Sunday, November 30, 2008


Stew is going to watch his rugby from 8.30 am - 10.30.... then he has to mow the lawns... ya know, do the MAN JOBS!

Me? Well I will do a bit of washing, vacuming, ya know, GIRL JOBS... ha ha ha.

After that I plan on lying in the sun for a while then...
all going well we are heading off to Hamilton to a friend's BBQ for dinner. That will be nice, Stew is very happy to be up here again and able to meet up with all his old mates from his school/flatting days, (one of the positives of our move).

I'm still feeling a bit stressed...
- Stew's Dad is lingering on and we are on tenderhooks waiting for the inevitable.
- my dear friend Chris D down in Palmerston North is stressed to the max as her husband is in the Hospice, and I'm worried about both of them.
- my girlfriend 'F' is facing cancer surgery on the 8th of December....
So I am feeling torn in 3.....

Oh did I tell ya all I am flying down to Palmerston North on Wednesday, staying with Chris D and seeing our two boys and me girlfriends???? THAT IS .... as long as my Father-in-Law does not pass away before then! BLOODY HELL!

So that's me at the moment.... and to top it all I am trying so hard to focus on my weight loss... not an easy thing to do with all the other stuff weighing me down..... but I will continue to try my best.

Well there it is, FINALLY out on the morning patio again, where it belongs (well there is nowhere else to put it really!).... now I will have to buy clearlite roofing stuff to cover the patio so it's not rained on too much and ruined! Very pleased with my effort.
I had the most yummy smoothie for breakfast today.... yogurt and frozen berries.... nice. Hope it keeps me full for ages.
When you fling open all the doors and windows in this house, it really it LOVELY! A nice breeze going through the house... and summer coming inside! LOVE THIS HOUSE.
End of Day: we have had a really really wonderful time in Hamilton this afternoon/evening, caught up with lots of our friends from years ago.... all Stew's old school buddies and their wives. Lots of laughs, just what we needed. Home very late for the little ones ... who have school in the morning! But it's not like we do it often! Hell, this is the first time I think! nite nite.


  1. wow what a lot of stress... its hard not to eat with all that then toss in us crazy bloggers who post photos of foods... I humbly apologise :D sort of... you are one strong lady and I hope the trip works out well for you!
    HUGSSS Laura

  2. Hugs to ya. You are truly a blessing to all those people around you who need you right now. Praying for good timing for everything that has to happen so that your energies will be maximized. I hope you are well!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about Stew's dad. Lot going on in your life! Can you text me Chris D's cell phone no? Just want to tell her I'm thinking of her.

    Son got the job he flew overseas for interview for, some exclusinve lodge. If you have $5,000 you can stay there a night! Hope he cooks there better than here which was zilch!

  4. the table looks great! enjoy the sun!

  5. The table looks great....

    Keep up the great effort, hugs to ya as you are doing sooooo well with all the stress you are under!!

  6. The table looks great you have done such a great job with it.

    Sending you (((hugs))) with all that is going on in your life right now...

  7. love the table and chairs !!! they are beautimus!!!!! Blue is my favorite color!
    Hugs Laura

  8. The table does look great! :)

  9. Wow, you have alot on your plate lady! I hope you enjoy some quality time with your friend. Let me know when you are gone,so that I can come over and steal that lovely table..haha.

  10. Big hugs for everything going on with you and your friends and family!

  11. [[HUG]] For you darling! :o/

    The patio gear looks awesome!!

  12. Don't forget to look after yourself in amongst looking after everybody else!!! That table looks fantastic....good job!!

  13. So glad you had a nice day out - hope that it put a smile on your face for a few hours. It's tough when loved ones are so sick.

    The table looks FABULOUS - so have you got your next project ready yet?

  14. How dare you talk of your warm summer breezes while I am freaking freezing my butt off.

    You have some nerve!

    I know alot about being torn in so many ways - you just have to keep trudging along, minute by minute, hour by hour...


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