Sunday, November 02, 2008


It may be sunday, the day of rest... FOR SOME.....but knowing our Griffin .... we will not be sleeping in. *sigh*

I did really well last night with the table top:

It's getting there! Bloody hard yakka though! It was probably a rather large first project ... but I am loving it. It's hard on the hands too... they are really dry and feel ikky.

Not sure what's on the agenda today, maybe that drive around the coast I mentioned yesterday, dunno! But you can be sure I will have a nice day, I usually do now! Being all together again is so nice.... even if Stew's farts nearly kill me! ha ha ha.


We drove to Clevedon, where they have a weekend market....

Where we bought some home made jams and a water feature thingee,

Then we went a bit further along the road to the coast, to a place called Kawakawa Bay....

Where Brylee and Griffin got wet, and Stew and I got eaten to death by sandflies...

Then we headed even further around the coast road to a Place called Kaiaua where the kids got to play on this....

AWESOME PLAYGROUND, and Stew and I gathered rocks for the water feature to go in the garden.....

The kids playing in the playground.....

Teddy 'posing' by the seaside! LOL

This is a log I parked me bum on by the beach, I thought it looks quite neat.
After all that we continued all the way around and back to Auckland... a lovely day trip!
NOW? relax till dinnertime! ....
End of Day: fed the family, worked on the mosaic some more.. now off to bed. It's been a long but lovely day. nite nite.


  1. wow how cool! hang up your shingle your an artist.

  2. Beautiful!! I guess the mirror bits will go in the middle?

  3. Wow that looks brilliant have a great day, overcast here and spitting.

  4. Love your table top!
    Enjoy your day of rest!!

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    You are doing an amazing job!! I'd pay good money for that table ;)

    What do you use to glue the fragments down and what is the filler?


  6. The table top is looking fantastic chris enjoy the weather today as its turned out a good one ..... and sorry about stews farts lmao

  7. That table looks really, really neat!!!! You really are very clever and it will look lovely outside your place :)

  8. What a fun day. I love the pic of Teddy posing...hehe....what a photogenic doggy!!

    And That tabletop looks FABULOUS!

  9. Wow you got that table almost done really quick!

    Beautiful day it looks like! Love the water thingy and look at Teddy all cute!

  10. cant wait to see the fininshed table chick,,, doing a good job u r. hope the rest of your day is good. cheers..k

  11. Looks like you had fun

  12. great to hear you have had such a lovely day. The table is looking fab (you clever thing), and wee teddy is just too adorable.

  13. I can't believe how much of the table you have done. Its looking fantastic.

    Also the pictures of the beach and play equipment look amazing. It sure looks like you all had some fun..

  14. That Teddy is adorable and the table aint half bad either!! Tell me how you are doing you make a little bed of glue or something and then later grout it all? I would pay good money for that table as well....well done!!

  15. Oh you're doing a fabulous job with that table - well done! Sounds like another interesting weekend for Griffin and Brylee - I wonder if they know how lucky they are!

  16. Your table top mosaic is really cool. congrats.

  17. looks like you all had a fabulious day and that playground is bloody AMAZING!

    your table is looking fantastic hunny, well done!!!

  18. Chris, I love love love the table. you're doing such a good job. I have always wanted to do that, but am not at all creative. Maybe you can stick a stamp on that table and send to here to me in NC? haha. Have a great day.

  19. I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog! Wow! I've missed a lot. Great pictures of your day trip, the pier, the kids, everything! You look lovely in your smiling pictures!

    Your table is coming along fantastic! What a great idea!

  20. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Your table is looking great! :) I'd love to give mosaics a go. Adding it to the list of other stuff I want to try LOL

    Greta photos of your day trip :) The playground looks like fun!

  21. Mosaic looks awesome Chris! You are so clever!!!!

  22. That's a cool looking playground. Love the skull.

  23. You are doing a beautiful job witht he mosaic table. Sounds like youhad ablast on your day trip. Love the pic of Teddy posing on the beach.


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