Thursday, November 20, 2008


I havn't really been 'out and about' all week for obvious reasons (the POX)... and am starting to feel stir crazy!

So, maybe after I get Brylee and Griffin to school Joel and I will go for a drive? Maybe check out the planes again? Or something! I don't think I can bear the thought of staying at home for another whole day... maybe we can find a park where there's no other kids/mothers? Or a beach on the Manukau harbour?

The doctor yesterday said Joel is pretty much past the infectious stage... but I think it's better to be a bit careful...

I'm thinking of taking a few photos while we are out and about... of the area... so you can see my 'home' turf! How would that be?

Mosaic still drying! And I need to put a sealer on the grout too... so it's weatherproof... so no photo yet.
Catch ya later....

Joel and I went for a short ticky tour... he fell asleep within an hour so we had to come home *sigh*... anyway here's what I took pictures of for ya:

Heading off down the street towards the motorway.. you can see a tiny bit of the Manukau Harbour from here, not sure if you can see it in the photo though. It is a lovely view usually.

Last set of lights before turning right onto the motorway.... OH and YES, we do drive on the left-hand side of the road over here!

On the motorway heading to Manukau City...... just 10 minutes from my home.... Rainbows End is the ONLY Amusement Park in New Zealand, it is very small compared to one's overseas... laughable even.

Construction work... a new flyover and motorway extention being built at Manuka to make it easier to get to the airport... it is taking FOREVER....

My least favourite shop ... The Warehouse... "Where Everyone Gets A Bargin".... yeah right! I don't believe in false economy..... buy cheap and you get cheap, poor quality stuff. Sorry if anyone out there LOVES The Warehouse, but I don't.

Manuka City Mall... it's not as good as Sylvia Park, but adequate for my day-to-day needs. Can't get away from friggin McDonalds eh?

One of the two local shopping 'centres' near our home... this one has the Hot Bread Shop (yum), my hairdressers, and a fish 'n' chip shop that is nice. See the price of petrol? It has come down from $2.25 a litre to $1.48!!! AMAZING.... and that saves us about $38 per fill now.

This is the other shopping 'centre' near our home, it is right next door to the school Brylee and Griffin attend. It has a dairy, Hospice Shop, takeaways and an Italian Restaurant.... we havn't tried the restaurant yet.

The Gardens School..... see that bus? Griffin was on it heading off to swimming ! Funny.

This is one of the houses I 'nearly bought' ( the one on the left).... so glad I didn't ... it is nowhere near as lovely as the one we eventually got!

Right ... that's it for todays excursion..... might do that again soon! See what else I can find to show you.

LYNDA: I just hate going into The Warehouse ... I worked in The Warehouse in Palmerston North for a while and it was not a nice experience at all! And now... I'm a shopping SNOB I suppose!

End of Day: well wee Joel has gone home... now we just wait and see if his brother Huston comes down with Chicken Pox next! OH JOY! nite nite.


  1. Hey. Have you spoken to your friend? I am so sorry; it's been on my mind all day today.

    I am glad your table is lookin' good. Maybe when you're done you can have her over for an al fresco lunch and a good hug.

    ((hugs)) to you too!!

  2. Hope you have a great day out and about and can't wait to see the pictures of your area...

  3. hey ya,
    why don't you put together a treasure hunt. A list of places around Auckland that you need to find and photograph, that will keep both of you active and involved...
    I will send you a few if you are keen.

  4. Hope you have a lovely day, Good wishes for your friend, hope she copes with all this mentally and physically. Thanks also for your words on my follow up.


  5. hey chicken, thanks for the comment. i hate warehouse stuff to, u summed my thoughts up exactly on that place..and a few others like it. bloody mcdonalds everywhere now ey. hope your friend gets good news soon. cant wait to see the table finished...hope joel feels better . happy bday to griffin and hugs to you.k

  6. Oh I have to beg to differ re the Warehouse... its all about smart shopping and knowing what is good and what is crap. I have the best wine glasses (all sizes too, went and got the entire range) from there that we have ever had. I have an amazing duvet from there, heck the list goes on and on. You just have to stear clear of the rubbish. Glad you like the dress :)

  7. yep, I'm with Lynda, have bought most of our kids games from the red shed and saved $$ everytime (compared to toy world) also buy CD's and find other music shops just can't match their price.

    Also buy bits and pieces like stationary, stickers for school, paper, craft stuff for Evianah, a really funky set of coffee mugs that I love (because they were so different).

    I wouldn't probably wouldn't buy tools or appliances but in saying that I did buy my kettle there and got it $20 cheaper then the exact same one at Briscoes.

  8. It's beautiful there! I think I'm most amazed how much it looks like California (where I am). I don't know what I expected!

  9. Love the photos and thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. Have Dec 6 on my calendar...LOL Will see about the ginger crunch..ROFL
    I'm with some of the others...have had some good buys from the red shed, just have to be aware of what's junk!!!! See ya soon chickee :-)

  11. its lovely there and I had to giggle at the driving on the other side of the road! I still giggle at my GF in melbourne who drives on the other side too! I'll take a southern style chicken sandwich from Micky d's please (do you have those there?) Yummmmy

  12. Over here (Adelaide, Australia) The Warehouse has just become 'Sams Warehouse' and is really crap. The place is a mess and you can't find anything and there are no prices on anything! We bought a totum tennis set and have taken it back four times (got a new one each time because the old one broke) and finally gave up and bought a cheaper one somewhere else that is still going strong.
    Price doesn't always reflect quality.

  13. Don't let cabin fever get the best of ya. I hope everyone is well soon.

  14. Wierdos driving on the wrong side of the road - Jeez!

    Nice view - I am VERY envious now since we have snow on the ground.

  15. I loved this post! I have been thinking about doing something similar for a while, and now you just confirmed I need to do it! :)


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