Sunday, July 27, 2014


How's that for a random Sunday morning question?

Well... do ya doodle?
When do ya doodle?
Do you end up doodling the same doodle all the time?

Or do you doodle different designs every time?

I doodle.
I doodled last night while I was watching Youtube.

I can't do just ONE thing at a time... if I'm watching TV I'm almost always either doodling or playing a game on me phone.

And I often doodle when I'm talking to me Mum on the phone.... cos our conversations can be over an hour long!

This is what I doodled last night:

ABOVE:  one of me nicer doodles!  I might even put it in a frame and give it to Griffin... cos he loves it.

I might invest in a good green pen too... or .... I've just remembered I've got a large set of gel pens!  Lots of different colours too.

What fun!

Today our plans are just to get the housework done, and enjoy a nice day at home.  I might even do some sewing, those bird mug rugs are still waiting to be done.

So.... let me know about ya doodles... and I'll be back later!


Ummm....thanks for the lovely comments girls!   I still just consider it 'doodling'... but I quite like the idea of framing a doodle and giving it as a Christmas gift!

It would be something different for sure.

Everyone is enjoying a very relaxed, do nothing sorta day.
I decided to knit.

ABOVE:  Not finished yet... can ya tell what it is?

Stew and the kids have gone down to the Warehouse.  Stew bought both of them a radio/alarm clock yesterday, but one of them isn't working... so they took it back to exchanged it.
 Other than that... it's a quiet day here, and I am loving it.

Stew and I are going to my Aunt and Uncle's home for dinner tonight.  We haven't seen them for months and they are just up the road from us!  Whoops!  So, lots of catching up to do no doubt.

Brylee and Griffin are staying here with Steve and Bex.  

End of Day:  Wow really Paula?  Ha ha, it's just a doodle Chick, I doubt anyone would want to buy a tea towel with a doodle on it!
But I am thinking of ways to doodle to me hearts content and use them somehow.
A lovely evening here... got home before 9, so got to finish that little knitted 'something'.
Will show you tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I doodle mostly at work tho. My desk pad is covered in flowers and hearts. I don't even realise I am doing it most times.

  2. Christ that's not a doodle that's a blimmin art work!! Is there end to your list of talents jealous much!

  3. What Blondie said :-).

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Great Doodle Chris - you are very talent - maybe you can create some and frame them as Christmas presents - something a little personal for each person

  5. Luv the doodle too 😊

  6. A doodle-free zone here. Obviously I am lacking something!

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Doodle no way that's creative artwork. Beautiful!!! You could doodle on little blank cards and turn them into gift cards.

  8. Thats some pretty fancy doodling! You should frame that,its awesome!

  9. Wow Chris .... your "doodle" is totally a work of art - makes my wee flowers look quite pathetic! I could see your "doodle" on fabric - maybe you should send some samples off to a fabric manufacturer :) I hope you are having a lovely day!

  10. That is not a doodle - this is Real ART. Lady you have such talent!!!!!

  11. Hi Chris ... I don't doodle, however I saw this really awesome tattoo and in trying to determine what it was i came across Zentangles ... It's a doodle craze.

  12. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I doodle lol....hehe, I love playing with doodle and.....oh um ops...
    Yea nah I cant draw for sh*t lol

  13. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Anonymous, haha too funny!!! Was it Lacey? No offence Lacey, but I think it's something
    funny you might say. :) He He! Oh and I can't draw for sh**t either, but I do like doodle too!

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Hahahaha yup guilty as charged lol....
      That was me lol
      :-) haha

  14. Just another thought about your "doodle" .... could look awesome on things such as teatowels - have you considered getting some plain fabric and making some teatowels and getting your doodle screen printed on to them? I reckon they would look awesome. I showed a couple of friends tonight while they were here and they agreed. :)

  15. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Can I ask you a question please? How do you quilt your quilts? I have been looking back at your blog and you have a lovely quilt of a leaf with kiwi written on it. Do you send it of to a quilter to have it quilted or do you free style? Or does your wonderful seeing machine have quilted stitches built in?

    I think your work is lovely and my god you are talented on the quilted front!!

    Regards as ever, Jackie Manto, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

  16. I doodle during our staff meetings at work. I can't just sit there and listen to people talk for an hour plus.

  17. That's really pretty! I don't wonder if you couldn't do wall murals, too. Even if you say it is "just a doodle," it's lovely.

  18. If you have never heard of "zen doodle or zendoodle" then look it up right now! There are even you tube videos and books and such. You might enjoy it!


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