Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hopefully no controversy today, no drama! No nothing!

I don't have any plans, nope, none at all!

Except hope Griffin has a nice day, he's off swimming today, and he can't swim, can't/won't put his face in the water... but LOVES the water! He's worse than Brylee in his fear of getting his face wet. Might talk to his teacher to let her know!

AND I must try and remember to get those two kids booked into swimming lessons!
Far out, I keep saying that! TODAY I WILL.... SOME bugger remind me!

But for now... I better get outta bed, make the kids breakfast, do the lunches bla bla bla.....

I used to 'clean' out my email 'inbox' every couple of days, but lately I have been a bit slack and they have piled up...
QUESTION: how do you go about deleting them without having to click on EVERY SINGLE ONE???? I have almost 1,000 emails to delete!

DAVE: THANKS for that. LYNDA: where is "select all" ???? Cos I can't find it!

Hmmm... now what have I been up to today? Welllll...I went to Spotlight (Big Material type shop) where I bought some net for the front door...

I really needed to block people's views from our front door windows up into the house... cos if the were looking they would be able to see me sunbathing on the patio TOPLESS.... Hmmmmm, ain't gunna happen now! What else? OH YES... I bought some sheer organza material....

Which is bloody gorgeous! I am going to make (or have made) an "overdress" to wear over the white dress! Problem solved! I hated the idea of wearing black to her wedding, I really did.

Now I have scored two dresses (the black and the white).. hee hee he!

Bloody hell I'm a dork! I couldn't get those darn emails to delete all in one go, so I spent a good hour or so deleting them all INDIVIDUALLY (all 963 of them).... and NOW I finally find the 'select all' box! Don't all go "WHAT A TWIT" now will ya?

ABOVE: All from MY GARDEN! We just had a lovely salad and chicken pieces for dinner.... yum yum.

End of Day: a very successful day with no hassles, nope, none at all. Tis good. nite nite.


  1. :] hope all is well at the kids' new school!

  2. Love the new water feature, glad to hear you put some carpeting down to soften that tapping noise. Hope you find something for the wedding, have to start my search for my DD wedding celebration soon. Good luck with getting the kids registered into swimming lessons. Have a great day.

  3. boring is good! Well that's my theory!!

    Good luck with the swimming lessons here tie in with term time so you may not get in until the New Year? Worth a go though. None of our grandsons swim, but the lessons has made them really confident in the water.

  4. Click on one email and then hold down the Ctrl button and press the "A" key at same time. This will highlight all the emails in your box.
    Now just hit your delete key and they all will be gone.

  5. You just select all and all the emails will be deleted!! easy as that.

  6. I would love to know the answer to that question too! How can you delete multiple e-mails? If you find out, PLEASE SHARE!
    Oh-and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog a few weeks back-you're a doll!

  7. no drama?

    what kind of fun is that????

  8. I hope you've figured out the select all thing by now (if not it's hold and press down the CTRL (control) key and "A" key at the same time, then press delete!

  9. Ok it depends on what system you have your emails on but really should not matter. There will either be a box at the top to select all emails or when in the email list itself go control A and that should select them all then press delete.

  10. Oh, I just read Dave's comment - that is what I was meaning. I thought you'd know that Control A is how you select all...

  11. oh that organza material is gorgeous. I bought the same one (but in the apricot) and had it made into curtains for Evianahs room at our old house. It looked stunning.

  12. Oh how pretty!!!!! she betta like the dress now, bet you have spent a sml fortune on your outfit????.

    Daughter #3

  13. That is a fantastic idea to make an overdress....geezzzz you're smart!!!!!!!!

  14. I like the idea of the overdress - it solves all the problems!

    Lovely looking lettuces! Yum!

  15. Well it looks as though you solved your dress problem. You defintely have a green thumb. Hope your salad was devine.

  16. said twit. That's funny.

    Yeah I am hoping for one of those boring days sometime soon. I think I will scedule one for Saturday.


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