Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I bet you are thinking "WHAT"???? Well that's the problem... cos nothing has happened! I've got nothing to say!

Today is going to be:
- kids to school
- housework

THAT'S IT..... How friggin boring can it get????

I know, it's a HUGE disappointment to me as well... ha ha ha.

I have unpacked, decluttered, sorted, moved stuff around, planted friggin veges even... and now I have nothing to do!

The table top has to 'set' before I can do the edges, it's raining so I can't dig any bloody holes.... I don't feel like sewing, I could read... but how thrilling is that?

So come on.... suggestions please! Otherwise I may just have to fold all that bloody washing, and I so don't want to!

Hmmmmm.... I'm looking at the pile..... just lookin...... thinking.... hmmmmm... might go to the MALL ! Anything to get away from it!

I've decided to go buy some togs (swimmers, bathing costume).... and find out if the local pool does Aqua Exercise sessions! How's that? It will mess up the hair, but oh well.... LOL

Well, the local pool is free to use! Awesome. The Aqua classes are on at times I might find hard to attend (8.30 am and 6.45 pm)... will try and see what I can do. Maybe go in the evening's as long as Stew can get home in time?

Next: I finally got the dog lead for Teddy, and I also found the most awesome chew toy for him! It's a bust of Helen Clark, our PRESENT Prime Minister... we vote on Saturday, guess who I'm NOT voting for!

ABOVE: the chew toy for Teddy.... I added a bit of 'reality' to it with the black lines etc! LOL

Stupid weather! One minute it's lovely and fine, next pouring with rain! So, I took the car up to get the kids from school as it was pissing down... and within seconds of parking the car it is hot and sunny again! DOH. Weird.... and Griffin's come home in a right royal shitty... I have sent him to the laundry to think about his behaviour! BOYS.... sometimes they are sooooo not nice!

SUE: gee I hope you meant that in a nice way! I am sure there are occasions when I really do have nothing to say .... BUT NOT OFTEN! LOL

End of Day: I'm done, kids are in bed, washing is going to be folded any minute now.... lol. nite nite.


  1. Go for a swim, join a gym, do some treadmilling, prepare a nice low fat dinner or just fold the washing.... :-)

  2. suggestions on what to do?

    You could always send me a gift. It would occupy your time and i'll highly appreciate it.

    the more expensive the better.

  3. Fold the wasting - then you can relax knowing you've earned it!

  4. Suggestions: (in no particular order)

    Go and watch a movie. There are a few good ones on at the moment so grab someone and head off to the flicks. (or go alone, what a peaceful few hours that would be).

    Do some baking. Drag out the receipe books and look for something that looks totally scrummy then bake it. Then phone someone and tell them your coming for morning tea and bringing cake.

    Research fitness options. Look into gym in the area, or other alternatives such as aqua classes. The papakura pools used to do Aqua, but my preference was either Onehunga, or Mt Albert aquatic centre. You could set yourself up with a daily exercise routine ready for your daughters wedding.

    Start Christmas shopping. (self explanatory)

    well thats enough from, work is calling so better fly.

  5. Hmmmm, I think you should have a pamper day!! Put a facemask on, paint your toenails and fingernails, then go take the mask off, then slather yourself with body butter, then sit and watch something you have taped and haven't got around to watching yet, then organise for after school care for the kids.....then put on a really sexy nightdress...then open a bottle of wine with some pate' and crackers and strawberries...then scatter a trail of rose petals leading from the front door to your bedroom, drape yourself over the bed and wait for hubby to get home!!!! could fold the washing:)

  6. Well, you could fly to the states and work for me so that I could go home and enjoy a nice cup of coffee by the fire? No? I'll bake you a, I can't, too many points in pies. How about if I do your laundry, then will you cover me here at work?

  7. Love the table looks great. I can't believe you have nothing to do! Laundry is the neverendom. Hope you find something to occupy your time.

  8. You mean you don't prefer to do laundry?? :]

  9. Hi there! Yes.. go buy togs and go for a swim! Lovely!

  10. Can you help fold my laundry here? Being a couple of bachelors here while Mom gets better, the pile is getting bigger. No problem doing the washing and drying, it is the folding that gets to me

  11. The chew toy does her justice!!!

  12. Gawd I'm so glad my washing pile never ends up that big! I'm a great one for putting off folding too, in fact there are two baskets of clean washing that have been waiting for my attention since the weekend LOL

  13. It was too good to be true! How could you possibly have nothing to say?

  14. I never thought I'd see the day when you were speachless.

  15. My "nothing to do" activity is always reading. Well, that or playing the piano. Maybe you could take up an instrument to torture people with! Oh - I mean to make beautiful music people can listen to!


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