Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have grown a strawberry ! I am so proud of my wee vege garden... all my own work!

I almost have lettuce leaves ready to pluck, and my tomatoes are starting to grow well too. I'm even casting my eyes around for somewhere else to grow more!!! It's so much fun..... I KNOW, I'm mad. But it's the small things that can make ya smile eh?

- kids to school
- Put the FOLDED washing away!
- Rain or shine I WILL get the corner ready for concreting this weekend so we can get the wee water feature up and running!
Here's a photo I took yesterday... I just love it! My way of staying sane, put earphones on Griffin so I don't have to listen to the Playstation! And Teddy outside enjoying his new toy.

He had a whale of a time chewing Helen Clark....
Doesn't she look SO MUCH BETTER NOW? ha ha ha.
THAT'S IT ... for now.... cos ya just KNOW I will be back later...... can't shut me up eh? lol.... SHIT SHIT SHIT, just remembered I'm due at the hospital at 11 am...... better get a move on or I will miss the train!
Nice day... caught the train no probs, got jabbed in the arm... 5 vials taken... home again. Quiet ..... gunna make a meat loaf for dinner, Stew will like that. He's been away in Wellington for the last 3 days.... I'll be glad to have him home, farts and all!
It's been friggin cold here too today! I hate being cold! Makes me GRUMPY.
DAUGHTER: While I say I am sick of the kids often, that does NOT mean I would rather be without them, NEVER EVER EVER would I want that. I love my kids to death, full stop, end of story.
It has turned out to be a VERY stressful day.... I'm getting a dreadful headache.... at least my sore throat has settled down. ONWARD....
End of Day: yaaaa Stew's home, I can relax and enjoy the evening. I hate being here on my own at night... it's LONELY and a bit scary. I suppose that will change as I get used to this area/house more. Anyway, dinner was sooo yummy! Meatloaf and fresh salad made with some of my very own lettuce leaves. Going now... nite nite.


  1. LOL love your strawberry - make sure the birds don't eat it they love them. I have had about 10 so far the last couple of days can't wait till they are out in full swing yummmm.

  2. that strawberry is 50 years old?

    I wouldnt eat that if i were you...

  3. Congratuations on your strawberry!!

    Love the photo of Griffin!!

  4. way to go, Miss Veggie Garden!

  5. We have a strawberry patch and the kids love it!! They also love the cherry tomotoes I plant. I think it really encourages kisd to eat different foods when you have a garden. I can understand you getting a buzz out of it as I'm exactly the same!

  6. You rock, Garden Woman! It looks great! And the strawberry will be the yummiest! When it's ripe, dip it in chocolate and insert a syringe full of your favorite adult beverage!

    Thanks for stopping by. You made my day by calling me a tart! No one has ever called me that, and I was giddy just reading it!

    Best of luck on the garden!

  7. what fun.. we'll have a garden in Beaver too...

    and cute pics!

  8. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Congratulations! It is looking to be a fine strawberry when it ripens!

    Teddy is too cute!

    Griffin is a cutie pie too!

  9. Congrats on the garden!

    I love the earphones idea....I may just have to try that myself!

    OH...BTW...I LOVE fishnet wonderfully tacky! Suppose I can only wear them to costume parties! :)

  10. Mmmm... strawberry daiquiri's at your place soon?... I have plants some as well, to give Guy that whole "where does food come from" learning experience.

  11. mmm, strawberries are so yummy. i try to grow tomato and peppers and the fricking ground squirrels are so brazen that they come all the way up to the patio and eat them.

    aren't headphones the most wonderful invention???

    love your blog, and love me some diet coke. but i like cherry diet coke. i want one now.

  12. I too still have a sore throat, cant swallow anything, not even my saliva!!!and when I tried to eat something, the pain and feeling in my left ear area was shocking.I am off to Dr tomorrow, Hope your sre throat is not as bad, I can certainly sympatise.

  13. YAY your first strawberry - how exciting!!! Let's hope it's not long before you get an abundance of them. Are there any talents you can't achieve?

    Hope you're feeling a little better.

  14. Well done on your first strawberry. The first of many!!

    I meant to say how much I love your moasic table top. You have done an amazing job.

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I can totally relate to what you said.

  15. Nice! I wouldn't mind growing some strawberries and maybe some whip cream too. ;)

  16. I have to remember that you are on the flip side and just starting out your growing year. We are raking up leaves and preparing the ground for winter. Show us the first tomatoe when you get it. MUD

  17. Congrats on the strawberry! It looks like a nice big one too! All of mine this year were pretty tiny. Maybe next year they will be better!

    I think growing things really connects you to life, doesn't it!

  18. Your strawberry looks great! It sounds like you've got a green thumb! The only thing I can grow successfully is weeds! I've got a whole garden full of them! Ha!

  19. Oooohhhh ... home grown strawberries !!!

    I actually found some NZ srawberries at one of our local stores, a couple of Christmas's ago...

    Love the Helen Clark chew toy !!!

    Can just imagine the reacton around here if I gave Sparky and Meesha an Obama chew toy!!!

  20. Wow! Nice going. It seems like you just moved in. Strawberries must grow fast.


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