Sunday, December 12, 2021


 We are looking forward to a quiet morning.


OMG that would be wonderful, it would certainly help to ease the temperatures.

I plan on staying in bed for as long as possible.  I'm just so tired lately.

Once up, I will suss out a few jobs in the sewing room... I've got those cat runners to finish, then I want to start a special project for our lawyer.

He rang me on Friday night, just checking in on us!   What a lovely, lovely man.  Oh and he was excited to let me know he and his wife are expecting their third baby.  (3 babies, 3 and under)  He's a bit nervous. lol

So, I might just make them a cot quilt.  Cos well... how many lawyers do ya know who keep in touch with their clients?  

I am also going to make an Advent Calendar for next year,  I've never had one before.   I plan on making one, then putting fat quarters, and other small sewing things in it.  I told Bex my plans and she said she would put little surprises in it too.  So, something to look forward to ... in a year.  *smiles*

I lost a couple of days!  I was looking forward to marking the 2nd anniversary of moving into this home!  It was 2 years on the 5th of December.   I feel like we have been here much longer.  I really love this home, it is so perfect for Stew and me.  I can't imagine wanting to move again.  edit:  the date was the 5th!  Derrr.

Are you as happy in your current home?  Or do you wish for something else?

ABOVE:  This afternoon is our FBG Christmas Function.  So I shall have to wrap the little gift I'm taking to that, and be out of here by about 1.30 pm.  I'm sure we will all have a fabulous time, even if it does rain.

So, those are my plans for today.  What are yours?  Shopping?  Christmas preparations?  Holiday preparation? Sleeping in?  Gardening?  Beaching?  Well????

Catch ya later.

10.10 am:  And we have a little bit of drizzle.  Not enough to cool things down dammit.

And add to that, water on the driveway makes it look 99% better!  grrrrrr.  Bet they come tomorrow and wonder what we are on about, with it looking so much better.

ABOVE:  I was going to make a little 'Fat Bottomed Girl' mini runner for this FBG Christmas Event, but then thought, Nah.  It's Christmas, so I made a little Tree instead.
It's rather cute.  I hope whoever ends up with it likes it.

I have turned on our aircon.  But it keeps turning itself off.  Annoying thing.

1.35 pm:  And it's finally properly raining.  Yes!
And I'm almost ready to head off to the Xmas function.  Stew is staying home on his pat malone.  I bet he falls asleep in his lounge chair.

6 pm:  Well the FBG get together was lovely.  There were about 45 ladies present. I knew almost all of them, and it was lovely to see them again.

ABOVE:  'E's home was set in a country side area.  Her gardens were beautiful.

ABOVE: We played the game where you get allocated a number, then when it's your turn to choose a gift from the pile, you can 'steal' someone else's if you wish.  A gift can be stolen only 3 times.  I was thrilled that my gift ended up with a very dear friend, after being stolen a couple of times.

I didn't stay until the end as I wanted to have dinner with Stew and put me feet up!  I chose comfort at the end of the day.  *smiles*

It has finally cooled off a bit, thank god.  It's almost pleasant!

Usual evening here.  Dinner.  TV.  Bit of yakking, as ya do.   Now?  Early to bed, kinda tired.


  1. Gosh i guess it is 2 have done so much in thstb2 years to make your home beautiful

  2. Relaxing at home day for us. Will wrap the Xmas gifts the afternoon. We are in our forever home. I brought it 14 yrs ago as a single mumma to my 2 sons. We have renovated it and added a master bedroom / ensuite/ office and butler's pantry. Its totally different to what it was. Great location and with the housing market going nuts with covid over here (Australia) there is not many options around.

  3. So questions for the audience today....
    I am happy in my home. But - I am thinking about becoming a "snow bird" which means moving to a warmer climate for the winters. It can get to -40 degrees here in the winter. At temps that cold Fahrenheit and Celsius are equal - so you can imagine the cold. We live in a log cabin in the woods though. So it is fun, peaceful, and private.
    What am I doing today? Painting worry stones. Fixing a glitch on our website, watching Netflix, and I might start a puzzle tonight. The puzzle is 1000 pieces and it is a gift. But the recipient likes them broken up into 4 smaller sections. So - once I finish it I put 1/4 of the puzzle in 4 little baggies. And I get to do the puzzle too!

  4. Brunch with my sister today.

    We live in a flat/apartment in Melbourne, and it seriously needs you to come and help us declutter.

    I like the flat itself and am happy here for the moment but miss having a proper garden. More rooms would be lovely too! And we have a seperate kitchen and lounge, which is not that good for visitors!

    But during Covid in Melbourne we have a stable roof and home and that means a lot. We are also in a great location, in St Kilda xx

  5. I had brunch with my youngest son. It was lovely. Just Mum and Son. We are happy where we are and with the amount of money we have thrown at this house I can't envisage us moving any time soon!

  6. Wallowing on the couch regretting wine & 4.30am bedtime - I am too bloody old for this 😂

  7. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Baking and cooking day here before we head South to visit the in-laws for a few days to drop off Xmas gifts. Then a nice couple of days in my sister's holiday home in the Scottish Borders for him and I to have a wee pre-Christmas chill out. I will cook dinner for sister and partner on one evening, and we will eat out and attend a quiz night she is hosting in the local pub on another night. Looking forward to getting away but have to do the car jenga thing to fit all the clothes/cakes/food items and gifts in first ! (Oh and the snow shovel/water/gloves & hats and rugs just in case.....I like to be prepared for all weathers when doing a 5/6 hour drive at this time of year !
    Jane G

  8. E's gardens are stunning. I thought they were pictures of a park when I first saw them.

  9. I like our house and it will be even better when the kids are all gone haha. Was a bit squishy for a bit when we had all of them here and an extra.


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