Thursday, December 30, 2021


 Well... Stew and I are going back to Auckland today.

Picking up the final load of fabrics and stuff from Martyn's family home.

This time we have the roof box on, so we don't run outta room.

We should only be away for about 3 hours, as everything is sorted in the house now, and we just have to load it in the car and come home.

Steve, Bex and the kids will be at our place today, having a swim and so on.

Basically keeping the dogs company! 


Steve did this last night:

ABOVE:  It looks so, so lovely!  I'm thrilled to bits with it.

Funnily enough, Martyn made a 'feature wall' in his parents house about 40 years ago, when he was just 17 years old.  And it's diagonal Shiplap!

If I remember, I will take a photo to show you.  It looks just as good today as it did 40 years ago.

Right.... I better move.  We have to leave fairly early to get there when we are expected.

11 am : fully loaded and heading home.

ABOVE: A more mixed load today. Books. Patterns. Scissors.  Rulers. And FABRIC. 😊☺🤗

3.10 pm:  Well it's been busy, busy, busy.
Up to Auckland, grabbed everything, headed home.  Stopped at the top of the Bombay hills, had some lunch.
Went to the Made In Italy shop there, got a painting!

Got Steve and Bex to come around, gave Bex ALL MY WOOL.

I'm decluttering my crafts.
No way am I going to leave so much stuff for my family to have to give away when I kick the bucket!

I'm getting rid of all my knitting stuff and card making stuff.
I shall keep only fabric and painting stuff.

I was going to spend the afternoon sorting out bedrooms, garage etc, in readiness for Lacy and her friend Tarsh to move in for a while.

Don't have to now. Plans change.

We have Stew's sister Khady arriving around dinner time, she is staying the night.  She's heading home to Wanganui, after spending Christmas in Auckland.

Tomorrow we have Mike and Joyce arriving. Something to look forward to!

ABOVE:  the new painting.  She is drinking DIET COKE.  Not grog.


Steve, Bex and the boys just left.  It's just Stew, Keera and me for now.
Sorting out dinner.  Left over meats, and Stew has gone to buy some salads.

I'm too tired and grumpy to do anything.
I've not felt this ANGRY and frustrated IN A VERY LONG TIME.  

Crying now.  Just so over other people messing with my life.  Not that they can see that.  Cos it's ALL ABOUT THEM.
TIME TO STOP... and just focus on me and Stew, and the kids that don't fuck us around.

Stew's sister arrived safe and sound, and we have spent the past couple of hours just catching up and yakking.
Time to sign off for the day and start fresh again tomorrow.


  1. You and Steve did a great job on your shiplap project!

  2. That shiplap looks wonderful and has modernised the area. Great job Steve !!!

  3. It looks fantastic! I'm amazed at Steve's talent.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    It looks great, what’s the little door for?

    1. Baking pans etc.

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Oh that’s so handy!

  5. wood panels look fab

  6. Looks fantastic very stylish, love it.

  7. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Wow that looks awesome. Really finishes off your kitchen. As for the hall fromAu k, Martyns mum must have been a prolific quilter. Enjoy. Kj

  8. Your shiplap looks wonderful. Great job guys.
    What a haul. You won't need to shop for fabric ever again. Said no-one ever.😄

  9. OMG that looks amazing well done Steve 👏 sooooo hot here again but tis Summer 💙💙

  10. Your new panelling looks lovely. Good team effort there. As for all your treasures from Auckland, I can see them keeping you very busy with sorting etc 🙂

  11. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Love the painting.

  12. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hi the panels look fabulous...maybe you better send Lacy over here to Australia...she can eat my leftovers, so I can be slimmer..ha ha


  13. Oh the shiplap looks amazing awesome job team Harvey.
    The dogs would’ve loved the boys the boys love the pool and you LOVE THE SEWING gear win win win have you ever thought of a little home built lined shed as an extra room for the now growing sewing quilting painting crafting gear.?”

  14. I am so sorry, someone has let you down again, some people are selfish and manipulating beyond belief. You have said many times, it’s time for Stew and I now, make it happen.

  15. The shiplap looks great, love it.
    OH MY GOODNESS, what a haul, enjoy sorting it out.
    A good cry always helps me, hope your troubles are short lived.

  16. I agree, the shiplap looks really good, great, functional idea. So nice it was quick and done!

    I have been cleaning out my sewing room for a couple years now.

    I have arthritis bad enough in both thumbs that handwork is no longer an option. I have been steadily getting rid of things like my cross stitch supplies. Some I have sold for low prices, some I have gifted.

    I have been quilting for about 30 years and at one time had a line of patterns and also taught. So you can well imagine my fabric accumulation.

    Living in basic quarantine I sewed a lot of aprons the last two years using up larger pieces, it took 2 yards for front/2 yards for lining. I made over two dozen. That made a nice dent. My girls and their friends and assorted family loved the aprons. I shipped a lot.

    Now I am sewing up my flannel stock, a variety of projects. I plan to sew until that flannel pile is totally gone. My winter project.

    And meanwhile, I have had very good luck listing things, I know I will never use, on Facebook Marketplace with very very low prices. I like putting things I do not need into hands of someone who will use them.

    I think you will have a very good time cleaning out the stash you just picked up. You will find treasures for you, but I think, you will have just as good a time finding creative ways to put the things you do not want into other’s hands. Libraries, senior centers, quilt groups, charity sewing groups might want quilt magazines, fabric and other supplies. Individuals just getting started in sewing/quilting will respond to low prices. You can do something interesting with any $$$ you make.

    Twenty years ago we moved and I did a major clean out then too. I donated a lot to the local quilt guild that they used to make charity quilts. They also do a tag sale once a year to generate $ for their group which is a great way to put things directly into women’s hands that do not have a lot of extra money for supplies.

  17. love the painting and the wall. the wall looks great. better than the ready made panels and it is extra special because Steve made it! Sorry about the people in your life that are causing you upset. I certainly hope it is not deliberate on their part. Sometimes plans change and sometimes people are pricks.

  18. I gave away all my yarn when I was sorting stuff out too. I'm like if I feel like doing any crocheting I'll just go buy some instead of storing 2 totes worth. My mom's house is filled to the brim with stuff and it is making me really not hold onto things since it can basically ruin your life with too much "stuff". Why I am always doing my free tables and donating items.


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