Saturday, November 08, 2008


Stew and I will be out first thing this morning to do our bit.... Voting. Hope I'm not disappointed with the outcome. Let's just say I like BLUE.....
After that, off to buy some concrete for the water feature.....
And then home to do it I suppose!
Later on in the day I'm off to Hamilton for my daughter's Hen girls in USA might call it a Bachelorette Party? Anyway, it's the girl equivalent of a Stag Night. Hopefully it will be fun.
NOT a productive day so far.... went out to get concrete, Stew didn't seem to be too keen on doing it... so we spent 3 hours looking at other alternatives... to no avail... cos now we still have to go get CONCRETE! Tomorrow maybe.
Didn't get a chance to lie in the sun either, cos now I have to get ready to go to Hamilton. It better be a good evening, cos I so wanted to just lie in the sun!
End of Day: home from Hamilton, had a lovely evening! Didn't go on the pub crawl... so not my scene... so came home!
The election has gone well, looks like National has won! Ya hooooo! nite nite.... a few photos tomorrow!


  1. Glad you had fun.
    I know nothing about politics in your neck of the woods, but hope that the winner is good for your country.
    Congrats to your daughter.

  2. Yeah..
    the Nationals... woo hoo..

    they are like the Republicans here right??


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