Tuesday, December 21, 2021



What's the haps today people?

I dyed two more pairs of leggings late yesterday, they are drying right now...

ABOVE:   They are both a 'Periwinkle Blue'.
On one pair I sprinkled some darker blue dye on at the end, so hopefully they look slightly different to the other blue pair.
Time will tell.
They should be dry in a couple of hours or so.

I have one more pair to dye.  They will be a darker blue.

I will do the last pair this morning.  

Yesterday when Steve, Bex and the boys came around for a swim, Steve pointed out something I had not noticed before.
It's black tar, tyre marks on the road outside our driveway.
It's from the asphalt melting on our driveway.
I'm really worried now that it's going to run all over the place when it gets even hotter.

Also, Steve's ute left another tyre indentation in the asphalt yesterday afternoon.  Not as bad as the first one, but still noticeable.

As a friend's husband said, it looks like the asphalt has not 'set'.  I'd say that is 100% correct.

Could this driveway fiasco get any worse I wonder?

Now... on to the rest of today.  I've got a HUGE pile of washing to fold and put away, and an equally HUGE pile to wash.
I have no idea how just two people can produce so much friggin washing!
Then I'll dye that last pair of leggings. And after that,  maybe I'll get back into the sewing room!

First up, it's a much cooler day today, so I doubt we will have any hot tar issues today.

Second.  I went to the supermarket at 8.30 am to order salads for Christmas Day.  I'm NOT cooking this time, nor is anyone else.
It's gunna be a chill day for EVERYONE.

Third. I only went in to order salads.  

ABOVE: Yeah.  $360+ later.  At least we now have all the snacks and loo paper we will need over the festive season, right?

Four.  The blue leggings have dried a much lighter shade of blue. Still OK.

ABOVE: Still a lovely shade of blue.

Five. My new favourite treat: 

ABOVE:  STOLLEN bread!  OMG amazing.  Totally BAD AS F*#K  for me, but dammit.  You only live once.  It's taken me 63 years to discover STOLLEN bread, I'm going to enjoy it for the next 20+ hopefully.

Six. I bought some frozen vege balls a few months ago.  Kumera balls no less.  I hate Kumera.  But these?  I loved them.  But do you think I could find them again?   I couldn't remember where I got them, so have been hunting for them ever since.

ABOVE:  Found them!  So happy.  That's tomorrow night's dinner sorted.

What was the SINGLE most pressing reason I got the driveway re-sealed???
STONES coming inside, both in the garage, and in the house.
And loose stones underfoot, so you couldn't actually walk barefoot on the driveway.  

ABOVE:  In my garage, we now have loose stones AND tar.  Wonderful.

BLONDIE:  considering the time of year, there is NO WAY they are going to fix our driveway any time soon.
AND I know they are booked up with work for at least 3-4 months out.  So yeah.  This isn't going to be fixed in a week!

Right.   The washing is done, so I shall go and hang that out I think.

back later...

12.30 pm:
1.  The amount of money we are talking is too much for 'Small Claims' court.
We would have to hire a lawyer and go to great expense to get compensation.

2.  I just had another driveway firm here.  He said the asphalt is clearly defective, and the job they did is dreadful!
He does concrete driveways.
And the cost for a concrete driveway would be double what we were quoted for the asphalt driveway.

So now we just have to wait to see what the asphalt company will do. 

Because it's cloudy, I decided to clean my car.  Stew's car got a clean a couple of weeks ago. Mine hadn't been cleaned in months and months. Just sayin'.
Was a good day to do it, and I parked her under the carport so she wouldn't dry too quickly too.
Handy is that carport. 😊

I washed some leaves off the driveway, got a shit load of loose stones too.  Yeah.

The driveway saga, and why I'm blogging about it most days.  It's for my records.  And proof of progression of the driveway's 'wearing and tearing'.  If there's photographic evidence and a documented timeline, there can be no escaping what is happening here.
All facts, for if we need to take them to court.

ABOVE:  Loose stones coming off the new driveway.

ABOVE:  Tyre tracks in tar, across the public footpath, our concrete driveway from the road, and tar on the road.

I apologise in advance (and in retrospect), for boring you all with my driveway fiasco.  
Move on if you find it friggin boring.

ANON:  NO, we don't 'deserve it'.  You are an utterly despicable person.

Tonight we had left over pork rissoles, mashed potatoes and spaghetti for dinner.  Kinda like a silly bugger dinner really.  I just didn't feel like veges or salad.

Now... watching the telly till bedtime.  


  1. is there any chance the asphalt can get on your shoes and transfer to the new carpet? your intention was to stop dragging little rocks around, now you might be dragging tar as well! still no word from them? and obviously it is not fixed yet.

    1. New rule here... SHOES OFF AT THE FRONT DOOR! Yes the tar could come inside on shoes... hence the new rule. And nope, not heard from them yet.

  2. Oh no, hot tar. Asphalt should not be like that. We had asphalt in front of our beach house on the driveway and there was never, ever tar or any mess. This fiasco needs to be taken higher up, it's a terrible result for you. Clearly this has not been done right. Did you go and view other work from this company before getting your driveway done? Can you see other work done now? It would be interesting to compare.

  3. Oh Lordy that’s simply no good I think don’t park on driveway anymore. Email company your intention they have seven days to fix mistakes or you will be taking them to court.

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    It was 21 degrees C in Hamilton yesterday and tar shouldn't melt under 50 degrees C otherwise our roads would be continually melting (we have enough trouble with potholes in our roads now). Most countries in Europe use concrete instead of asphalt now. Something is decidedly wrong and appears to be getting worse. Has Stew had a chance to speak to them yet? Mistakes with the painting and carpet were bad enough but this is horrendous. Audrey

  5. I forgot that it's summer there. The solstice is 10:58 AM tomorrow, (my time zone)

  6. Hold the payment!!! I should have guessed the colour would be blue, they look great.

  7. I think you said you used salt to set the dye. And I am sure you have worked with dye a lot.

    But for anyone else trying this, always wash dyed clothes separately. Dye can transfer three ways - rubbing, water, heat.

    Some dyes set with salt, others heat. Some set well, others not.

    Better safe than sorry.

    I still think you need to call a lawyer on driveway. Has any more water come up?

    1. No more water. too early to be calling in the lawyers. They have the right of repair. Failure to do so will result in us going to small claims court I suppose. *sigh*

  8. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Stollen - I am making mine on Thursday for Xmas day. I love to make it, it is so easy. I actually macerate my dried fruit in bourbon for a day or two. I have raisins, blueberries, apricots, & candied ginger as my fruit and toasted, chopped pecans for the nuts. So glad you all can sit back and relax and enjoy the Holidays!! Forget the driveway for a bit if you can. XOXO Ky Girl

  9. We have temps into the 30s and our driveway is as good as new. You definitely need to get onto them. Maybe an email saying you are going to small claims if they haven't done something by say, 5th Jan.

  10. Disputes Tribunal is up to $ 30,000, I have no clue how much a driveway costs though :-). Does the company belong to some sort of concrete/ashphalt equivalent body or scheme that you can go to in the event of a problem? Similar to motor vehicle dealers, real estate agents & builders?

  11. Anonymous12:58 PM

    You can take claims of up to $30,000 to small claims - have to pay a fee and wouldn't need a lawyer. Hopefully the asphalt company will accept liability and it won't come to that. Audrey

  12. Leeann3:12 PM

    Fair Go if you have no satisfaction, and I think Stew or Steve should be talking to them to relive your stress.

  13. The leggings look great πŸ‘ typical "anonymous" Jesus people piss me off 🀬 33 degrees here faark time for beer 🍺 πŸ’™πŸ’™

  14. the company should really "finish one job before they start another" too bad if they are bookedd out four months.You are first! And I am not bored with the driveway posts.

  15. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Wow, love those tights Chris. I love your grocery shopping too. I always go in with my list but it's always 3 x more expensive lol. Bored never. I'm in hospital trying to work out a way to get to Napier if I can't drive!?! Bugger. Kj

  16. Sup from us 😁
    #Lacy πŸ’™

  17. Here in the UK we have The Sale of Goods Act where something you have paid for has to be fit for purpose. There must be something similar in New Zealand. Usually when a company is accused of being in breach of that act they jump to it to get the issue fixed. There should be a template letter somewhere on line which might be helpful. I enjoy reading the updates but am so furious on your behalf!

  18. Seriously, it sounds like the asphalt company that did the work at your place was one of those 'grifter' types that do shoddy work for 'top dollar'... I will not be surprised if you end up having to file a lawsuit against them due to all the damage done.


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