Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Weird title eh? Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with one every day? LOL

Anyway, today I will dig the hole for the pond thingee in that corner ... do the shaping etc. (edit: it's pissing down with rain, maybe I won't afterall!)

What else? Ummmm, might get out for a walk (edit.. will have to be on the treadmill now), then maybe go shopping! Don't actually NEED anything... well maybe a longer lead for Teddy, so when we go to the beach he can run a bit further away from us before he runs outta room.... poor wee bugger only has a very short lead at the mo.

Brylee has swimming at school today, I hope she has a good time! Both the kids hate water on their faces, so can't swim... they are the only kids we have raised with this problem. I keep meaning to take them to lessons.... but keep forgetting! Derrrrr. Must try and organise it for this summer.

*sigh*... there is a humongous pile of washing to be folded too.... shit I hate the washing!

WOOO HOOOO the bloody top is finished! Now I do the edges, just plain blue thanks... then... learn to grout it! I suppose I better read some instructions first eh? LOL...

I'm getting a sore throat, it hurts when I swallow. Damn.

My dog stinks, he needs a bath. Damn.

I have no energy either.... Damn.

Now isn't that fun?

The throat is much the same, not too bad.... will wait and see how it is tomorrow before I think about going to the doc.

Still havn't bathed Teddy..... the washing is STILL in a huge pile in the spare bedroom... and I didn't dig the bloody hole either! Slack Tart I am.

Going to get dinner now.... something TASTY I think! Feel like TASTY.... ha ha hah hhhhhha.

End of Day: a so-so day really, nothing riveting going on... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Rain.. RAIN??? So why did you leave Palmy North... not raining down here haha..

  2. Mosiac looks awesome!!! And grouting is pretty easy.... a bit messy but easy.

    Can't wait to see the finished product! And my guess is that you stuck it all down as you went along...pretty impressive!

  3. WOW, it is beautiful. If you don't want it, I'll be glad to take it off your hands...haha. Did you break dishes to get the peices? Did you break them on purpose? I'm just trying to figure out how this works.

  4. Have you seen those leads that feed out? You press down on a button and it allows the lead to feed out and then if you press another one it reels the dog back in.....like catching a giant furry fish!! That would be good for Teddy. What did you stick the tiles onto the table with? It looks farking fantastic!!!!

  5. Also..... why don't you find a gorgeous wide fancy pot of some description and put a pump in it so it spurts the water out or moves it around a bit and put a couple of those pond plants in it. Then fill in all that corner around the pot and the other stuff with white pebbles or those red coloured pebbles.....or little river rocks. Then get a solar spot light and place it so it shines on the water feature at night and looks like something out of better homes and gardens!!!! ... Just a thought...he, he

  6. that table is looking amazing!

  7. Been raining over here in WA too...bring on summer, I hate this wet and cold.

    Love the table, you did a great job!!

  8. That table is BEAUTIFUL! Is there anything you can't do? You really are quite crafty!

  9. beautiful! you have done an amazing job on your table chris!

  10. I'll back Karen up on that - no rain here!

    Love the table!!

  11. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Love the table top, you are very creative!

  12. I love how the table looks. You are such an amazing person when it comes to crafts. Can't wait to see it when its finished.

    Hope the rain stops soon so you can work outside.

  13. Table is fantastic, You are so talented and clever...Cheers
    oh and You are not the only one with a stinking sore throat...

  14. Love your table...

    and hope you're not getting sick girlie..


  15. My god woman, the table is fan farking tastic, you cleaver tart!

  16. Omg Chris you're so talented the table top look amazing!!! Hope you feel better soon

  17. we have heaps of awesome beaches on the coast! You should definitely come up =]

  18. It's good it rained. The rain will help soften up the soil and make it easier when you're ready to dig.

  19. Anonymous4:38 PM

    FAR OUT CHRIS.. THE TABLE IS AWESOME!!! whoops is capitals yelling on a blog???

  20. Gorgeous table, Chris! Do you rent out?

    We get our rain on Thursday! We vote tomorrow...ugh...there will be long lines...but I have to do it, so I can complain later!

    Keep your chin up and don't worry about putting chores off another day! You got the important stuff done...didn't you?

    Can't wait to see your finished work of art!

  21. The table is fabulous! You did such a nice job - I can't believe how well all those tiny pieces fit together!

    I hope your throat is better soon!

  22. Chris the table is gorgeous! I want to make one like that now... you have inspired me :)


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