Tuesday, July 29, 2014


First on my 'to-do' list today is go down to Griffin's school and cough up $260 for his 5 day school trip next week.

Griffin is really looking forward to going.

I just hope he can look after all his gear and bring most of it home!  He's notorious for losing stuff.   *sigh*

 ABOVE:  a photo of Motutapu Island, where the school camp is being held this year.  Motutapu is in the foreground, then behind it is Rangitoto Island and in the distance is Auckland City.
Both Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands are protected islands, with no pests like possums and stoats, therefore they are safe havens for our native flora and fauna.
I hope Griffin does have an awesome time there.

After I've been at the school, I will pop into the local Hospice Shop, which is next door to the school.  

Bex and Dante will be at Playcentre this morning, so once I get home it will be a nice quiet morning.

I might even get that 2nd bootie knitted!


Just back from being 'out and about'... paid for Griffin's camp (that hurt!) then I took some more photos of the Hospice Shop down to the boss.

SPARKLING:  there is a meeting next week for all the shop managers etc, and she's going to present her 'paper/email/photo' trail and ask for an explanation.  She's also forwarding all her 'stuff' to the BIG MANAGER at the same time.

So hopefully she gets it sorted out.

I did pop into our 'local' Hospice Shop, but didn't see a single thing I wanted.  All good!

Then I went down to the Manukau Hospice Shop and gave me boss some more photos ... and ummmm.... I have to confess:


ABOVE:  A snapper!  It's so ME!  Stew often calls me 'The Old Snapper'... can't think why.

ABOVE:  This 'thing'.... is now at my front door with unbrellas hanging off it... for now anyway!  I might find another use for it eventually.

Pretty cool treasure today eh?

Well.... the rest of today has gone as per usual.  I finished knitting that pretty blue/green botties and started on another pair.  Will hopefully show you tomorrow, I'm having to wait FOREVER  for some photos and little videos to download off me camera card.  

End of Day:  off to bed shortly... kinda tired.
I made home made pizzas for dinner, my chicken and cranberry ones got a big tick from the family, which was nice.
nite nite.


  1. Well I bet that's pretty!

  2. Griffin will love camp. I reckon he will thrive. As for losing stuff, generally even the worst ones only lose a couple of things, there is not far it can go.

  3. Send him with stuff that is nearly past it's use by date!

    What was the upshot with the photos you took for the hospice manager? Anything happen with her lack of stock?

  4. I always clearly label stuff and I have a permanent black market and a silver one I send oodles plastic bags I used when Samuel was younger laminate a list of what he took he NEVER lost or left anything behind. If stuff is named and the school bring stuff back you have an opportunity of retrieval? Love the snapper picture but love the stand more.

  5. mmmm shopping! I sometimes see blue ocean themed bits and always think of you!! xxx

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Jackie Man to here. Did you forget to answer my questions on how you quilt your quilts. Just a gentle reminder, that's all.
    Jackie Manto, uk

  7. Hope Griffin has lots of fun at camp and comes back with all his belongings. Love the little booties. Nice treasures.


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