Monday, July 28, 2014


I started knitting a little 'something' yesterday, and finished it last night:

ABOVE: how cute it that?  I adapted a baby bootie pattern to make a bigger bootie.   This should fit Dante I think.  If not, there's other, smaller babies in our family who can wear them.
I shall hopefully make the 2nd one sometime today.

I have always loved making baby booties!  I even made my 'big' kids bootie/slippers at some point years ago.

Ya just have to use thicker wool and larger needles, and wha laa.... bigger ones.  *smiles*

Now, today?  Housework, Spotlight with Bex, lunch... Hospice shop duty.

So, a normal Monday!


I need a medal!  I just ironed 11 shirts for Stew... it's not something I do too often.  I loathe ironing!  Yes, he usually does his own shirts... I'm not a very nice wife!

It's almost time for me to leave for the Hospice shop... where I will try to spend NO money today.

Wish me luck on that one would ya?   *smiles*

I failed in my quest to not buy anything!
I should have known I couldn't do it...

ABOVE:  I found some old frames, and framed my heart doodle while I was at the shop.... I took the card with me and the doodle obviously.
I also got those two adorable little casserole dishes, and a silicone 'mat' for the bench.  And Dante got a little aeroplane, though he wanted to play with the casserole dishes more!

It was very quiet in the shop today, and cold.  I am so thankful I now have that game 2048+ on my phone, it sure helps while away the hours.

No knitting got done tonight.  I just blobbed out in front of the telly tonight.  Played that wretched game 2048+... until I was seeing double again!
At least tonight I knew when to stop!  

End of Day:  a really nice day, could have been a bit warmer, but it is winter, so shouldn't complain too much.
nite nite


  1. I am trying to catch up
    What's with the knitted bootees
    Love the doodle
    love Jimminy Cricket

  2. Your britto collection is amazing I want some for myself... might have to hint about this to the other half !

  3. Leave the wallet at home!!!!!

  4. smiles … and wishes you good luck… :-) :-)

  5. Love the casserole dishes, that's a good idea using old frames recycle reuse well done. The doodle looks great.


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