Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Guess What? Now that I know how to do this... you can expect to see more!

So... does anyone have a request? I will put almost anything on here... as long as it's not too 'personal' ! Yeah I know I've shown me undies! But I ain't modelling them OK? LOL

I did these two yesterday:

I could go nuts doing this!


- kids to school

- housework

- eye exam and pick new glasses... I'm getting some sunglasses with my prescription len's incorporated for summer.... should be good! The down side of having 'lovely blue eyes' is that they are rather light sensitive.

After that I shall probably do a grocery shop and come home... so LATER......

A VERY sucessful morning! I didn't end up getting the sunglasses afterall.... decided it was too close to Christmas to be spending hundreds of dollars on non-essentials!

BUT... I finally found something to wear to our Daughter's wedding! *phew* ... was getting a bit worried that I would not find anything I liked or looked good.

AND I got Griffin's Birthday Presents too... so that's done and dusted.

Had lunch with Stew too.... which was really nice without the kids in tow.

NO requests I see.... hmmmm I must be boring you poor buggers!

End of Day: going to bed, crabby as hell. Tell ya about it tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Teddy is a crack up! I can't wait to see lots more videos from you!

  2. Looks like they have a great time playing together!

  3. Adorable!
    Thanks for giving me ideas ...I just figured out that YES my camera can do this too! Hehehe ...can't wait to post something!

  4. lol so much fun a boy and a pup ... of course we want MORE! lol.
    happy Monday

  5. Great clips. You'd figure they'd wear each other out.

    Looks like Amanda had a great hen night. She's having it pretty early. Must be great not being so far away anymore.

    Gorgeous day here. Really feels like summer.

  6. LOVED the video's, can't believe how tall Griffin is getting (long legs).

    I also loved your water feature. You never sease to amaze me how quickly you do things - you get an idea and its done within days, if not hours hahaha.

  7. How about a preview of the outfit!!!

  8. Your puppy sure loves your grandson. The puppy must be a handful.

  9. Hmm, what about a tour of your new house??

  10. Love the videos Chris... And yes..I am still alive...
    Hope you are doin ok..
    You did a top job with your cementing..

  11. I want you to model your new dress!! Then bring out all the accessories you could wear with it and we will vote on what shoes to wear, what necklace etc etc!! I love your videos!! Teddy is gorgeous and I suppose the kid is kinda cute too!

  12. Teddy is so darn cute! So is Griffin playing with him. Aren't the videos addicting? If I can work out my battery issues I plan on doing more of them myself!

  13. My boy would LOVE Teddy!! I got the giggles watching them - so fun!

  14. Now see? Why couldn't we have gotten a nice little dog like that? But noooooo.

    Great vids!


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