Friday, December 17, 2021


How about some happy snaps of Dante's Birthday Dinner?

Well come on... you don't actually get a choice!

ABOVE: New version of tic-tac-toe.  

ABOVE:  I stood behind Steve and was silly, and managed to get a REAL SMILE out of that boy!

Now... back to today.  No idea what I shall do.

I'm still loving my sewing, so might just do that AGAIN.  

I watched a movie on Netflix yesterday, it was called 'The Unforgivable' with Sandra Bullock.  I really enjoyed it.  Another one I enjoyed recently was 'The Cry'.

So I shall watch something else today.  Any suggestions please?  (I hate horror, suspense and shoot 'em up bang bangs.)

Bex has recommended 'You' and 'The Dressmaker'.  

STILL no communication from the asphalt company!

10.30 am:  Bex and the boys called in to pick up togs.  And I sent her home with half my house plants... cos I kinda almost killed them.
Succulents DON'T like too much water!!!
And Maidenhair ferns DO like water:

ABOVE: This is the little fern I nursed back to life from a bin at the Rest Home I worked at 3 years ago!
I almost killed it.  I put it on the shoe shelf by the front door and forgot about it.
Bex reminded me about it last week.  So I watered it then, but I think it simply does not like where it's positioned.  So, it's now back in the family room.  I hope it revives again.

I've been pottering around the house all morning, doing odd jobs.  Now I'm going to Spotlight for backing fabric for some Heart Runners.

2 pm:  Fabric bought, home and sewing for the past 2 hours.
I decided to do some UFO's.

ABOVE:  I got these four Heart Runners finished.  That's a load off my mind I must say.
They only needed their backing put on!  Into th e finished cupboard they go.

I'm taking a break for half an hour, then going out for a while.

ABOVE: nowadays the first thing we do when Keera comes over..  check for NITS. 
And YEP... she's got LIVE NITS ... WHO THE FUCK sends a child to someone else's home with fucking nits..  EVERY SINGLE TIME?????    What is wrong with them? Poor Keera has had nits for MONTHS now. 

SANDY:  Why should I be kind?  I'm over this kid being sent here with damn nits!  If we didn't check EVERY SINGLE TIME she came through our door, we would ALL end up with damn nits.
It's not on.
And NO, 'every kid' does not have nits right now!
That is bullshit.

AND that's the only comment (not published) that I will be replying to.  

RHONDA: sorry Chick, I won't publish your comment as it could cause 'ripples' that we simply don't need right now.  Quick answer to your main question:  No, nothing can be done now or in the future.

And on that note.


  1. I just watched The Unforgiveable too, I was wishing it went a bit farther lol.

    Happy Birthday to Dante! He's getting so big!

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      A sequel possibly and with Sandra Bullock as the Director she may decide to do that. I enjoyed it too but, Chris, I think it came under suspense in my view. Audrey

  2. Just watched Unforgivable too, very good. The Dressmaker is very good too, I saw it years ago and have the book ready to ready sometime.

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I've been told to watch The Maid and Madam CJ Walker. Dante is a very handsome young man. Kj

  4. The Power of the Dog loved it have watched it twice.
    And the Sandra Bullock one twice.
    Dante so grown up lovely photos.

  5. Mr Church is a good one 😊

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Wow, it doesn't seem possible that it is three years since you worked in the rest home so much has happened since then Hopefully your fern will survive, I am hopeless with house plants and I have given up with them. When I had a maidenhair fern I found that it recovered better if I cut off the dead stems (you have probably already done that, lol). Audrey

  7. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Those ferns love bathrooms and toilets.

  8. Nit!! That is disgusting, although to be fair, Sio used to ALWAYS get them. No matter how often we got rid of them, they would come back, seems some parents are not particularly fussed about trying to get rid of them so she was just getting reinfected. Either Keera is constantly being reinfected by one of her classmates - or she is the cause of reinfections.

    1. Shes not been to school in months. She had a couple of dozen LIVE nits combed out of her hair just now!

    2. So we have to wonder who else has them in her household?

    3. Anonymous5:23 PM

      I read somewhere that nits are attracted to thick clean hair if that is any consolation. My twin grandchildren had nits a lot of the time when they spent the weekends with him and they told him that their Mama wouldn't let him use any chemicals on them and shampoo only does so much. Poor kids had sore heads most of the time from all the scratching. Can I ask why Keera isn't going to school any more? Audrey

  9. Poor Keera. She is not being properly cared for obviously. Her poor little head must be sore from scratching.

  10. my 16 year old had nit maybe twice in his whole life??? so many times is just wrong.

  11. Thanks for your reply Chris. My concern was from my heart. I understand. You are an amazing Mother and Grandmother 💕💕

  12. My girls got them from school and camp a few times. I can't imagine making them live with them! Someone told me a remedy once and it worked so well and was so much better for their hair. It was witch hazel and a little bit of tree tea oil. You have to do it outside since it's stinky, wet the hair with it and then wrap in plastic wrap for awhile and then comb out with the nit comb. My mother in law used to give me the conditioners from when she died her hair and I'd use that to comb it out.

  13. I really feel for Keera. Nits are so uncomfortable to live with. I used to work in a residential home with children and one child had one of the worst cases ever seen by the doctor, the school and her hairdresser. It took great perseverance on our part, but we managed to get her nit free and she stayed nit free which we were so thankful for ... we hated seeing her so distressed with the effects of them.


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