Monday, November 10, 2008


So here's the classic 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' shots:

When I took the second photo the concrete was still wet... I'm hoping like hell once it's dry the little bits of Paua Shell I pushed into the edges stay on! I'm also going to put rocks around the edge and inside it.... then set up the water feature bit. Hopefully I can get it done in a day or two.

I think Stew was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do! It sure didn't take long.... and doing it this way means we have the EXACT right shape for the area. Love it!

What else today? Hmmmmm... kids to school, man to work, wife to watch taped TV programmes and lie in the sun. All is good it would appear! Sheesh I'm lucky.

Might even get in some exercise too.... treadmill / exercycle / stair climbing too! NICE.... hope I do it!

So... I've been a good little wifey, done the dishes, vacuming, washed the floors, washing.... watched 1 taped programme on TV and then....

I finished doing the pond.... and taped it going:

I've never tried doing a movie with my digital camera before and put it on the blog, hope it worked! Not too sure about the noise it makes, might have to stop the thump~ thump~! ....

Since I did that wee video I've moved the water feature thingee around so it's facing out and I've slowed it down a bit too... and put a piece of carpet under the hammer thing so it's not loud.

Kids are home ... I have started walking up to the school with Teddy and waiting for the kids outside the back gate (not allowed dogs in the school) and it's lovely! Teddy loves it too.

Not much else to report, has been a typical afternoon... going to feed the kids spagetti on toast cos Stew isn't home for dinner tonight. Might have the same myself. Easy.

End of Day: had some fun tonight moving a few things around in the kitchen... finally! Hadn't moved anything since we actually moved in! nite nite.


  1. The pond looks great - you are so talented!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend luv the new water feature perfect !! No sun bathing today so enjoy your programs

  3. great work on the pond... now you need some water!

    loved how your little table turned out too :)

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Thats great, the video was fantastic... thanks for sharing.

    M x

  5. The pond looks fantastic. You are such a clever person.

    Love the video....Its amazing what we can do with technology these days.

  6. love the pond, youve done an amazing job as usual chris, you make everything look so bloody easy!

  7. Quaint water feature, I've never seen one like that before. I agree, I would have to stop the thumping too....

  8. I have only just started reading your blog and I love how you are so honest in it.
    I also like how you put lots of pictures in, I think that makes a great blog even better.
    I am at the point now that I take my camera everywhere so I have some pictures to blog about!!

  9. I like the pond, it turned out well:))

  10. I wish I had the motivation (and talent) to do all those cute things around my house! How fun that is! I love the sound of running water, so someday I will have a pond or waterfall or something. It's so soothing.

  11. Love the pond and am impressed that you did it yourself. Congrats on doing the movie. I tried it myself the other day (with Skor) and was thrilled that it actually worked! Did it take forever to load for you?

  12. That is awesome! and the pond looks great!

    can you come over here and do that for MY yard?

  13. I love the little pond thats just cute!

  14. Cool. I like the water wheel. We just have a plain water fall in our pond.

  15. How freaking cool is your pond? That little thing rocks comepetely. Notice the jealousy.


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