Monday, February 28, 2022


Stew took today off work.  He's taking our trailer in for it's WOF.

Our weed eater needs servicing too, so he's got a couple of jobs this morning.

I'm hoping my new sneakers are ready for pick up by the end of the day.

I've got a walk tonight in Cambridge.  It would be nice to wear them.

Today is the end of the BINGO CHALLENGE.... so after our walk this evening, we are going to have a Dessert night at a local cafe to celebrate the finish of it.

Once I've done this final walk, I will have completed the Challenge.  I'm very happy to have done it all.  It was neat, a lovely way to keep connected to the FBG group over summer.

In between morning jobs and going out later to Cambridge, I think Stew and I will either do bugger all.... or go out.  No idea what yet.

I sent an email to the Asphalt Company late yesterday with our FINAL reply to their 'Options', to end the standoff over the driveway.

If it doesn't go our way, we are going to the Disputes Tribunal.

They have a week to respond.

WHY, oh WHY couldn't my life be just a little bit like the Walton's?

It is never smooth.  Stew and I just seem to go from one shit storm to another.  Someone else's drama to another.  So fucking over it.

12.03 pm:  And just like that, the morning is over.  Stew got his jobs done, and so did I.  I can't pick up me new sneakers till 4 pm, which is a pain in the butt.  It's going to be busy on the road at that time of day.  😓😕

We are having left over scones for lunch, waste not and all that.


What made me test?
Well for the past few days I've had a non-stop headache.  I thought it was just from the heat and stress etc.
Woke up today with a sore throat, bit of a sniffle and feeling really tired.
So I looked up the symptoms of Omicron. 
All of the above plus a cough.  I don't have a cough.  (yet)
So anyway, thought hmmmm.... better take a test just to be safe.
Lacy had some tests, so she gave me one (left it at the front door for me).

So we drove down to the testing station to get more tests for Stew.

ABOVE:  The queue was 4 lanes deep... it took us about half an hour to get our RATs.

Steve was there getting tests for his family too... we chatted on the phone while inching forward.

FUNNY STORY:  There's Steve in his work ute...  he got talking to the guy in the orange jacket, who was directing traffic.

And that guy said to Steve "Bit worried about that woman in the White Toyota over there, she's taking photos of me!".  Steve laughed and told him is was his crazy mother, taking photos of HIM in the queue for her blog!

Seems the bloke took his mask off for a smoke, and was worried I was gunna dob him in for taking his mask off.  Poor bugger.

Anyway, it's been a weird day for sure.

I am feeling not toooooo bad.  Headache still, cold symptoms ramping up a bit.  But I should be fine.  

NO IDEA how I caught Covid.  I've taken all precautions when out and about.  

Stew just took a test, and he's NEGATIVE at this point.  
Steve, Bex and the Boys all took a test and they are NEGATIVE too.
Brylee is NEGATIVE.
Fingers crossed they all stay negative.

LACY:  MOVED into the Studio today.  She's isolating from us.  

I have cancelled going to Cambridge this evening.  So bummed about that.
AND I can't pick up me new sneakers either, so I let the shop know.  

AND I have recorded my POSITIVE result to Health Line... so one of those positives for tomorrow will be ME.  😪😫😟

I was unsure about going out in the car with Stew to pick up more RAT tests, but as I stayed in the car, kept my mask on and we had the windows up I didn't feel I was putting anyone at risk.
But thanks for bringing that up 'JODY'.

Dinner this evening was Spaghetti Bolognese.  It was nowhere near as tasty as usual.  I commented on that to Stew, not even thinking of COVID.
He of course said 'COVID'!  
So yeah, my sense of taste is diminished.  
But on a whole, I'm still just fine.

Time to sign off, I will probably have an early night tonight.


  1. Run away and don't tell anyone where you've gone!

  2. Leeann2:11 PM

    Covid?? But you have been so careful! Hope you have a very mild case, please look after yourself.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Take care of you. Lucky Stew can cook. Be rough for you to isolate. Not enough for you to do! Kj

  4. It's probably bound to happen to all of us fingers crossed you don't feel like shit and the vaccine does it's job dose yourself up 💙💙

  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Have you been signing in every where you go as that's how you find out where you have got it,or who you have given it to, maybe your walking group. A.

  6. Oh bummer! You’ve done everything you can do to avoid getting it and been fully vaxed so hope you only get mild dose! Nevertheless look after yourself, stay hydrated, panadol and rest. Sending hugs 🤗

  7. Oh no Chris, hope you get well really quickly. We're all so proud of you for overcoming your dislike of needles and having your shots. And now you're as well-prepared as you possibly can be.
    Christine in Wellington

  8. What a bumma Chris. Take care and hope you have Paracetamol on hand. An awful lot of us will get it by the time this outbreak is over and we won't know where exactly we got it. Not going out anywhere is going to be the hard part- lots of sewing if you are up to it. 💙

  9. We all know who Jody really is! LOL! Hope you feel better, I had it in December and had a few unpleasant days,but took some meds from the Dr and of course I take Vitamins D C and Zinc and all was over in about 11 days or so. Better to get it and get natural immunity and be done with it. I am unjabbed but my husband had the jab and was the one who gave it to me. For Christmas. Hope this year I get a better gift! Hoping you recover quickly. And for anyone that has anything negative to say about you having it,you are exposed everywhere you go. Work,grocery stores,food places,stupid protests, they can pound sand!

  10. The only way to get more RAT tests here is to go out in your car so no risk there at all. Not sure who Jody is or what she said but if it was negative then that's ridiculous.

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      If you have family shore they can get you them. Once you test positive your ment to stay home unless you have no helpers. I have had it,is over rated just like a flu.also don't drink anything acidic before test as will say you have covid.

    2. No, I went out today and was only able to get one test. I had to go home and get my partner to get another one. It is one per person per car here in Auckland.

  11. Darn and damn. Here's hoping its only you that gets it and the symptoms stay Mild. Look after Yourself

  12. Oh bugger that’s not good a “bout the result, speedy recovery x

  13. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Dang, so sorry to read you have covid. I hope it is a mild case for you and that the others stay negative. Does Stew have to stay home now? What is the protocol? I have a friend whose co-worker tested positive, but my friend doesn't have to isolate...he is to keep working with a mask on, unless he tests positive. Which makes me worried...who is he infecting before he tests positive. You know? It is a sticky wicket for sure. Good luck!! Ky Girl

  14. Sorry to hear about the positive covid test. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  15. Sending you quick healing wishes. I know how sensible you have been. I got lucky on my last trip to town as the person ahead of me in the drugstore asked for RATs and was given two boxes even though the limit is one. So I asked and got two boxes (ten tests) though one would have been good. I think she thought I would have a fit if she only gave me one. So more hugs and love for you.


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