Monday, November 03, 2008


Finding a water proof container or something to fit in this corner for the Water Feature! I am wondering if black liner will do? Oh well.... I will pop out and have a look-see what's available.
Kids off to school.... Stew off to work... the day is mine, all mine! Love it.... can get the house all tidy and then relax knowing no bugger is going to mess it up... well until 3pm anyway!
Full steam ahead on the weight loss too... no slip ups today thank you.... I am going to be 100% GOOD.
I had a wee bit too much dinner last night, but it was soooo yummy! I made homemade beef rissoles and they were delicious. So today I have to be very very good. I want a loss this week!
ONWARD..... well after looking around I have come to the conclusion that we will need to make our own wee pond for that corner with concrete! Stew, you will be so thrilled when you find out! ha ha ha!
So not a successful morning in respect of finding something, so now I'm going to hang out the rest of the washing and watch something I taped on TV the other day.... yaaaaa.
Been rather quiet today, just got on with housework, mosaic, watching telly... now it's time to get dinner for the family.... something easy tonight I think.
End of Day: I had hoped to be able to put a photo up of the finished table top... but NO, I'm still not done. And once I've done the top I have to do the edges and THEN grout it all. I haven't ever done it before either, so I'm just 'winging' it! Hope it comes out OK after the hours it has taken so far! nite nite.


  1. Love it when the kids go back to school after the weekend. Have a great day :-)

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Your smile is fantastic Chris, even if it is faked haha. Keep it up girl. The table looks wicked. I am so tired and need motivation at home. Am hoping and fingers crossed that I'm going to another 3 day quilters retreat this weekend and am designing a quilt for my aunt's room in the rest home. And make some christmas presents for the kids.. yeah right!!
    PS Sounds like Stew saves his farts up for home then they stink .. maybe he should fart at work instead!!

  3. Please share what are beef rissoles?
    I am in need of new ideas.

  4. That table is looking SO good! :)

    Good luck with the water feature. Those are so cool. :)

  5. Mmmmmm rissoles...

    What about a half barrel water pond in that corner? Grow some water lillies etc. Then decorate around it with rocks and a fake lizard :o)

  6. ...Maybe even a wall water feature?

  7. cute corner, and the table is looking great.

  8. Just catching up with how you have been doing, as I've not been around the blog lately.
    Wanted to apologize for not getting a card to you. I will get a xmas one....mark my words! ha.

  9. The new place is really coming along nicely. You are always up to something it seems. Love the table, can hardly wait to see the finished project.

  10. A pond liner would work great. You can also use a pool liner if you have one and don't need it anymore. Or maybe one of those air mattress.


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