Thursday, December 23, 2021


 It's the weirdest feeling... having NOTHING to do!

Particularly at this time of year.

I think it's the first time I've ever been in this position. Usually I'm frantically wrapping presents, sorting out food, and basically getting stressed out.

But not this year.

I'm on top of everything!

I think I'm doing damn well at keeping stress at bay.

My hair has stopped falling out so alarmingly too.  So something is working.

ABOVE: I am so sure Marley enjoyed herself in the pool, and at the poolside yesterday.

Might do it again today, and even try Coco in it too.

OR.... I could go and buy them a paddle pool?

Maybe yes, that's what I'll do.  If they can touch the bottom they might enjoy it more.

ABOVE:  Another sunset ... just one of thousands posted on social media every day probably!  But, it's so pretty!  It was super bright shining in the windows last night.

So, maybe I'll go out and look for a pool for the girls this morning.

Then come home and sew a couple more Trees?

I've been using them as gifts for Christmas events, so need a few more as back ups.  Plus I really do love making them.

SUCCESS!  I found a pool....

Well! A successful morning.  I went to the Base, found a paddle pool for the girls, and some Christmas treats for them as well.
I can't even imagine how many paddle pools we have bought over the years, it's got to be 10+!!!  We always seem to get rid of them.  Derrrr.

After picking up the paddle pool, I went to collect the bathroom tiles, but the shop was closed for Christmas.
So, we will get them early January now.
Not a biggie.

Now... I'm home and thinking, like HELL am I wrapping that pool!  
It's staying in the gym room till Christmas morning.  I will wrap their treats though.
After lunch.

You're not going to believe this!
Look who turned up in the letterbox:

ABOVE: Three more cute little Christmas Friends, all the way from Christchurch.
Thank you Paula for adding to our glorious collection!
And THANK GOD you named them!!!   I was getting low on ideas I can tell you.

DAMN.  GOT A MASSIVE HEADACHE.  Off to have a nap and hope it goes away.

A nap?   Ha ha ha!  Not a chance.  I jumped in the pool to cool off, and Marley joined me reluctantly.
It was wonderful, and just as I was getting out we got a visitor.

Martyn from Tauranga called in on his way home from Auckland.

ABOVE:  It was really lovely to catch up with him and all his comings and goings.  He ended up staying for dinner.
Steve, Bex and the boys come over for dinner as well.  So nice sharing dinner with a dear friend, and family.

ABOVE:  Martyn on his 800cc BMW bike.  
Very nice bike I must say.
It sounded very smooth.

So, all is quiet here again, just Stew and I and the girls.
I still have a headache, so won't be up too late tonight.
I'm pretty sure my headache is just from the heat.  It's been a really hot day.


  1. Hi Chris. Glad you're enjoying your festive days. Here's wishing you and all your family the very best for Xmas. Hope you have happy and relaxing days with those you love and whose company you enjoy.
    Thanks for another year of reading about your kiwi lifestyle with all its ups and downs 💕

  2. It is nice not being so stressed!

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I'm glad. Now relax. Believe me, stress is not worth it. It creeps up and whacks you big time. Kj.

  4. Your hair is a good indication things are getting back to normal. We have a paddle pool for our dogs. Not sure how Murphy will go as he hates water but Jinx loves it. When the weather finally stays warm for more than a day we'll set it up for them.

  5. Oh I really wanted to see you wrap the pool hahahaha.

    Glad you are feeling relaxed, time for a nice stress free enjoyable family Christmas :-)

    1. You talking about the same house I live in???? Yeah right. I can only dream.

  6. I have very similar plastic pools for our dogs and the neighbor’s dogs. They love them.

    I have hard plastic dog toys that sink. They scoot them around the bottom with their feet, they dunk their faces in for them. They also stick their faces under and blow bubbles.

    I have to change the water every day, the pools get very dirty fast. I use the water to water my potted plants, window boxes, planters, etc.

    Also, just in case, the metal on the end of a hose is dangerous for dogs, they will break their teeth. I put softer plastic nozzles on hose, set to gentle, and prop it so water goes into pool but also sprays dogs.

  7. I hope your headache clears up soon. NOT what you need at this time of year.

  8. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Sorry about your headache. Are you getting enough fluids? Yes, I know that "water" is profanity in your world, but a bit more liquid might help your head.

    A Fan in Canada

  9. Kiwionholidays10:29 PM

    Aww love the doggies pool,
    Our share jrt is having a sleepover at the pet park to get her used to it, as we are away for 3 nights next month for a wedding

    They open at 7@ m in the morning so her real owner in our family lol will pick her up

    Cheers 🥂


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