Friday, February 25, 2022


 I slaved away all day yesterday, moving all my sewing stuff into the garage.

I did it so that Lacy could move back and no longer have to worry about being moved on from where she was.

It also means she has a stable base for when she has her daughter.

She will be almost totally independent in the studio, her own cooking facilities, and a bed/sit arrangement.

Water and sink in the laundry, and bathroom facilities in the house.

She will be 'Jonny on the Spot' to look after the dogs when we want to go away too.

So, fingers crossed it works out well for all of  us.

ABOVE: The only thing she doesn't get is the cupboard on the right.  I couldn't fit all that stuff in the garage, so it stays there.

ABOVE:  I'm sure she will have fun moving things around once she moves in, which will be in a couple of weeks time.

We heard from the Asphalt Company late yesterday.  We are taking a few days to consider our options. 

Today I am going to potter in the garage, sorting a few more things out in there.  Not much more to do in reality, just hanging a few things on the walls, tittivating in other words.  I do it well.

Catch ya later.

Up nice and early this morning... and straight into jobs.
Washing on, bed changed, dinner sorted, and so on.

Lacy arrived nice and early too... as she was escorting Brylee back to her 'current' flat to turn off Brylee's fridge/freezer.  Her 'current' flatmates would not let her take it with her as they were using it!  Now they are all leaving, so wanted Brylee to come and turn it off and clean it, before she removed it on Sunday.  
I was like, WTF?  It's your fridge, that THEY have been using, they ordered you to leave it in the flat, and they expect YOU to come and turn it off and clean it?
The damn cheek of it.  Anyway, the girls went over there, turned the bloody thing off and taped it shut.

Brylee sure picked the wrong flat that time.  Here's hoping the next one is 100% better.

ABOVE:  Due to NOT having a cat, we have 'Room To Swing A Dog'  going on.  Coco was not impressed.

ABOVE:  I have spent the last 3.5 hours finding and printing out  ALL EMAILS between the Asphalt Company and us.  
Just in case we need to go down the legal track.
That's me PAPER TRAIL...  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

For now, we are formulating a reply to their latest 'offer'.
Which was refund our deposit and they WALK AWAY!
Yep... that was THEIR  WORDING.

ABOVE:  Here is the crux of the matter.  They guarantee their work from defective materials and workmanship bla bla bla...... and let's get real!
The asphalt WAS defective (he admitted it), and their workmanship was appalling too.

So... we fight on.   Will be working on the reply over the weekend.  Making THEM wait for a change.


There are 12,011 cases in the Covid-19 outbreaks, announced by the Ministry of Health on Friday afternoon.

There are five Covid-19 related deaths, two in Auckland, two in Waikato and one in Tauranga.

237 cases are in hospital.

ABOVE: Gosh I forgot to say... we are out for dinner . Finally using the dinner vouchers I won last year at The Pink Ribbon Breakfast. 
So, we are in Cambridge at ONXY. 
Having a really WONDERFUL dinner.

9.15 pm:  And now we are home, pleasantly full after a delicious dinner.
I'm going to 'save' the food photos for tomorrow.  They are worth waiting for too.
But for now, I'm going to say...


  1. It is great you have so many rooms so you can help out when needed. My house is so small someone ends up in the living room.

  2. That will be a lovely spot for Lacy.

  3. Kiwionholidays9:20 AM

    Well all your hard work will be worth it I am sure Chris 🌺
    We all need love and a place to call home and Lacy will fit in well,
    We are doing renovations for a family member as well, and even though it’s not a big space it will fill their need and mean too life will be easier ,

    Like yours we will each have our part of our home and privacy when needed,

    Take care
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  4. What a great idea, I’m sure Lacy will appreciate your efforts.

  5. Jeez wish I had a place like that to get away from the other half πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’™πŸ’™

  6. You said they taped the fridge shut while it's off? NOOOoooooo.... that will make it smell. You always leave the doors open when it's off.

    1. One, they have left a cloth in the door to keep it ajar, while still taping it so it can't be used. Two, it is being moved on Sunday and will be cleaned properly then.

    2. Phew... good girls :) Yep today's numbers are the tip of the iceburg I suspect given that my grandson is still waiting on results from Monday and now Cole is sick. It's everywhere!!!

    3. Yea...had delt with shutting down and moving a few fridge's in my days...I did learn a bit in all the years of moving with the family and then on my own lol you wouldn't think it at times lol but yea lol

  7. Life is never static at your place - always something interesting happening! :) hugz xx

  8. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Just catching up - your asphalt company is APPALLING!! I hope they refund your deposit. I don't think I'd want them to even try to fix it after such an atrocious job in the first place! Good luck with which ever way you go, I jsut hope it can be sorted out!!!

    Love your new purple sneakers :-)

    Covid :-( it's really scary when the numbers just go up & up!!!!

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Your numbers have pretty much doubled each day for the past three days. Let’s hope you don’t have 24 thousand tomorrow!

  10. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Also? That company needs to be publicly shamed into oblivion. What an utterly disgraceful performance.

  11. That's good they left a cloth in the door, though it's only for a short time so would have been fine till it was moved. We once moved a shitload of furniture/white goods into a barn at a property we were buying, but about a month before we actually moved. Hubby and brother-in-law dumped it right in the middle with door firmly closed ☹ That was not pleasant to smell when we finally unearthed it ! That looks like a very comfy pad for Lacy to move into.....extra pair of hands for when you next decide to move stuff around eh ?!!

  12. Have a good weekend. Keep well.


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