Saturday, December 04, 2021


 So, yesterday I finally told you what that parcel was.

A carport.  It came as a kitset from Bunnings.

And today, now that our driveway is finally done, the guys can put it together.

It's going to be cover for Stew's car.  Mine will eventually go back in the garage.

While the guys are doing the carport, I'm going to get some washing done, fold some washing and put some washing away. Cos that shit never sleeps.

I'm feeling like crap this morning.  My ribs are tender where I landed on the paint pails, and I've got two fingers and two toes that are damn sore too.

ABOVE:  One nail just broke, the other split up the middle and bent over as well.  That one is REALLY sore.

And me toes?  Just as sore.  Stew's going to the supermarket this morning... he's got Nurofen on the list.  That should stop me moaning!  lol

Not sure what else I/we shall get up to today.  I've got tinsel for our front roadside tree.  Christmas lights for the outside of the house.  And of course, all the inside decorations to get out, ready for me to get it all done next week.

10 am.

Stew and I have had a chance to take a really good, long look at the driveway.

And OMG I hate myself.  Because I am NOT HAPPY with it at all, and I so wanted this to go right.

And I'm gunna have to friggin well complain about a job AGAIN!


Well, when the boss man came three months ago to do the quote, he left saying "Your driveway is going to look a MILLION BUCKS once we have done it"!

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK of my 'Million Dollar' driveway:

ABOVE: Grooves in the asphalt.

ABOVE:  It's NOT dirt.  It does not wash off.

ABOVE:  This is how they left the entrance to my house... at the front door.  I have tar on my tiles and a horrible, jagged edge. 

ABOVE:  We already have holes!

ABOVE: The front of the garage.

ABOVE:  Ummm, what the hell is going on here?  And in many other places too... weird discolourations.

So, please tell me what you think of our new driveway?
Am I being too fussy?
Is it OK?
Would you call it a 'Professional' job?
Would you be happy paying $10,000 for that?

I'm so unhappy.  There are more photos of the job that I could show you, but I will save you from that.

ABOVE:  If I had been home when the Asphalt company arrived, there is NO BLOODY WAY they would have dumped that big pot on top of my hydrangea!  It won't survive that, and it is too late to lift it off now.  The damage is done.

ABOVE:  Steve arrived mid morning and him, Stew and Griffin are working on constructing the carport.

ABOVE: These two boys are hanging out in the dog pen.  
ABOVE:  It's a start on me Christmas decorations!  lol

ABOVE:  Griffin's hair.  Yeah.  Looks really tidy, till he lets it all go.

ABOVE:  The guys getting the first bits up...

ABOVE:  3.50 pm, and they are about ready to stop for the day.   The roof might not get put on till next weekend, as tomorrow we are moving Brylee.
And the guys need a break.

9.10 pm:  Well we've had a lovely evening... Steve and his family went home after winding down and having a swim.  Griffin went home too.
So, just Stew and I for dinner, so we had Chinese Takeaways.  Honey King Prawns... OMG so yum!

Looking forward to tomorrow, when a few things will be getting sorted out.  
Now though, relax time.  Then bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy Weekend Team Harvey 💙💙 Guy's going for a motorcycle ride with his buddies today which in turn leaves me in peace YUSS 👍 George had a groom yesterday much happier little girl our groomer is fantastic 🥰

  2. What a bloody mess not 10,000 dollar job

  3. I don't know a lot about asphalt driveways, but I would have expected it to be one consistent colour and smooth, with tidy edges ... like when they asphalt roads ... so yes, I probably would have been disappointed too. I hope the rest of your day is going well.

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Plain and simple, that is a shit job. It should look seamless and it doesn't. All edges should be clean and sharp. These edges are messy. A very poor job and you have the right to complain. Good luck with it all! Ky Girl

  5. Nup that's bullshit you're paying top dollar for this fuck them it's a rubbish job 🤬 they did it quickly to pacify you deep breathes chick 💙💙

  6. We paid AUD18,000 and got brick edging, drains and grilles and a perfect finish. I would NOT be happy. I am so sorry for you Chris. I will take some photos of mine and put it on my blog.

  7. $10,000 !!! Um no. That is insanity. It looks rushed. I know nothing about asphalt - but I would think the "lines" should be masked off with something so they are clean and straight. Like you would mask off painting with tape or something. And the little rocks are what you were trying to get rid of in the first place. Now there are rocks where there were no rocks before.

  8. Nope, not happy. Get a second opinion (Steve may know someone) to confirm it is not okay.

  9. NO it is shit and you have every right to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Are they a legitimate mob or one of those dodgy ones that go around doing slap happy half finished jobs like in Australia?

  11. Trish in Aussie.3:25 PM

    So so wrong Chris. It’s shit that you have to go through all this again after the carpet debacle.

  12. Steve.... What are your honest thoughts on the driveway project?

    1. Fucking shit job. Too many faults to list, but certainly not something they should be proud of doing, and there isn't any point in doing it if you can't walk away and be proud of what you have done. They clearly don't take pride in their work.

      It was a rush job, and it shows. You could understand a few minor issues here and there, but there a major issues with lots of little issues everywhere else. Plus they left the driveway and surrounding areas in such a mess. Piss poor effort.

    2. Yep - that's honest alright!

  13. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I hope you haven't paid them yet. That's disgusting and they won't want reviews like that published. That carport is amazing. You have the best team of guys. Kj

  14. Certainly NOT looking a million dollars

  15. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hi I agree it is not a good job, I hope you haven't paid yet. Dont pay until the job is done to your satisfaction...and they can give the chocolates back!!! lol...


  16. Definitely wouldn't be happy if that was my driveway. Hopefully you've got money not paid that you can hang on to until it's rectified. It would seem, as you suspected, that they weren't prepared to do your job yesterday, and they've rushed, and it shows.
    Hope your natural charm and wit will help this get sorted soon.
    Failing that, let them have it! 😁😁 x

  17. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I agree that job has not been done well. The edges are so untidy and unfinished looking, and for that price it should look seamless and not have marks/stains on it. Defo get a letter of complaint in and ask for compensation. I guess as you have started erecting the car-port you won't be asking the company back to re-do/repair ? You've certainly not had good experiences with the tradies lately ☹
    Jane G

  18. You paid what? for that awful job, I would be complaining, only to the head honcho for sure.


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