~

  2. Wow aren't you special. Very nice bracelet indeed! Hope you have a wonderful and adventurous weekend exploring you new surroundings.

  3. What a cute bracelet !!!!

    What about volunteering at the kids school ... that's helped my feelings of isolation..

  4. OK, I'm guessing:

    "Softie Marshmallo"

  5. Shame those pool sessions don't work for you. The times aren't good ones. Not really time friendly for parents. Is there another pool? Can you just go and grab a lane and do your own thing. A class would be good though as you would start to meet other people.

    Love the bracelet:-)

  6. How gorgeous is that photo. I love it.

    Enjoy your trip to Hams for the party. It might be quicker if you drove down rather than hopped down tho. Just a suggestion.

  7. What a cute bracelet! I got that breast cancer awareness cutie as an email recently, it is perfect!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my new blog, Chris! I do miss the beach!

    Love your new bracelet!

    What is a "hen" night? Is that like "Girls Night Out?" I sure could us a few of those!

    Volunteer work sounds like a good plan. Try working with kids; I love it! They are so dorky and funny.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey Chris - it's from me... Remember on FB I said I wasn't sending a card but something else was winging its way to you? Well, it was the bracelet. I thought it was good for a giggle, and that it was late extended your birthday :o)

  10. And while I'd rather you not know the cost etc, I think it's worth it to give this clever crafty person a plug - and it's all recycled, people!

  11. What a great photo! And nice bracelet too.

  12. Get a part time job at a craft store or something. At least you will get a discount!! :)

  13. hi ya,

    ouch with the gain. Never good for one's incentive but as I've been known almost pee 800g, just think of it as one bathroom visit. (ok, too gross but it really is).

    In regards to doing something with your time, i am sure there are stacks of people who would be intersted in a craft morning. As you are so crafty you would be enjoying yourself as well as sharing some of your skills/knowledge with others. Doesn't have to be a full on thing but just whatever works for you. I could just see you getting together with a few other women and having a great time doing craft, painting or whatever. Great way to meet some people as well.

    Could even set it up to make a few $$ by having a small fee involved, (if you wanted) so your having fun and making some spending money.

    Have fun at the hens night.

    I am heading your way soon, and we are heading out for a lovely lunch.

  14. Hey - love the idea Lynise had, I would go to one of your classes but you now live in the wrong city for me!

  15. I hope that your weekend is a dream come true.

  16. That bracelet is really, really cute! Are the edges of the hearts turned under so they aren't sharp? It looks like it took a while to make!

    Don't feel bad about not wanting to work with kiddos - I am a teacher and LOVE kids but the thought of doing MORE work with them . . . . ugh! I need my "alone" time and so do you!

  17. How cute is that bracelet!!! That is so funky! Very talented girl.

  18. Hey Catherine, can you make me a cactus bracelet?

    That pic is very cute.
    You could do a course in something or join a craft group?


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