Wednesday, December 15, 2021


 Today's plans are to just do some more sewing.

But first, there's a bit of housework to be done.

Just basic stuff, nothing much to speak of.

I took a few photos last night to share, cos well... it would be a boring blog post without something to share...

ABOVE:  Reid and Rosy jumped off the plant trolley and onto the dining table.  They like it there.

ABOVE:  Randy loves his corner of the lounge.

ABOVE: One of the Santa's... squeeze his hand and he sings and dances.  Noisily. 

ABOVE:  All the presents around the tree.  It's going to be such fun watching everyone open their presents on Christmas morning.

ABOVE:  See that colourful bowl?  I've had it for at least 25 years!  I used to keep our eggs in it.  Now it's just for pretty flowers of the artificial type.  It looks just as lovely now as it did way back then too.  

The funky corner mirror?  Got it in an op shop many, many years ago too.  

And that little blue lighthouse was bought from Bellingen in Australia, about 14 years ago.  Mum took me shopping there when we went over for her 70th birthday.

How ironic that she ended up passing away in Bellingen Hospital.

ABOVE:  parting shot for now.  Sound advice.

11.35 am:  I went to Mitre 10 this morning for a piece of trellis.

ABOVE: They had exactly what I wanted.  Now I can keep the sewing room door open, and just slide the barrier to the right when I want to leave the room.
The large brown barrier has gone back in front of the air con unit by the pond.

ABOVE:  Ridge.  He needed to come home.

ABOVE: The girls gave him a very cursory sniff, and were underwhelmed.  They don't even growl at new ones now.

I've just had an early lunch (or late breakfast).  Gunna relax for a little while then go into the sewing room and do stuff.

Still no email or communication from the asphalt company.  I hope they are not going to ignore the problem and just walk away?

4.50 pm:  And this afternoon I have....

ABOVE:  Done some 'housework' in the sewing room, which involved filling about 35 bobbins.
Another shitty job like folding washing!

ABOVE:  After getting that done I made this Christmas Tree Runner.  
Crazy making them really as there is going to be no opportunity to sell them this year.
But, they are such FUN to make!
Why the hell not have some fun eh?

It all this sewing wasn't fun I'd pack it all in and rent out this room!

Today we have had rain/sunshine/rain/sunshine ALL DAY LONG.
And it's so stinking hot and humid, there is no relief at all.
And I can't live in the pool!

Stew just got home, he's going to have a walk on the treadmill, then no doubt jump in the pool.  As it's not raining and cool (at all!), I might join him.

10.10 pm:  Well,  we had a WONDERFUL swim before dinner.  Steve, Bex and the boys arrived for a swim as well.  Then Brylee arrived for a yak... so it was a busy, happy evening.
Now... it's time to wind down and just relax till I go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I agree 100% no news and no bathroom scale.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    The BEST advice.!!! And I do like that colourful vase/egg holder. :)
    Love all the xmas room decorations too. To kids it would feel like being in Santas grotto!! A magical house.

  3. It all looks wonderful and especially those presents. I know you hate wrapping them almost as much as me! I've not done fancy bows on mine (yet)... might still do that. The kids must love all the little people scattered around the place!

  4. Love your colourful bowl. The colours are gorgeous.

  5. Your house looks so Christmassy. You are being overtaken by Christmas friends, I love how you name then (with "R" names and give them some personality.

    It will be interesting to see if you hear from the Ashphalt company or if they just ignore you& send an overdue bill notice - God help them if they do that!!!

  6. Love the decorations. My house is very un-Christmas this year. Do you have a small claims department over there? Is it worth reporting the asphalt people?

  7. the tree and presents look lovely.
    I broke my wrist today. So, i am out of work for 4-6 weeks. Pain is finally starting to creep in.
    I am going to go insane unable to use my right hand and arm. I am already going insane and it has only been a few hours!

    1. OH NO!!!! What a horrible time of year to hurt yourself. I am so sorry chick, take plenty of pain killers and rest up.

  8. Love the tree and all the Christmas friends “R” I almost jumped in the Lake almost ….


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