Monday, November 24, 2008

CHOICES, CHOICES.... not that many really.

Thank you to everyone who offered 'knocker' ideas! I have found two on Trademe that are possibilities:

ABOVE: this one is kinda evil looking, yet I like it....

and this one is more traditional.... and 'nice'.... I'm trying to make up my mind! This one reminds me of Griffin a bit, as his name is taken from the mystical creature "The Griffin" which is a lion with an eagle's head and wings.

I think I also found the 'Nautical Shop' that we were looking for on saturday... it's in downtown Auckland now.... might go there next weekend.


Kids to school, and I can assure you I am so ready for that! They have been diabolical this weekend! If I thought I could get away with it I would have taped their darn mouths shut! *sigh*

What else? Just enjoy the quiet ..... and pop down to the library to renew a book or two that I havn't quite finished yet.


It just became easier to make up my mind.. I text'd the owner of the dragon one... his one is painted aluminiun... so that's a 'No'! So it looks like I will be going for the eagle one... cos it's solid brass. I have checked out the Nautical shop online, and they do not have any door knockers.... and really I didn't want anything like a ship's wheel... too 'ordinary' for me.

It's raining and windy, so I just drove the kids to school.... now I have a mountain of washing to fold... think I will do all the linen and towels and leave the clothes for Stew!

Have you ever picked up a book, started reading it, and then could not put it down? That's me today.... been reading all day! It is such foul weather outside .... what better way to spend the day!

The book? A crime novel by Mary Higgins Clark.... I have read about 6 of hers so far... and I'm going to read everything she has written.... she's a fantastic author.


  1. Love the top one. Have a nice quiet peaceful day :-)

  2. Oohh, I love them both. The one on the top really makes a huge statement. I love it. Glad you're going to get some peace and quiet today. You deserve it. I'm doing all my Sunday stuff. Gettin' ready to go back to work tomorrow. Laundry, cooking, cleaning...I need a nap. Have a great day.

  3. I love the first door knocker! I am into that kind of scary but neat thing! The eagle is nice too but I would go with the dragon - it has more character!

  4. Well for what it's worth...I think the first one looks too evil...I like the 2nd one best....but have a look in your nautical shop before you decide!

  5. i like the second knocker... and hope you have a wonderful monday!

  6. no scary devil for me,comin home to that sucker at night would give me the creeps. My vote is keep looking, don't like either of them that much.

  7. Oohh i just love the secound one,

    Its just wat you need!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  8. In honour of your new door knocker (I know you haven't got it yet, but I could resist)...

    -Knock, knock
    ~Who's there!
    ~Wanda who?
    -Wanda here another knock-knock joke?

    Lame, I know...

  9. what a pity the dragon wasn't solid brass :0(

    love a good book!!!!!!!

  10. Good luck getting your knocker. I'm sure you'll end up with just the right one.

    Wonderful to be engrossed in a book like that. The only problem is when you finish it you wish it would go on for longer.

  11. I really like the first one, it's so cool!

  12. You know, I hear Super Glue works great on kids.

    I concur with your choice on the eagle - it seems to exude strength and solidity.


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