Monday, December 05, 2022



When is the 'right time' to put up ya Christmas decorations and tree?

I know some people do it in November.  

Not me.

I have a touch of OCD, and like my house to be 'just so' most of the time.

So decking it out with Christmas stuff jars on my nerves.

But I do it for the kids... our big ones for years, and now for the grandkids.

So... here I am pondering when I will do it.

It's a big job, and Stew has never helped me with it.  Probably because I don't think he will do it right, or just annoy me.  Yeah.  I'm not nice sometimes.  😕😓

At the moment, I'm leaning towards next Sunday, after we have done the next market.

Have you done yours yet?  How do you decide when to do it?  Or don't you bother?

If you do decorate, do you go 'whole hog' or just put up a tree?

ABOVE:  Dante and Archer did their tree yesterday.  I think they did very well, it looks wonderful.  Maybe I should get them to do mine?

Right, now back to today.  I am going to bore the shit out of you and cut out leaves all day long.

1.30 pm:  shit half the day is already gone.  
Funny how fast it goes when you are busy.
I did lots of odd jobs around the house this morning, primarily moving the gate and fence panels so I could get my car back in the garage.

Then it was on to sewing leaves again.

ABOVE:  I know I really only need to make two more plants for the next few markets, but once on a roll... you should keep at it. Right?
My goal today is 50 of the biggest leaves, and 25 of the next size down.
I've made 24 big ones so far.

6.15 pm:  Stopped to cook dinner for Stew.
He's having Lamb Spare Ribs, Potato and a Lettuce/Egg/Tomato salad.  
I ended up getting 80 leaves made today!  That was a very good run.
If I do the same tomorrow I will have them all done and ready to be put together by the end of the day.

I'm now done for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Tree and decorations go up on the 19/20 December and come down on Twelfth Night in our house. I put them up and take them down. Whilst OH enjoys them I don't think that he would bother if I didn't do it. Helen in France.

  2. Tree doesn’t go up until December. These days it only goes up for the grandsons and the won’t be arriving until Christmas Eve so there is no hurry. I even use a pre lit one to avoid decorations

  3. Hopefully paige is doing ours today. Its such a huge job... i don't think we bothered last year but hopefully it will make me feel a bit less grinchy 😁🤣

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    When I was decorating for my family it was up two weeks before and taken down two weeks afterwards. During that time I decorated everything on the inside. Banisters, mantles, bathrooms, kitchen, every room had something to do with Christmas. For the outside I hung big wreaths that I had made. But the inside was nice. Now, I put "anything" up under protest. Haha I currently have two xmas pillows thrown on the couch and one string of lights on the banister. I doubt I put up a tree this year, just not into it. Mainly because I am not buying presents this four are getting cash and I've asked not to be given anything as I am trying to offload the crap I already have. ;-) Ho-Ho-Ho, Ky Girl

  5. Great idea to get the grandsons to do your tree for you. Ours doesn't go up until just before Christmas Eve if they go get a live one or I bring up the fake one. I do a bit of decorating. I have started to collect Snowman cookie jars so keep them up until Easter.

  6. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I don’t think I’ll put up mine this year as Christmas is not here so probably not needed. The grandies are all older now so would go unnoticed if they called in Anne - Palmy

  7. I'm not bothering this year. We are away so often now and will be away for Christmas. I'll put up a wreath on the front door and a couple of Christmassy things on the coffee table and call it done. It's just not my thing I'm afraid and I have zero Christmas spirit at the moment - again, not my thing... what a grinch I am :)

  8. I don't decotae and I don't know why. I just don't. But I love everybody elses decor. My good friend put up her tree a couple of days ago. It might be fun for you to have the kiddo's help with your tree. But, they might have a slightly different "style" than you...

  9. Anonymous1:57 PM

    As the grandkids have decorated a tree of their own, why don't you give your tree a miss this year and see how you feel about it. You have plenty of individual decorations that you could put around the house and maybe it won't feel such a chore if you do a little bit each day. We just put up the tree and the nativity scene and that is it these days. Why make work for yourself? BTW, the official day for taking the decorations down is 12th night (6th January) but everyone seems to please themselves and they seem to get put up earlier and earlier. Sooner or later they might just as well be left up all year! Audrey

  10. If I could get away with ignoring Christmas altogether, I would. Zero Christmas spirit for me, but hubby likes it, so tree goes up as late as possible and down as soon as I can get away with it. I really dislike cheap, tacky Christmas stuff, and refuse to spend heaps of money on quality. 😆😆

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I don't normally bother but I bought a $4 90cm high tree from kmart so that won't take too many decorations lol just have battery operated lights on it

  12. Loving the shades of greens for ths leaves.


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