Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am so pissed off! Yep, and crabby as hell.

Cos after looking for bloody MONTHS for the perfect outfit to wear to my daughter's wedding, she does not like it... and says I can't wear it.

It's a white 3/4 length linen dress with a gorgeous blue shirt over the top.... but because the dress is WHITE seems I can't wear it. *sigh* I felt wonderful in that outfit, like... I even looked nice too.

So it's back to the drawing board for me.... just wasted several hundred dollars on that outfit. Might just have to wear me old black pants and a top from Farmers. FUCK IT. Think I'll just go as MOTHER OF THE BRIDE and wear whatever I want (but not white and blue obviously). I wonder if cream is allowed?


Today? The usual.... and maybe do some weeding!

The diet is not going good either, I have been overeating.... stressed out and pissed off about that too. I hate the shakes. I am not a happy camper. I am over it. Summer is looming and I am really feeling the heat.

ABOVE: The outfit I was going to wear...

The matching necklace ... that a dear friend gave to me a few years ago....

ABOVE: The swirly detail on the bottom of the dress, I WAS going to sew blue flowers (tiny ones) all along the swirls and up towards the top and on the bodice too... won't now. It will be a lovely summery outfit to wear to Stew's Christmas Work Do now.

I just went out and bought the EXACT SAME DRESS in black, so I will go in that. Not the bright summery look I so wanted, but oh well. If I get any more pissed off about it I will wear a black top too. I wore black to her first wedding, and so didn't want to this time. Feeling really sad actually.

Gunna go drown me sorrows in DIET COKE now....

I've had a really lovely afternoon... lay in the sun sipping me Diet Coke... picked up the kids and lay in the sun some more.... Watched a bit of TV with the kids. All is good! LOL

Need to go make dinner now.... which is gunna be easy cos I'm giving the kids cheerios and Stew left over Macaroni Cheese! BLISS.

Seems I have a VERY PISSED OFF Daughter. Seems no matter what I wear now it won't be right. Whoops put my foot in it again.

RACHEL: Yes I know about that 'rule'... but the dress I was planning on wearing would have been 'doctored' to not be ALL WHITE... and I had been given rather specific instructions NOT TO WEAR BLACK TOO.... whatever, I am over it ...

End of Day: I'm still pissed off and... feel the day is ruined for me now... no matter what I wear. nite nite.


  1. Hey you will have to get Stu to take you out somewhere nice to wear the dress... and as for the shakes if you hate them stop them not worth the stress.... Try and have a good day the sun is shining here, heaps of blue sky hope it is like that up there for you :-)

  2. I'm not going to type my opinion here because I'm only hearing one side of it. Is there not some way you could add a few splashes of colour to the outfit, a sash or something? Mother of the bride could hardly be accused of trying to upstage the bride, usually.

    Well, not having seen the outfit I ought not judge. It isn't a big pouffy skirt with a train and a veil? :]

    Hugs. I hope you are able to wear this outfit or another equally special on this day and everyone gets along.

  3. dont feel too bad.. no one here likes the way i look in dresses either...

  4. lol been in your shoes I was banned from SIL wedding cause I was going to wear blue, go figure, gotta love them though.. Have a great day :)

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  6. I was going to suggest the same thing as Mrs C. - adding a bit of colour like a sash or a belt.

    At least at Indian weddings noone really notices what colour you're wearing; all of the bling seems to blind everyone ;-)

    Hopefully there's a simple way to break up the 'whiteness' of the dress so that you can still wear it. It's so frustrating looking for formal clothing to wear for weddings and such (especially when I-Haz-A-Pregnant dresses seem to be in fashion at the moment. Flattering? Hardly!)

  7. Oh how friggin stupid!!! Our neighbour got married recently and the Mum wore all white and looked amazing!! That outfit should be perfect, what a shame.

  8. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Hey I'd go with the others and see if some colour on it would make it suitable to daughter no 1. Why not take it back to where you bought it and see what they suggest. Maybe you could paint the swirls.. there are fabric paints and you are so artistic Chris. I think it's gorgeous and so you.. Hey, who would mistake you for the bride anyway??? You're 50! hehe

  9. Is the bride wearing white????? Sorry but I do think with the blue flowers on the dress it would have been perfect. Just my humble opinion!!!! Can you try explaining what you were going to add to the dress so that it wasn't all white!!!! Hope it works out:)
    Kids!!!! LOL

  10. You would look so pretty in that colour! PS: love the videos from yesterdays post. Boys and dogs: a great combination! xxxx

  11. Since the dress has a blue overcoat, it looks fine to me. Were I getting married, I wouldn't care if someone wore white.

    As long as nobody came naked and spoiled my appetite for cake, I was cool. :-)

    Can you get the dress dyed a robin's egg blue so it would still go with the coat and not be white?

    It's a lovely outfit.

  12. It shouldn't matter, as long as you aren't wearing jeans.

    It's a lovely dress and I liked the idea of maybe dying it. You put a lot of yourself into finding this dress. I would hope that it could be altered some so that it does not offend your daughter. I also think the necklace is beautiful and would mean a lot if you wore it.

  13. I havent commented for ages on your blog but this just really pissed me off!!! I recon you should go ahead and put the blue additions (flowers, etc) onto the dress and then see what she thinks.

    Worst case scenario, you have a gorgeous summery outfit to wear to Stu's xmas do.

    Its lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. weddings, they do funny things to people My mother has a lovely outfit that was actually bought for my wedding (that never happened). She says she will never wear it as it was bought for MY wedding so it just sits waiting for that day.
    I've told her to just wear the flippin thing to some other wedding as it will probably be way out of style before I find someone. lol.

    Yep I was bummed about my weekends carelessness, and although annoyed with myself the thought to do something about it (V) didn't come up although would have been very difficult considering the venue, if i had been at home it may have been another story. But even then it probably wouldn't have made a difference as i've over eaten a few times at home and been ok. (head wise).

    Hope you have cheered up a bit.

  15. Hang on... did you just say you wore black to HER first wedding? If that is the case, then SHE should be the one not wearing white! hahahahaha....
    Oooo, I'm such a bitch! :)

  16. Well the black looks nice too - did you take the other one back? I hope you haven't paid for two dresses. Weddings huh?

  17. Don't be sad mate. To be honest, you should wear the white. With the blue accessories you are not going to take anything away from the bride.

    And I don't know about you, but when I've been looking in the shops lately there's been an awful lot of white in the clothing department. I know I'll be wearing white this summer. So if you don't wear white to the wedding, I'm sure there'll be lots of others who will.

    Don't wear the black.

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  19. I am sure you are going to look lovely no matter which outfit you wear but it is annoying to not be able to wear the one you want to wear.
    As for the shakes, bin them and just eat good healthy food. Fat people like to eat, thats why they get fat! Shakes never cut it long term in my humble opinion.

  20. LOL to justjo - I was thinkin' the same bitchy thing!!! :)

    The black is really pretty, too, Chris. You will look lovely. That necklace is awesome, by the way.

  21. Nice dress. I can't believe your daughter won't let you wear that. You're her mom.

  22. ohhh noooo! i like the whie dress, its gorgeous :(

  23. Anonymous6:25 PM


    Thanks Mum.

  24. Don't worry she will calm down.

    BUT it is like an unspoken 'thing' that no one else is suppose to wear white at a wedding apart from the bride.

    I love both outfits and the black with the blue top will look just as stunning.

  25. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I myself and getting married in just over a month and i personally dont mind what my mum wears so long as she is comfortable and looks decent! I think you should wear what your comfortable in and what looks good, the white dress looks lovely and sets the blue necklace off perfectly.

  26. Anonymous8:06 PM is my first comment ever, altho i would rather die than miss one day of your FAB blog!!!!! it is my fave!
    it is her wedding and you are her mom. she should be happy with your dress and
    it is her day. do whatever it takes. that is what mom's do.
    by the way, i always heard only the bride wears white, and for her own mom to wear black???? not cool.
    sorry. you are still the best blog on the block.

  27. Anonymous8:08 PM

    sorry chris..i didn't want to use anonymous, but i couldn't sign in???? it wouldn't take my password.
    robin (in Taiwan)

  28. If you kept the white one I would wear that with the blue bits sewn on the swirls. If you exchanged it for the black, then that will look equally as nice and I would also go for some pearl and blue toned sequins sewn onto the swirls. Then I would tell my daughter that you love her dearly and support her whole heartedly in this marriage....but it IS her 2nd marriage and therefore, as opposed to her FIRST marriage, she has now lost all rights to be precious about what her mother wears!!! If she is wearing white....I would say, You are not wearing WHITE are you!!!!! lol, lol Then give her a hug and tell her to get over herself and wear what you bloody well want!!

  29. far out wear wat you want, its your body.

    think she would rather you turn up clothed than not at all!!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  30. Anonymous11:44 PM

    The white dress looks linen or cotton (as I peer at the screen!) - could you dye it a nice light blue???

  31. Hi chirs i haven't commentd ofr ages but read everyday just wnated to say hoping you have a better day tomorrow, chin up Jillxx

  32. Sooo sorry! I think the dress is lovely and would be perfect! Oh well - you know how brides are!

    I did want to tell you that I really appreciate your comments on my blog. Seeing your picture always cheers me up even before I read the comment!

    I hope things get better soon!

  33. sorry this bugged you. i guess i have heard that about people other than the bride shouldn't wear white, but the blue makes it not white, no? i think so. anyhow, i guess that if it were me, i wouldn't have cared, but to each their own. i do like the black though. black is always classic and sophisticated!

  34. Whoa, waitaminute! There are rules for dressing at weddings?!? When did this happen?

    Speaking due to my complete ignorance of said "rules" - I thought the white dress looked fantastic.


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