Friday, November 21, 2008


Here in New Zealand this week a group of people were convicted of Child Abuse and MURDER after the death of a gorgeous wee 3 year old girl named Nia Glassie... her own mother was convicted of Nia's Manslaughter.

I want to remind everyone of another poor wee girl who was, back in 1990, on all of our minds also.

DELCELIA WITIKA... AGED 2 years..... she was viciously and callously abused, neglected, raped and left to die by her OWN mother and her boyfriend.

The sickening story of what this precious baby had to go through before she mercifully died has always stayed with me.... I cry thinking about her right now..... NO CHILD SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THIS.

PLEASE....if you know of ANY CHILD who you even SUSPECT is being abused or neglected... HELP THEM NOW.

Many people knew or suspected little Nia (and Del-C) were being hurt and did nothing..... SHAMEFUL.

Sorry about my little rant, but it was on my mind after all the news about little Nia's case.


- kids to school

- No Joel, so it has to be.... SHOPPING!!! Back to the mall, oh I can't wait. I need a door knocker... our door chimes don't work so a knocker is needed. (sometimes I feel so shallow!)

Not much else to report on right now..... later...

I did shop! I even went into THE WAREHOUSE and had a really good look around... OK, some of the stuff is utter crap... but some is OK... I gave in a put a whole shit load of toys on layby for Christmas! At THE WAREHOUSE!!!

Then to make myself feel better I went into a really swish homeware shop and bought the above... you need lots of tongs for summer BBQ's, and I swear my kids EAT THE BLOODY SPOONS! We are down to about 5 dessert spoons, so I got some of them too.

I took this photo yesterday of the 3 watching telly... cute. Well Joel did see me and the camera and did the cutest wee smile at his Grandma!

It has been a scorcher of a day! I lay in the sun for a while this afternoon, then picked up the kids from school, watered the gardens and new fruit trees....and I am not cooking dinner! Takeaways me thinks, it's too bloody hot to cook!

End of Day: a lovely day on a whole... finished off with evil Fish 'n' chips.... but no icecream! nite nite.


  1. What the hell is wrong with people? If you cannot treat your kids right or do not want them..There are millions for folks out there who will love and care for that child...breaks my heart.

    There is a place for people like that...prison getting violated by bubba!

  2. ughh! those kinds of stories make my heart hurt...

  3. As you said before, there is evil in this society and good people need to take a stand, the anti-smacking law is pitiful, it doesnt stop this abuse, there is a definate breakdown, I for one will definately and in fact have intervened in cases where I believe a child was at risk.Some call these abusers animals, how unfair to the animals, as they do not abuse their own, only nuture and care for them. I say lock them up and throw away the key...

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    We read the article on Nia yesterday & I felt sick all day. No need to appologise for your rant. It IS a timely reminder that sometimes we need to act.

    Was sorry to hear about your friend teh other day. Hope the operation goes well. Am sure your support will be muchly appreciated.

  5. Have fun shopping and Watch out Mall Chris is on her way and means business....

    Hope you have a great day. I so love retail therapy....

  6. anyone who abuses a child in any way should be shot.

  7. OH, that breaks my heart. We are always hearing something like this on the news here in the States. You can't turn the TV on anymore without hearing some horrible story regarding children.

    There are so many childless people that would gladly welcome these poor kids into their homes without batting an eyelash. It's all so senseless.

  8. I'm with you on child abuse. Working at a school, we are always looking for signs. It is heartbreaking to hear about it, but I think it helps us remember to not let it happen again.

    Your little ones are adorable. I love the little smile!

    We are always losing forks. When the kids scrape their dishes into the trash, somehow...the fork falls in, too, and nobody sees it happen. Aw shucks!

    Best wishes for your friend.

  9. Words cannot describe how much I HATE people who abuse their kids.

    I am one of those people that would go absolutely NUTS if anyone abused one of my kids and would be hard pressed not to take out my own justice on the people who did it.

  10. Its happening everywhere Chris - Don't know if you are aware of all the media here in the uk over the death of Baby P.n Heartbreaking.

  11. How could anyone hurt a dear little child??!!

    Shopping of any kind is always good ;-)

  12. Child abuse like that makes me sick to my stomach! How people can hurt little, innocent children is just beyond me!

  13. oh, that story just breaks my heart.

  14. Those stories are so tragic and sad. I'm with Linda...they should get the pleasure of prison and Bubba. OR I'd be happy to tie them up and drag them behind my car for a day. or a year.


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