Sunday, November 09, 2008


Stew got up at 6am to watch bloody rugby... yes... he's mad.

I got to sleep in.... and I've woken up with a wicked headache.... and NO, it's not a hangover. I had NO alcohol last night, not a drop.

I will eventually get outta bed and take a pill or two me thinks... OUCH me head hurts.

I THINK the day is nice out there, can't tell with the curtains still closed! Don't think we will go ticky touring today afterall... will work on the water feature me thinks.

Photos will follow (once I'm outta bed).....

Right, photos:

Playing "Pin the Penis on the Man"... we were blindfolded, had to draw a penis and then pin it on the man... this was really funny... you should have seen some of those penis's!

ABOVE AND BELOW: Amanda having to "simulate a s*x act".... hee hee he.

The start of the pub visits... in this one she had to 'initiate' the new barman by removing his shirt and having a lap dance....

This guy was English (drool)... he was just gorgeous!

Amanda had no trouble whipping his shirt off!

Hee hee, her face fell a mile when she thought he was gunna get his pants off too! HE DIDN'T, bugger it!

Getting a kiss....

The girls having a drink before they moved on... this is when I left to go home.... I was already getting a headache and didn't intend to spend the rest of the night feeling ikkkk..... but I did have a lovely time. I presume the girls had more fun later on.. Amanda had several more "Dares" to do... like get a man to give her a condom, kiss the first man she saw wearing socks AND sandals... you get the drift!

Mother and Daughter.... I liked this photo, even though I look so fat! We are not at all alike eh? She took after her father.

Onward with the day... it's been good! Went to Sylvia Park, where I made an appointment for new glasses... then over to Maukau for lunch... got some concrete and came home.

Stew made the pond, then we all lay in the sun for a little while.

Stew has put a roast on for dinner... of which I'm having NONE cos I had my main meal at lunchtime. That's about it for the day!

End of Day: I had roast afterall, the SMELL got to me .... *sigh*. nite nite.


  1. Ughhh I hate headaches...
    makes me grumpy...
    and not want to do anything...

    I need to read on and see how your elections went over there.

  2. I want to party with you ladies. Though the headache with no drinks....suck!

    hope you feel better soon.

  3. Love the photo of you and Amanda. She is gorgeous! Then so are you!

  4. UGH Chris, hope your headache feels better. I am soooo glad my bridesmaids didn't make me do stuff like that, but I did get taken to a strip club, and got some very risky lingerie:)
    Oh yeah, and they took me to a country bar, asked me who I thought was cute, then proceeded to ask those guys to dance with me as I was getting married the next day, lol. It was fun.

  5. Great pics! You don't look old enough to be her mum. In this pic you look more like pals :o)
    Why didn't you take some pain killers before you went out, silly duffer!

  6. Great pic of you Chris - when's the big day for your daughter?
    Hope the headache disappeared!

  7. Looks like it was a good night!

  8. Wont Stew be disappointed if you don't have any of his roast!!?? Just a little piece for him..... I don't look old enough to be her mum!!

  9. Hummmm Pin the Penis... sounds like fun... hope it wasn't a cardboard one... hehe

  10. I am right with you - I hate pictures of myself. However, you look good in this one so stop beating yourself up!

  11. Well that looks more fun than any "bridal shower" I've ever been to.


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