Sunday, December 04, 2022


 Because I ran out of green leaves yesterday (YEAH I did amazingly), I will need to make more.

I really thought I'd have enough to last me for quite a while, but no.

ABOVE:  Look at that!

I made four more UCKI PLANTS late yesterday afternoon.  So my little shelf is full.

I think they look so good on the dark wood, I'm not going to paint it white after all.

There's seven plants on the shelves.  I think I should have a couple 'spare', so that's what I'm working towards in the next few days.

TODAY:  Not sewing.  

Stew and I are going to spend the day together.

Where is undetermined right now.  If it's a nice day... might be a beach.  Or lake.  

10.53 am.

We are on the road to a place I've not been to since I was a very young girl. 


ABOVE:  On the Kawhia wharf.

ABOVE:  in the distance, Kawhia Harbour.  A bit hazy today.

ABOVE:  In the distance, to the left, you can just see Kawhia Harbour.  Stunning country side.

ABOVE: Mt Pirongia from the South/East.  

We are in Kawhia. The road to here is twisty, windy, steep in places but worth it. Its Beautiful here. There's cool wind blowing, otherwise a stunning day.

We are having lunch at the local cafe ... then we will head out to the beach. Check out what it's like.

Lunch was lovely, and INCREDIBLY cheap!  Like half the price of anywhere else we have eaten.

ABOVE:  Standing on the Kawhia wharf.  The locals were lovely, chatty people.  Seems you can catch kahawhai, snapper, kingfish and many other fish from the wharf. 

It was bloody cold on the wharf, with a stiff costal wind blowing.

ABOVE:  We drove out to the beach, parked in the carpark and proceeded to walk to the beach.

To be met with a HUGE, STEEP climb UP.  I seriously didn't think I would make it.  We had to stop several times.  That photo is taken from the top, looking down.  You cannot see how steep it was.

TRUST ME, if you are old, fat and unfit I don't recommend even trying it!

I nearly died.

And the sand on the west coast is black and BOILING HOT.

I won't be surprised if I have blisters under my toes tomorrow, and we WERE wearing jandals!  (flip flops)

ABOVE:  The view from the top, looking down at the beach. It was another big climb down, which would have meant another big climb up, so we didn't go down. 

ABOVE: Looking North along the west coast.  It's a wild and rugged coast.  Not my cuppa tea.  I'm an East Coaster through and through.

ABOVE:   Mt Pirongia from the West.  Slap bang in the middle, it doesn't look that impressive, but it is a large mountain from ground level.  This was taken high up in the hills.  Such beautiful country.

We are now just chilling out and enjoying some down time.  

Had some nice down time before going into the sewing room and cutting out a few leaves.  I will continue with that tomorrow.

Nothing else happening around here, so I will say ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Have fun! I am staying in today. It's cold and icy out there.

  2. Your ucki plants look great on that little wotnot stand. The brown stands enhances their colour and makes them stand out.

  3. Oooh.... wonder where you're going 🤔

  4. Your ucki plants looks good on your brown corner display...they match.
    Love your pics...looking forward to coming back to NZ again and seeing more.

  5. You really aren't very far away from some beautiful places. How wonderful. But I guess that describes NZ!!

  6. Sometimes we forget to take time out to do things as a couple. Have a great day. Summer turned up yesterday and today. It’s a shock to the system but it’s back to 16 tomorrow 😅

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    NIce photos. I like seeing your terrain, especially since I know I'll never make it all of the way over there. Ha
    Enjoy your trip out and about! Ky Girl

  8. Every photo is lovely. I have no clue the difference between coasts but I would happily plop down on any of them!

  9. Jandals/ flip flops oh you mean thongs ( not g strings) 😂😂

    1. Gosh so many different names for the same things. Yes thongs is another name for them. In New Zealand they are called JANDALS.

  10. Anonymous8:40 PM

    What great photos and description of a lovely day…..I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Thank you. Wendy.


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