Saturday, June 06, 2015



MARRIED 28 YEARS, together almost 30.  We are doing well Darling.  I Love you just as much today as I did all those years ago.  ♥♥♥

ABOVE:  Ya know what that means eh?  PEPSI updated of course.  

I am the meanest mother... I have done something nasty to Tallulah!...

ABOVE:  poor puppy.

Today?  Not sure.  Might stay home and get some jobs done... get the kids and Stew to do a few too.
Steve's at work, but once he gets home I am hoping he will do a couple of jobs for me cut the bar stools down in height and put the plywood on my back garage wall.  Then I can make it into a 'proper' design wall.

That's gunna be awesome.

Right, catch ya later...


New noise....  And it starts:

ABOVE:  there is a digger working on the bare section over our fence.  I went up there, and the lovely guy on the digger turned it off to have a yak with me.  
His job?  "Mow the lawn, digger style".  lol
He has to remove all of the grass.

I wonder how much longer it will be before actual building starts?  We are almost 100% sure it will be a 2 level house... but I'm really hoping it's only one level of course, for privacy reasons.

I hope my magnolia trees grow fast.

I just booked to see SPY at the movies tonight, just Stew and I.  It's a late movie (8.50 pm) so I think we shall have dinner out as well.  I'm sure we  shall enjoy that.

Just had an awesome afternoon.  Steve put plywood on my garage wall...

 ABOVE: he used ply that we had left over from our fencing, and some he had in his work van.

 ABOVE:  Once the ply was up it was my turn... I was given a TOOL to use!

 ABOVE:  The stapler came in very handy to attach batting to the ply...

ABOVE: Then I joined 3 strips of calico together and hung them from the top.... and BOOM!
A perfect design wall.
I'm so thrilled with it!  
I doubt I will ever need a design wall bigger than that, do you?  *smiles*

Tomorrow Steve is going to cut our bar stool legs down a bit, the stools are about 3 inches too tall for comfortable sitting at the kitchen breakfast bar.  I'm rather lucky to have such a handy son.  

STEW is handy too of course, but Steve now has heaps more knowledge of building/woodwork and so on.  Might as well take advantage of that!

Looking forward to going out soon for dinner and that movie.  Happy as.

So, dinner was lovely, we shared a pizza at some joint outside the mall, then into the movies.
SPY was so funny, and while there was 'action' it was not just shoot 'em up, bang bang and lots of car chases.  I would recommend it to anyone.

End of Day:  an EXCELLENT day, we had a lovely wedding anniversary.
nite nite


  1. Happy Anniversary! Ours is the same day (but we are a day behind of course) 22 years tomorrow.

  2. Happy Anniversary and many more of them. The look on Tallulah's face is priceless.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Stu. I hope you guys will get a chance to go out and do something together to celebrate (lol - and I'm not talking housework!!). Poor Tallulah - the look on her face says it all - "what did I do to deserve this??" lol - better hope that she doesn't make toys out of things she shouldn't in the lounge now - like shoes etc :)

  4. Happy anniversary you guys!! Quite an achievement nowadays. ♡♡ kate

  5. Happy anniversary! Have a fun night should definitely go out to dinner.

  6. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your movies & dinner date.

  7. HAPPY 28th ANNIVERSARY Chris and Stew. Yup you have a wonderful man, he certainly is a great guy and love him to bits. Oh you to of course. Have fun tonight and enjoy the time together. Love from your Sis in oz

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Stew!!! And many, many more!

    I don't envy you the construction noise next door. We're just about finished with that next door to us. Nine long months of 7am wake up calls of construction noise 6 days a week. Oy. But a lovely family is moving in so we are hoping for the best. Of course they built a huge balcony off their 2nd floor that will practically allow them to swan dive into our swimming pool Not too happy about that! Oh well.

    Hope you liked the movie and had a great dinner tonight!
    xo jj

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely date night tonight x

  10. Happy anniversary to you both. Gotta make the most of Steve living there it won't last for much longer

  11. Phwoarrrr I love a man with a tool belt on!!! PS: happy anniversary xxxx

  12. Hope you had a great night out for your anniversary. I'll never forget the date as it's my birthday! Clickety clix this time.

  13. Leigh7:58 PM

    Your blocks look great on the wall together. I suggest you replace the cal!co with a flannel sheet. The blocks will stick better to the fluffy/ruff surface. Hope you enjoy SPY I went on Tuesday and laughed lots :-)

    1. Thanks Leigh. I don't rely on the blocks just 'sticking' to the fabric. I put a pin in the top corner of each block to hold it there. It doesn't bother me using pins.

  14. Happy anniversary hope you enjoyed movie, loving the design wall. Gee that's hard core lawn mowing alright lol.

  15. Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew... I hope you had a lovely evening together :)

  16. Lovely to hear that you and Stu had a lovely evening out together :)

  17. Hope you had a great night out for your anniversary. I'll never forget the date as it's my birthday! Clickety clix this time.

  18. Happy anniversary!!! Congratulations!

  19. Happy Anniversary :)


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